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Compost - the gardeners gold dust!



"*****COMPOST***** In 2004-2005, 29.7 million tonnes of rubbish was produced by residents of England. That's a lot of baked bean cans and loo roll tubes! Almost ¾'s of this huuuuuge amount was disposed of in Landfill. Landfill is literally just that - great big holes in the ground where the council puts all our household waste. So what does 29.7 million tonnes look like? Well … One tonne is equal to nearly sixty thousand Christmas cards. I'll ..." Read review

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Wanna Get Dirty??

AdvantagesLess household waste, encourages bugs into the garden

DisadvantagesCan get messy!

"I am all for re-cycling and I believe that every household should try and do their bit to save the environment. I also believe that local councils make it much easier for us to do this. I grew up in the countryside and moved into my own house around five years ago. I live in a town house, with a fairly small garden, half of which is paved and half of which is lawned. I didn't really pay much attention to my garden for the first few years of living ..." Read review

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The Lazy Person's Guide to Composting

AdvantagesRecycles kitchen and garden waste, provides organic fertiliser at no cost

DisadvantagesTakes a little time and effort

"• What is compost? Compost is the residue of organic wastes, such as vegetable parings or plant clippings, used as garden fertiliser. You can pay significant amounts to buy it in bags, ready-made, or you can make your own at no cost at all. While some people put a huge amount of time and effort into their compost heaps, my approach is more laid-back and relaxed. • Why use compost? If you have a garden, and particularly if you grow fruit ..." Read review

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How To Compost

AdvantagesGreat For The Environment


"Anyone can compost, it's very easy and helps the environment. Tonnes of garden and kitchen waste are thrown away every year when it could be composted. You can buy lots of different compost bins, mine is a plastic one with a lid and a hole at the bottom with a sliding cover to get your compost out. It is a good idea to have a smaller caddy in your kitchen, so you don't have to keep going to the garden one. Compost bins come in all shapes and sizes ..." Read review

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It is amazing what you can put on that Heap.

AdvantagesIt saves waste and you end up with very cheap compost.

DisadvantagesNone, unless you count the smell if the weather gets hot!

"Having a compost heap in your back garden is good common sense. Composting is an excellent way of utilising waste that would otherwise be consigned to the bin and after all why fill the waste bin when you can put it to a very good use. A compost heap is easy to start but if you have never composted before then there are a few golden rules that must be remembered. Any compost heap consists of two key groups, the `greens` and the `browns`. The ..." Read review

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Community Level 5CaptainKidd


Let nature help your garden .

AdvantagesEnviromentally friendly

Disadvantagesthe flies

" Our world is dying - too much polution , too much production , too much waste . The effects of the industrial revolution of the late 1800's whilst being over 100 years ago , are now showing the signs of catostrophy . Just think of what has happened since then and imagine the impact for our offspring of the future . Today people are starting to take notice and the buzz words of today are recycling , sustainable and re-usable. Councils are under ..." Read review

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Black Plastic Compost monster

AdvantagesEnvironmentally friendly and FUN

DisadvantagesTakes up space, can attract flies (and worms)

"I'd always liked the theory of recycling garden waste by making compost, but having a very small garden and a council who obligingly took everything you can fit in the bin, I never quite got round to it. Then last year, Runnymede council decided to start recycling, and along with the instructions for newspapers (in the blue bag) bottles (in the blue box), came an offer of a black plastic composter, delivered to your door for only £10 Never able ..." Read review

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