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Just the tonic!


DisadvantagesNone at all

"...in Boots and saw this Metatone Tonic and I checked on my Boots advantage card and had enough points to get it free so thought oh well what the heck at least its not costing me owt so I'll give it a whirl! The Packaging: This comes in a couple of sizes and I purchased the smaller of the two which is a 300ml bottle. It comes in a bright yellow and white box to which the front and the back are the same in appearance and I am told in black, red ..." Read review

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Metatone tonic

AdvantagesIt does give you a boost

DisadvantagesIt tastes rank

"...pick up a bottle of metatone tonic from the chemist as it is a vitamin tonic which is designed for use after illness and when you are feeling tired and run down. I went to my local chemist and picked up a bottle of the tonic which cost me around £4.50 for a 300ml bottle. The metatone tonic comes in quite an old fashioned looking white box with some orange strips and the red product name. It looks sort of medicinal to me which I guess it is ..." Read review

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Strange symptom solving solution = Metatone!

AdvantagesWorks well, helps me feel better, reasonable price, easy to swallow.

DisadvantagesStrange taste.

"...that I have purchased is Metatone Tonic. I purchase mine from Sainsburys and this costs me £4.65 for a 300ml bottle. This is a reasonable price for something that lasts me for around 30 uses. This is a tonic that is designed to be used when you have been recovering from an illness such as a cold or flu or just when you have been tired or generally run down. Metatone is a combination of Vitamin B1 and essential minerals. ..." Read review

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Metatone Original Flavour Tonic

Metatone Original Flavour Tonic

Metatone Original Flavour Tonic is the perfect remedy after suffering from illness, such ... more

as colds, fevers and influenza. It is packed full
of four essential minerals and Vitamin B1 which
actively boost your body, helping restore it to a
feeling of norm...

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