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Community Level 3Finno


Carry Me !

Advantageseasty transportation


"Member’s advice on cat carriers This might be a little different than the review you might be expecting but I will try my best to make this a good review anyway. Things to do with cat carriers before you actually ‘carry’ a cat in them: • Put a nice soft bottom on the carrier –preferably ‘fleece’ type, so the cat can cuddle there when he/she wants to. • In the very back of the carrier, place a ‘treat’ dish /double dish / water and treats ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Tamara99


Does your cat go Postal at the sight of a Carrier Review with images

AdvantagesCats love small enclosed spaces....

Disadvantages....but only until they realize they can't get out.

"Before you run out and buy a carrier, here are three things to know about your cat: 1) How big is your cat? Adults cats range from 4lbs to 30lbs, from the size of a softball to that of a mutant cocker spaniel. If you're not certain, (and Catilla the Hun refuses to get on the scale) here are some guidelines: The average cat weighs between 9-12lbs. Most "big" cats are 15-18lbs. The lithe ones skipping through the Friskies commercials are about ..." Read review

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Community Level 4BizzyBek


Oh Pussy, What A Carry On....

AdvantagesCats travel safely

DisadvantagesAccidents will happen (and are often smelly!)

"...to sit in whilst other members of the household get accustomed to their smell. The larger carriers are often suitable to transport two kittens or smaller cats that are well accustomed to each other - I would not suggest you travel cats together who aren't kin from birth or totally at ease with one another. Even cats that seem quite happy together can get stroppy when made to share a carrier which is often a stressful situation. Specialist Carriers: ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Penfold49


Why carry when you can harness

AdvantagesCarries your 'adored' cat safely.

DisadvantagesGetting your 'not so adored' cat in/out of the carrier

"I have one of those moulded plastic with the front mesh door types of carriers, and despite having two cats I have mostly confined the carrier to the attic. Why? Well on most journeys my cats travel with a harness. My first cat was a kitten (approx. 6 weeks old) found on the street. It had a collar so we advertised in the local paper and put posters up in the area but to no avail. The RSPCA said they would take it in but we had to wait TWO WEEKS. ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Salson


Marchioro Clipper Tonga

AdvantagesTop and end openings

DisadvantagesTop opening is a bit fiddly

"This is the best cat carrier I've ever had!. I show my Cats so I opted for the larger carrier Tonga 3 ( fits two comfortably), but it is avaliable in three sizes. Tonga 1 50cmx33cmx32cm £17.99 Tonga 2 57cmx37cmx36cm £ 22.99 Tonga 3 64cmx43cmx43cm £27.99 My main criteria was wheels and easy access. This box has a very easily opened large front door which enables a 'two hand' removal. The catch is very easy to use. It is a bar which you push ..." Read review

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