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Community Level 5C_W_Monkey


A Level Revision

AdvantagesThere's always a second chance

DisadvantagesThis is too late for most students

"It's that time of year again. Being an A level student sucks, for the last 3 years I've had exams, GCSEs, AS, A2... So here's a few tips on how to get through them. -------------------- Learning -------------------- If you didn't learn it, you can't revise it. It's a completely different process that schools have spent years mastering. So for one, turn up to the lessons. Learning takes a long time to do, we actually learn in our sleep. ..." Read review

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Community Level 4Jaxle



AdvantagesRevision enables you to do well in exams

DisadvantagesTime consuming; Dull; Boring; Need I say more!?

"Now that every single one of my GCSEs is well and truly over, I thought I’d post an op to share some of my thoughts on exams, and suggest a few revision tips. >> THE THREE Es – EXAMS; EXAMS; EXAMS ..." Read review

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Guess What I'm Doing...

AdvantagesRevising helps you perform better

DisadvantagesIt's never fun, and different methods suit different people

"Exams are something we all have to face. Nowadays children face a lot of pressure from an early age in SATs, then there are GCSEs, A-levels and degrees, not to mention exams you might have to face elsewhere - for professional qualifications, (job/university) interviews or anything else. Revision isn't applicable to all of these, but hopefully my advice here can help. It's biased towards my own situation (revising for university exams) - and probably ..." Read review

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Community Level 8dynamicnurse


Very studious students.

AdvantagesSee text.

DisadvantagesSee text.

"Not that I am the world's best when it comes to revising for an exam, I would just like to pass on any thoughts or ideas that have been passed on to me at school and university! Some people revise loads and get average marks (just like me yet again!), whereas others can not look at a single textbook but get top marks. I wish that I could be just like that second person! But still, that is how I am. When you are being taught a subject that ..." Read review

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No last minute revision here!

AdvantagesRevision will help gain you good grades

DisadvantagesYou have to be very careful of what you revise, and it can get very dull

"I've done this op as part of the BigYummyAngel challenge, to write a review on something little bit different from my usual (okay, so a non-game op in that case). It's time to 'broaden my horizons' so to speak, so here goes... Though spending much of my life in front of T.V or Computer, I have occasionally attended the asylum that some call 'High School'; escaped with at least some of my sanity intact and live to tell you how to, and how not to, ..." Read review

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Community Level 4anthmack


Its Exam Time Everyone!

AdvantagesA good revision regime will get you the grade and qualification pass you want

DisadvantagesIntensive revision without regular breaks can lead to mind black-outs, and therefore lower success at the exam or paper you are sitting. It can also take a lot of self-discipline, and self motivation in order for you to get yourself in to a routine

"I will start off by stating the obvious. Without a comprehensive good study before your qualification examinations, you will almost certainly not get the grade that you want. This review, will, try and help you, by revealing how I have studied in the past, and what the outcome has been. Studying, as I well know, is a very hard thing to get in to the routine in to, especially if it is a part time qualification (and you are either working, or looking ..." Read review

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Community Level 2racing_frogs


Revision Ideas

AdvantagesGood ways to revise

Disadvantagesboring and takes a long long time

"Nearly everyone is faced with it, revision. Strikes terror in everyone and makes you think of all those other tasks that need doing, such as scrubbing the bath, ironing that shirt over and over again, cleaning out that fish tank. But sooner or later it has to be done. There are many techniques which helps you to be able to remember all those essential facts. I'm not going to lie and say i got the ultimate way to revise, it all depends on the individual ..." Read review

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Community Level 3Sonic4290


Revise To Success

AdvantagesYou will get those grades you've worked hard for!

DisadvantagesCan be exhausting, boring

"When it comes to revision, we all know how hard it is to get motivated. Once you start going, we know it's not actually all that bad. It's crucial to revise before exams - unless you're one of those lucky people who never need to do it, revising means you're more likely to pass, whichever way you look at it. === Start Early === There's no point in starting to revise the night before your exam (if you can help it!). I'm not a big believer in started ..." Read review

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Community Level 5nicolemorgan


revision - what's it all about

Advantageswill help you pass

Disadvantageswill bore you senseless

"With the majority of students wandering around Manchester Metropolitan in a caffeine induced haze and rumours of first year exams going around the green room café, I decided to have go at a bit of investigative journalism as I as the question: Revision – what’s it all about? Upon asking personal tutor, Baz Atkins, I was told that revision is ‘a chance to recap on knowledge you have accumulated over the course of your education.’ However, more ..." Read review

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Pullling my hair out!!

AdvantagesHelps you to be better prepared for the exam

DisadvantagesCan be fustrating

"++ Revision Tips ++ We all have went through dreaded exams and no matter what level you are on you feel so stressed and nervous before any exam. It can leave you very tense and feel like pulling your hair out through fustration! I have sat lots of different exams throughout my life and gave learnt some topes (the hard way!) which some people may find helpful. First tip is to prepare well in advance. Look through your notes after class. In my ..." Read review

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Community Level 2tania1


Revising for a maths exam.

AdvantagesBig improvements can be made in a relatively short time.

DisadvantagesRisk being called a geek

"As Ben has written with advice an arts/humanities, I thought I would add this one. The best way to revise for maths is to get a load of scrap paper, a pen, your textbook, your notes (if they are any good) and then work through loads and loads of examples on each topic. Read through the notes and worked examples, then cover up the solutions for the worked examples and see if you can successfully complete them. Try and use the same layout as ..." Read review

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Community Level 3bextergal


Helping you with your Revision

Advantages help to recieve good grades

Disadvantagestakes up alot of your spare time

"Doing revision for your exams can be stressful and annoying because we all have to spend ages revising. You may feel like you want to stop what you are doing and not do any revision at all but no matter how much stress you go through it is worth it, you will recieve good grades, be able to do the job you have always wanted and get on with your life knowing you have already done well. Some people think that they will do awful in their least favourite ..." Read review

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