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Don't leave home without them Review with images

Advantages"We must not think of the things we could do with..."

Disadvantages"… only of the things that we can't do without." (Jerome K Jerome)

"I like to think I’m a seasoned traveller. By this I do not mean one with salt and pepper already added, but one who has been to a few places, seen them and come away with T-shirts to swell the wardrobes of my long-suffering offspring. In the course of travelling one does acquire many things: not only T-shirts, but stamps in passports, insect bites, a smattering of odd words in even odder languages, and above all experience. Experience, as Oscar Wilde ..." Read review

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Top Ten Tips for Troublefree Holiday Packing

AdvantagesBased on a lot of experience

DisadvantagesYou may not have the same ideas about what's an essential

"I should be getting ready for my holiday - I leave on Friday night and so far I've not been able to get my act together. Give me a month or 10 minutes to prepare, I'll still leave it all to the last minute - but I've packed so often I know I'll not forget anything really important. So here - perhaps a little unseasonal for most people - are my top ten tips on what to take on holiday. ~~But first, a warning~~ Any list of indispensable things ..." Read review

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Terror Rage ! Review with images



"Check-in desk.. Rodney: I would like to fly to Chicago and can you send my luggage to L.A please! Check in: Sorry sir we cant do that service on this airline." Rodney: You did last week! (Rodney Dangerfiled.R.I.P) With Heathrow and the like facing meltdown at the peak of the Easter holiday season, many of us will be dreading (or still calming down from a very bad travel experience last year), its time to get 'tooled up' for the departure ..." Read review

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Community Level 5raeisthehi...


Girls just wanna have fun...

AdvantagesHolidays are fun

DisadvantagesUnpacking afterwards isn't fun

"Passport, tickets, money… Passport, tickets, money… Anyone who has seen the movie Shirley Valentine can hardly fail to remember her muttered aide memoir as she rushed around the house panicking and dusting. After many years of booking our own ‘pick n mix’ holidays we have devised a very handy little system for ensuring our paperwork is secure and to hand. We buy an A5 book with plastic pouch pages (available at most stationery outlets) and put ..." Read review

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10 essential items to take on your summer hols

AdvantagesYour holidays and indeed your life will be enriched by reading this

Disadvantagesabsolutely none :)

"Im feeling kind of creative today, ( a euphamism for not wanting to do real work) and i am going on holiday very shortly so i thought i would share with you lucky readers my magnificent list of ten indispensable things that i take on holiday with me. Now obviously there should be a caveat involved... what i take to a boarding holiday in the alps will be different to what i take to ibiza. However for the sake of discussion and the length of discussion ..." Read review

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I missed out the kitchen sink

AdvantagesI love holidays!

DisadvantagesI hate carrying suitcases!

"I love going on holiday, preferably somewhere which requires a passport and suncream. I don't go nearly as often as I want to, but I make sure I make the most of anytime away from home! So.... Passport: Check it is still valid! If you are still young enough to need ID, you probably have a rather battered passport from taking it out clubbing. At my age, it remains quite pristine, and it is only the photo that gets depressingly out of date. This ..." Read review

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Community Level 2dariocrosier


Goin on a summer holiday



"I only really go on holiday to Italy. So by now, things that I take with me I kind of already have wherever I go. I like to get the packing out of the way at least a day and a half before I leave. Ok so straight away, I get my, new, big green suitcase and... The first thing I put in is - My clothes, generally useful in everyday life. My second Item is dispensable, but it is so important I almost put it first. Chewing gum - for on the plane ..." Read review

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A Wacky World According to Wulise. Holiday Advice.

AdvantagesHoliday essentials!!!!

DisadvantagesDon't believ all I tell you.

"This opinion has been inspired following a chat with Angus and a recent trip to Austria, where I meet an eccentric English couple on holiday. In my bag I packed one thong. Why? The thong can be worn six times without washing. Wear for one day, rotate 120O clockwise for the following two days, then turn it inside out and repeat. Hey presto six days of underwear with no washing require! In my bag I packed a sarong. Why? The sarong can cover ..." Read review

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Community Level 6Aspen


What to Take on Holiday to Scotland

AdvantagesSunshine between showers.


"I apologise for hi-jacking (yet again) a general category, but the simple fact is this. No two destinations are the same. So general lists, though helpful, do not adequately cover all eventualities. So, if travelling to Scotland this summer, please remember it may be similar to winter in many other parts of this universe. Here are a few suggestions. 1. Midgie Repellent. Forget it, it doesn’t work. Scottish midgies are hardy b*ggers, ..." Read review

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Travel Essential #1: A Childlike Sense of Wonder Review with images

AdvantagesHelps ensure that each new experience is fresh and exciting

DisadvantagesToo often mistaken for naivete

"Do you love to travel? Are you invigorated by visiting new places and meeting new people? Do you crane your neck the better to see the graceful lines of a magnificent building? Are exclamations of delight known to escape your lips? Do you eagerly anticipate what lies around the next bend in the road? Is people-watching one of your passions? Do you come back home from a holiday trip with the addresses and phone numbers of new ..." Read review

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His 'n' Hers Hols

AdvantagesWomen can pack!

DisadvantagesMen can't

"Rumour, Legend or just a Mythological tale, but the packing of luggage to take on holiday has for many years been seen, even by the fairer sex, as a job that only WOMEN can get right. Now that we are in the 2000's, I think it only fair to see how far MAN has evolved in the luggage department. (not the Linford Christie luggage department!) I am honoured to team up with the irrepressible Wiggglypufff, alias Karen of Kent, to compare how we would ..." Read review

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What to take on a Round the World Trip?

AdvantagesGreat list to check things off!

DisadvantagesToo much to fit in and carry on your back!

"Does this list sound totally crazy? I am going in travelling in November for 6 months travelling to, LA, New Zealand, Australia & Singapore! I am very excited and have been doing loads of research on what to pack and what not to pack. I have decided that I should share all the vital information I have gathered with you all as I know a review like this would of helped me so much. Backpack: I have been doing lots of research on backpacks recently; ..." Read review

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My knapsack on my back....

AdvantagesBe prepared but still travel light

DisadvantagesThere's usually something you wish you'd packed

"Last September I took my first lengthy non-conventional holiday when my partner and I travelled around central and eastern Europe by rail for three weeks. (When I say non-conventional I mean not staying in one hotel for two weeks). This meant important considerations for packing - as we would be staying in a different place most nights it would also mean taking my belongings with me. The only aspect of the holiday which did not appeal to me was hauling ..." Read review

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Community Level 8SusanLesley


Get organised and have fun

AdvantagesMakes the holiday better if I've taken the right things

DisadvantagesCan be a problem if I forget something important

"What to take on holiday – now there’s a question. I like to be organised and prepared – the boring accountant in me coming out I suppose, so I do write a list to make sure that I don’t forget things. These are the main things that I always take with me – apart from the obvious like clothes, a suitcase, the camera and of course my lovely partner! Money --------- By money I include cheque book, credit card, cash, ..." Read review

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Community Level 6danielethe...


Dont Forget Your Suitcase

AdvantagesImportant to have everything

DisadvantagesDon't take unecessary things

"It’s six o’clock in the evening in the middle of winter; the eerie stems of light from the lamp outside make patterns on your wall. The rain drums against the window of the taxi. Inside, you run around in the dim light, getting ready, packing, sorting things out. The kids are all ready; your husband’s in the bath and you’re hopping round desperately trying to do everything at once. You finally get dressed. Your husband is ..." Read review

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