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Applying to Oxbridge

AdvantagesCan provide a really good education

DisadvantagesNot necessarily the best education and interviews can be rather stressful

"Disclaimer: This doesn't really apply to interviews in general, rather this opinion is specifically aimed at how to get a place at Oxford or Cambridge and covers the whole application procedure. Want to get into Oxbridge? Well, the application process can be quite daunting, and I certainly can't promise you a place, but I'm here (currently in my second year of PPE at Oxford), so there's hope for everyone! Right, I'll say a bit about my experience, ..." Read review

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Community Level 5Saltire


And relax....

AdvantagesExcellent opportunity to get to know the people you'll be working with and an opportunity to show how great you are!

DisadvantagesNerve-racking (if you haven't prepared...!)

"My own experience of University entrance interviews are probably very different to the norm. I’d applied through UCAS at my final year at school to both Strathclyde and Glasgow Universities for a range of Science and Engineering Courses. Despite having rather poor grades at that time, I was offered several places, on the condition that I passed my Maths Higher (Scottish Education system, see), and in particular, one on my preferred course (Physics ..." Read review

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Community Level 1kat85


Oxford interview - I wasn't 'grilled'

Advantageschance to mix with other prospective students, unique intellectual experience

Disadvantagesintrview timetable runnig half an hour behind almost inevitable)

"For my first opinionever I have decided to comment on something I feel rather strongly about; the negative publicity surrounding the Oxbridge interview process. This is because through my experience, many 'myths' and stereotypical preconceptions were totally dispelled. Admitedly, this opinion can perhaps only be ascribed to my particular subject in my chosen college in one particula year - Law at St John's in 2002, but surely I wasn't lucky enough ..." Read review

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Community Level 8dynamicnurse


If at first you don't succeed, try, try again.

AdvantagesSee text.

DisadvantagesSee text.

"...the lecturer, and a senior member of nursing staff from the hospital. I was asked all about my past experiences; what I could bring to the nursing profession as a whole, and what I wanted to do with my career. One good thing is that they not only gave me verbal feedback there and then, but also wrote to me with the same information to tell me as well. They said that I could have asked them for feedback if they didn't already give it to me, so ..." Read review

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Community Level 3pookypop


Aarggghhh - What do they want from me

AdvantagesExperience for later life, a heck of and adrenaline rush - lol! Could sort you out for the rest of your life...

DisadvantagesTakes practice which sometimes isn't really available. Can be majorly scary.

"After applying for places on child and adult nursing courses at four different Universities realisation dawned that if any of them were interested in taking me on I'd most probably have to go for an interview (shock, horror, cringe!!!). This came seconds before the realisation that I don't do well in interviews especially when I find out that it's quite normal to be tested in ways that you wouldn't even think of - amazingly scary thought for people ..." Read review

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Community Level 6WAD1-2-3


Relax and you will be fine



" Most of us who have gone on to higher education will have experienced the rather nerve racking university interview. I can remember mine quite clearly, I was almost sweating buckets. It’s so important to be yourself yet not feel intimidated by the hierarchy. But, once you get in there its no problem and if you relax and try to think positive, all should be fine. I can remember when I went to Durham University and it was quite intimidating, ..." Read review

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Community Level 1kimbo_kimbo


oxbridge interview process

Advantagesfriendly people, career prospects, prestige

Disadvantageslong drawn out process, high requirements

"Without doubt the oxbridge interviews were the most stressful uni interviews i had to do. In particular I'm giving advice about my experience applying to cambridge. ----------------------------------------------- Ok, so you've read about how stressful and scary it all is. Nobody would have guessed I'd have got a place. I'm not the most academically gifted person. Nor am i incredibly good at interviews. I did the following though, and it worked. ..." Read review

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Community Level 5sam123


Try to be yourself


Disadvantagesnerves, tension

" I remember having my interview to study my degree at Liverpool University, I must admit I was very worried at first, it had been my first one, and everyone else had just accepted me on unconditional offers, so it did concern me a lot. Though I knew I had other universities to fall back on. That was good to know. I took my Record Of Achievement folder, and when the day came, I went early looked around the place, and then it was my turn. Their was ..." Read review

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