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Cheap professional flight simulator - Flight Simulator X

AdvantagesGood value, Professional but easy once you're used to it

DisadvantagesCan be difficult to memorise controls

"...when controlling an aircraft in Microsoft Flight Simulator, but if you don't have a joystick then keyboard controls will suffice. I personally recommend looking on the internet for the controls so that you can familiarise yourself with at least the most basic actions, pull up, throttle up, throttle down etc. If you really want to, in most aircraft it is possible to control the aircraft with the mouse from the cockpit. This means if you know where ..." Read review

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My virtaul World Flying lessons! This helps!

AdvantagesHelped me with my Real Life Flying! Great Graphics

DisadvantagesNeed a powefull computer!

"...paid 49 Pounds in Game. The Microsoft Flight simulator range has been designed mainly for pilots / Retired pilots to welll...... Pretend they are really flying I guess? and mainly for help with real life flying. This game... Well I cannot call it a game, more of a simulator as games are usually just for fun but this is educational and fun at the same time! So what does Flight Simulator do? Flight simulator has pretty much every airport in ..." Read review

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Community Level 1fufusion999


FSX review and more.....

AdvantagesRealsitic cockpits, real world geomentry, airports feels accurate, awsome graphics

Disadvantageslow framerate, bad multiplayer connectivity, need joysticks to play properly

"== MICROSOFT FLIGHT SIMULATOR X == === Introduction === Microsoft filght simulator has been around the corner for about two decades now. With each release they provide a new dimension in the world of flight sim. Microsoft filght simulator is more than just a game, it is used by real world pilots to cope up with training so that they can actually face the real circumstances. The lastest game of the flight simulator series is called ''' MICROSFT ..." Read review

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Community Level 2iancozens12


Fly away

AdvantagesGreat graphics

Disadvantagesneed a very good pc to see them

"...the performance of pc’s expanded Microsoft was always there with a new flight simulator. The first thing that I shall look at is the installation, as games get bigger it takes longer to get set up. For me it took over an hour plus the time to defrag the hard drive after. The install process itself was quite simple and very easy to understand, activation was quick and painless and then I was on my way. The box told all about the great features ..." Read review

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A Flight Simulator for everyone

Advantagesgreat fun, easy to use, can be used for training, ability to modify for your needs, community

Disadvantagesneeds powerful computer, .dll file and crashes shenanigan, runs on 1 core only, hard coding

"There has always been a controversy with FSX. It's an old simulator, and yet it is so advanced in terms of graphics and user friendliness that many simmers use it to this day. There as many good points as bad points about FSX, so let's go through them. FSX is easy to use and on the lowest setting can run and most PCs in use today. The simulator already comes with many aircraft to choose from and it's a lot of fun to use. The "Missions" features ..." Read review

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Community Level 1burnsey81


Flight Sim X (Deluxe) Im impressed already!

AdvantagesExcelent graphics, sound, multiplayer function and easy to use for beginners

DisadvantagesHigh spec PC needed to get the best performance.

"...have had all of the Microsoft Flight Sim releases since FS5. After a 30min+ installation time I managed to get my first chance to take to the sky. At first I was little impressed with the graphics and the scenery on my first flight. The frames were jerky and the aircraft and screen movements took about 4 seconds to respond to the movements of the joystick. I have a 2.8GHz processor, 526mb DDR memory and Direct x9 installed. I was not happy and was ..." Read review

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Microsoft Flight Simulator X - A Great Game for Great Enthusiasts

AdvantagesRealistic Sound Effects, Varied Choice of Aircraft, Varied choice of missions

DisadvantagesBad Graphics, It wants you to change back to FS2004

"...solid 2 hours or so. Microsoft had apparently coded the simulator, so that, it would optimize Flight Simulator X, the first time you start it, according to your computer specs (graphics, processor etc.). When the main screen came up, I was greeted with a menu that looked very familiar to the main screen of Microsoft's Flight Simulator 2004: A century of Flight. What really took my breath, though, was the music score on the main menu, which was like ..." Read review

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Community Level 2watso75


Microsoft Flight Sim - Deluxe Edition

AdvantagesGraphics, Addictivness, Easily playable for begineers

DisadvantagesNeed a powerfull machine to get the best from it

"Wow, what a game. After my inital 20 minute install and several cups of coffee while i waited I was not dissappointed with the end result. I have a fairly powerfull machine (A pentium dual core 2.9 ghz processor with 1gb ram and 512mb geforce graphics) and the graphics a gameplay do not fail to dissappoint. In saying this the level of detail is still not turned onto maximum so i have reduced airtraffic and some anti-alias settings turned off. Even ..." Read review

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Community Level 1PeteH010


Flight Simulator X - What Are You Waiting For??

AdvantagesAmazing Graphics & Sound, Fantastic Missions

DisadvantagesOnly 2 Activations, Needs A Good PC

"You shouldn't be sitting there reading this - You should be out buying Flight Sim X Now! It's been long awaited, and is finally here! Trust me, you won't be let down! Flight Simulator X combines amazing detail with fantastic sound and ease of use for any user. If you've never played flight sim before, it won't take you long to get used to it. You start with 'beginner' missions explaining how to taxi and maneuver your plane around the field. You'll ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Mrlwiggy


Excellent Game, Very Realistic, well worth the money! A* Game!

AdvantagesVery realistic and fun, good value for money!

DisadvantagesGamespy does not work, but this happens very rarely.

"Flight Simulator X? Well... This has to be the most realistic game I have ever played, and the most fun! In my opinion, it is well worth the money! ""The Graphics"" The graphics in FSX are excellent, especially with all settings maxed out! This game does not require a trong computer to play. The aircraft have very good quality to them, and you can even repaint them using 'DXTBMP'. The cockpit has many views, including the Virtual cockpit, ..." Read review

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Community Level 1pistonfire...


Microsoft Fligh Simulator X (FSX) Delux Edition

Advantagesamazing detail and graphics, very realistic too

Disadvantagespowerfull and fast PC needed to enjoy the full potentiol of the game

"Brilliant game, graphics are unbelievable and the realism is spot on too. ive recently ventured onto the multiplayer part fo the game and wow its a big community out there. you can communicate to other players around the world acting as other aircraft or even ATC (air traffic controll) Providing you buy the acceleration add-on i would say theres a fair choice of aircraft. i can only think of one dissadvantage and as you will read on other reviews, ..." Read review

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Community Level 1gibson60


Microsoft Flight SImulator X Deluxe Edition

AdvantagesIncredible Graphics

DisadvantagesRecommend good PC for best performance

"This is definetely the best simulation game out there at the moment and is very much worth the money. I have had the game for a few months now and find it absoulutely incredible. The graphics are outstanding, although I would recommend quite a powerful PC with good graphics card. The game suits more or less anyone; those who are just looking to have fun flying around and doing the odd mission or proper pilots who want to practice. This is due to ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Lexica


Time to go flying if your PC has the power!

AdvantagesGreat Realism, Fun missionsLots of aeroplanes, lots of airports

DisadvantagesPoor Air Traffic. Needs a powerful PC

"I am a commercial pilot who is currently working as a flight instructor. I have used this simulator to assist with training on different single engine and multi engine aircraft and for reality of flying the aircraft it is great. The graphics are quite spectacular, especially when you compare them to the previous version FS 2004 and FS2002. Unfortuntaely to make this great the PC has to be great also! To run the game you need to have a high specification ..." Read review

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Community Level 1lukebateson

Quick review of Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Deluxe Edition (PC)

"Flight Simultor X Deluxe Edition is litterally the state of the art flight sim. Its many detailed citys fill you with galore and the 22 higly detailed planes make you feel as thoough you're stting there in that seat. The multiplayer functions that are only available only in this deluxe edition are the tower control. You actually get to be in the control tower and guide everyone through landing and control the airport, Allthough i'd recomend a good computer, as such good graphics come at a high memory usage!

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Community Level 2bigbmxdave


Microsoft flight simulator X : the best flight game to date


Disadvantagesdifficult to start

"Microsoft Flight simulator X is the best flight sim made by far. The realism here is at a level never seen before. The entire world has been put into this game and many of the landmarks have been created using an extra level of detail. My favourite aspect of this game is how the missions become less "boring simulation" and more "sandbox fun". During the course of the game you will have the chance to search for lost animals in Africa, rescue an ..." Read review

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Microsoft Flight Simulator X (PC)

Microsoft Flight Simulator X (PC)

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Flight Simulator X Deluxe (microsoft) (pc)

Flight Simulator X Deluxe (microsoft) (pc)

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