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Community Level 3RuthHolohan


Wearing glasses - the right 'frame' of mind.

AdvantagesThese days glasses look sexy

DisadvantagesEr... well I suppose you might lose them if you are the forgetful type

"Eyes are very important. If you didn't have eyes you wouldn't be able to see. And if you couldn't see your whole life would change. I'm terrified of losing my sight and I'm painfully aware of what would happen if I couldn't see. Imagine what you couldn't do if you were blind. How scary it would be to cross a road or ride on the tube and how you'd lose your independence. My first advice to you is to donate money to charities that support the blind ..." Read review

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Don't Risk Your Eyesight For Vanity

Advantagesglasses enable you to have perfect eyesight

Disadvantageswearing glasses can be annoying at times

"I was first told to wear glasses when I was eight years old, as I was short-sighted and had problems seeing the board in the classroom. However, kids wearing glasses was quite rare at the time and I really didn't want to, so I would take them to school, but only use them infrequently. When I was sixteen, I left my secondary school where I had been for five years, and went to another school to take my A-levels. I decided to have a complete change, ..." Read review

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Community Level 5Pelenya


Nothing is More Precious Than Eyesight

AdvantagesHelp to save sight and general health of our eyes


"I am a secretary in an eye center. We have four eye care professionals in our office: one opthalmologist, one optometrist, and two opticians. ************************************************************************** A quick lesson about the difference in these professionals: ~~~An opthalmologist is actually a medical doctor who has more years of education and training in eye diseases, eye care, general surgery of the eye, etc. Opthalmologists ..." Read review

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Community Level 4lec299


A contact lens to completely change your life

AdvantagesNo hassle, keep cost down, perfect sight all night and day.

DisadvantagesHave to pay for an original sight test.

"I have recently discovered a new contact lens that has completely changed my life for the better. I want to share this with ciao members in the hope that a few more people may discover the benefits. Anybody who is short sighted will know how keeping your eye-sight can be expensive, timely and, quite frankly, a pain in the neck. I am short sighted in only one of my eyes, which makes my sight extremely imbalanced. If I don't continually corect the ..." Read review

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Community Level 5KathrynE


Sex Appeal Is Important

Advantagessee op

Disadvantagessee op

"It is said "the eyes are the window to the soul" but many of us find that although we have beautiful eyes, they don't work very well. Who likes wearing glasses? Certainly not me but although my vanity has driven me to extreme measures to avoid spectacles I still find them very sexy. I like my men to wear glasses and I often think they make women look sexy too. This opinion is my advice on optical care. As you can see I certainly have a lot of different ..." Read review

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Community Level 2lawrensons


Harder than soft


Disadvantagespainful to start

"I started wearing hard lenses 9 years ago when I discovered that my corneas were pointed and would eventually split open. To control the serverity of the point the hospital made me wer hard lenses to push back the point into a normal curve shape. I remeber the very first time I wore them - did it hurt or what? I couldn't open my eyes for a day! It was like I had glass in my eye - I yeah I did! I have had some problems with hard lenses - you really ..." Read review

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Community Level 6jeannie


Look after your eyes

Advantagesyou can see

Disadvantagesyou cant see properly

"I have worn glasses since I was 4yrs old ========================================= I was born with a squint. I can laugh about it now, but then, it was not funny. To explain my,left eye is healthy but has not focused since I was born ( a long time ago). What they tried to do was correct it by operation. That did work but, when I take my glasses of you can still see the squint just. I used to have to go around with, "big" plaster over one eye then ..." Read review

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Community Level 3mandyco


Do You Need Glasses

AdvantagesGreat Value Glasses


"Did you know that when you reach the age of 40, that your eyesight will lose the ability to change shape as easily as they did when you were younger? Do not be alarmed, this is a perfectly natural condition its called presbyopia, it's this condition that makes small print more difficult to focus on, thus making it hard to read small print. A company called Readi-Read has come up with a simple solution. They sell self-selection-reading glasses ..." Read review

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Community Level 6danradders


For Wearers and Non-Wearers---

Advantagescan keep your eyes healthy, be in fashion!

DisadvantagesIf not looked after properly, eyes can deteriorate

"I am going to try and make this opinion as helpful as I can to both users and non-users of optical wear, so, I hope it is! I have been wearing glasses for about seven years now, and it is only recently I have been wearing contact lenses, but I feel that I know enough to give you some sound advice on both. Firstly. Do you need glasses? Well, you are meant to have an eye test every now and again, two years I believe, so, although these can be quite ..." Read review

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Community Level 2ruth_abdel


Contact Lenses and Wrinkles

Advantagesit can be sad looking at life through a window (glasses)


"This may seem a conceited observation, but I have noticed that contact lenses give me wrinkles around my eyes. I have been wearing contact lenses for several years now. The most recent ones that I was using were soft lenses that were replaced every 3 months. I started to notice about 2 years ago (at the age of 26) that my eyes were getting wrinkles, which I guess is quite normal at my age, but they seemed to be quite deep and started to concern ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Pinkfluff


Please beware

Advantagesyou look good in lenses

Disadvantagestake care to clean them properly

"Contact lenses are great, you can dump your glasses and look "normal". As the saying goes, "Men dont make passes at girls who wear glasses" and this always stuck in my mind when i went out. So I got some contact lenses and so did my sister. I myself had no trouble with them what so ever and even went the whole hog and bought bright blue ones. They were amazing. For my sister however it was a different story. My sister is very careful, she ..." Read review

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operation to correct a squint

Advantagesmakes the child less self concious

Disadvantagesthe squint is still noticable without glasses

"My youngest son has had a squint in his right eye since a very early age, it was first noticed when he was around three years old. He was refered to the hospital and they examined his eyes, they said that his sight was very poor and that they might need to operate, but they wanted to try patches first to see if this would improve his sight. Patches So they give me about four boxes off patches to start me off, and sent me to an optician with ..." Read review

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Community Level 5annette_tr9


contact lenses vs glasses

Advantagesno sweaty bits on your nose

Disadvantageshigher maintenance than glasses

"I can't say I prefer my contact lenses to my glasses but they do come in useful sometimes! I wear my glasses all day but because I work with a computer (all day!) I find that if I wear contact lenses my eyes dry out and get sore (nice thought!!!). So I have to wear my glasses for that. When I go out after two drinks I can't see straight anyway so don't bother wearing glasses or contact lenses then. So when do I wear them??? Well, if it's ..." Read review

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Community Level 1polly33


Coloured contact lenses are not toys


DisadvantagesRisk of infection, no health assesment

"A word of caution to any potential high street contact lens wearers, eye infections can be potentially sight threatening and are easily transmitted by contact. In the same way as you would not normally share your toothbrush, you should never share contact lenses. With the recent availability of coloured contact lenses for non spectacle wearers in hair salons and some fashion shops at around 15-30 pounds per pair, it has become very easy for anyone ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Kink2000


Specsavers monthly disposable contact lenses.

AdvantagesCheap, easy to use


"Contact lenses from Specsavers are the comfiest and easiest lenses i have ever tried. They are cheap, easy to use and occasionally you may forget you are wearing them. For only £12 per month you can get contact lenses on a scheme with aftercare appointments included plus 50% of glasses. If you accidently break them (which is extremely hard to do) you can order new ones online from specsavers direct, but replacement ones are included in the scheme. ..." Read review

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