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Community Level 1sian-xo


Excelent product, excellent value!

AdvantagesGreat value and great product

DisadvantagesCan't really fault it!

"Iv'e had this cam for 9 months now, and to be quite honest i can't really fault it. The cam has a good resolution (640 x 480) so if you use it on msn messenger, you dont appear really fuzzy to the other person. Built in microphone so you can chat to other people instead of typing. It has a clever attachement system to the top of your computer, it keeps it clipped in place and while its clipped in you can turn the camer part 360 degrees to suit ..." Read review

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Microsoft LifeCam VX-1000

AdvantagesClear pictures, all angle rotation, stylish


"This is one of the best web cams i have purchased. The pictures are really clear no matter what lighting i am using. The simple click switch on the top makes it easy to get into video calling which i really couldn't live without. Not too bulky it fits nicely on top of any slimline monitor. or can stand freely on any surface. The cam can be moved to any angle without falling over whenever I try to move it as thats what i used to find with my previous ..." Read review

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Community Level 1iangough7


Great little low budget starter webcam with microphone

Advantagesprice, Flexible stand, simplicity, ease of setup

DisadvantagesThe manual zoom can be a little fiddly

"When people mention the word Microsoft it's often followed by "what a load of rubbish!" but i'm happy to say i'm pleased with this little camera. It is basic and for the price you can't expect any different but it is great for anyone wanting to chat on camera especially children as it's not going to bankrupt you if it breaks. It comes with a built in flexible stand which means you can either stand it on it's own or lean it over a monitor. Take ..." Read review

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Community Level 1markybaby76


Microsoft LifeCam VX-1000

AdvantagesWorks on Vista, Good clarity

DisadvantagesDriver disc supplied wont run under Vista

"...odd as it being a Microsoft product and a fairly new one to. The funny thing is it says on the box Windows Vista certified. A bit inacurrate considering the supplied driver disc wont run. ..." Read review

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Community Level 1lltfdaniel7

Quick review of Microsoft LifeCam VX-1000

"Yea sure this cameras image quality is fine for some months then it gets blurry and then fine and then more blurry well that happened to me and now this camera is **** and want another webcam let the picture taken with this speak for it's self. http://b.imagehost.org/0566/webcamexample.jpg yea you could doubt that i took this with another webcam but i do not have a video camera to record while this takes pictures but if you have the same blurry problem as me then at least you know i was telling the truth. Thanks for reading.

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Community Level 1Riche23

Quick review of Microsoft LifeCam VX-1000

"This webcam is great for the price the setup is easy and not painstaking like it is with some webcams it work's well on vista which is good also with it being microsoft you get good update's and Patches if you get a problem with your webcam.

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Community Level 1rob19791



AdvantagesExcellent picture, brilliant extras, cheap

DisadvantagesNone so far

"I recently purchased one of these fantastic web cams from pc world for the price of 14.99. I have got to say that this is a brilliant webcam for the money. I have been use to using an old logitech webcam which doesnt even compare to this. Not only has the camera got outstanding picture quality, the camera itself looks the part. It is very easy to set up, and is designed to be used with MSN instant messenger which makes this product a must have ..." Read review

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Community Level 2nikitafondi


microsoft cameras are expensive

Advantagesmore compatible with windows OS


"microsoft webcams are expensive compared to chinese webcams one can buy good quality chinese webcam for just 4 sterling poundswith excellent features of courese these chinese cams have its disadvantages like compatibility with windows operating system but quality wise these cams are so good its like it produce pictures of 5 mega pixel quality pictures. microsoft hardware is very compatible to windowns most of thier products are no need to install ..." Read review

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Community Level 1RichardJiles


Overall good for the price

AdvantagesGood for money, Built in microphone

DisadvantagesNone that I know of

"Well, there is a microphone built. the picture quality is decent, you may have to fiddle with the focus a bit and mess around with the settings but after that it is a very good camera for the price. Leaving out the price I would give it a 3 star out of 5, because I haven't had any problems with it, but it isn't anything special. I use this while talking on SKYPE to friends. the sound quality is decent. Also it can go on top of computer screens and ..." Read review

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