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Microsoft Wireless IntelliMouse Explorer 2.0 Review with images

AdvantagesUSB to PS/2 compatible, energy efficient, good response time.

DisadvantagesNone that I know of.

"I'm currently using this mouse on my Ubuntu PC, and have also tried it on Solaris and Windows. It has an excellent response time, never lags or freezes, and wastes very little battery. I'm currently powering the mouse with two AA UNiROSS 2700mAh NiMH batteries, which I charged less than a year ago. The mouse came in two parts: one is the USB receiver that has a metre of cord, and the second is the wireless mouse. The receiver ..." Read review

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Community Level 2sosull


Quite honestly the best mouse I've ever owned

AdvantagesQuick to use, solid build, better than expected battery life, extremely customisable

DisadvantagesNone to mention it's that good

"...and this wireless mouse from Microsoft has seen me through an awful lot. Please allow me to go further. First Impressions & Unboxing --------------- One thing Microsoft do very well is their keyboards and their mice. They do these remarkably well in fact, that should you even be a fan of Macs or Linux you'll be hard pushed not to compliment their hardware. My Intellimouse Wireless Explorer came in a red flat-ish box with the mouse being protected ..." Read review

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Community Level 1allans1


Excellent mouse with a few problems

AdvantagesPerfect shape, precise movement, looks great!

DisadvantagesBatteries last up to 1 month, battery connector sometimes disconnects

"...mouse technology since my previous Microsoft classic ball mouse use to clog sometimes and then the ball required cleaning. Plus the 5 buttons and Wireless functionality would be very useful for me. In using the mouse for the past 12 months I find the extra 2 side thumb buttons absolutely amazing! I use them all the time now with the default forward and back internet browser functions. You can assign a wide variety of functions to the buttons for ..." Read review

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AdvantagesNo wires, excellent features, very comfortable

Disadvantagesrequires batteries

"...be used on a non Microsoft Operating System? Yes it can, the mouse supports both Apple MacOS 8.6 or later and the Microsoft Operating Systems listed above. What is the distance on the wireless mouse? Not entirely sure on that one, but I've tested it at 6 metres away and it works fine. Does the mouse need to be on a flat surface to function correctly? The mouse will produce best results from a flat surface, although you can use it perfectly ..." Read review

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Community Level 2mraouf101


A Small Piece of Art Review with images

AdvantagesEasy to use, install, and configure, Comfort shape, perfect design and shape, browsing capabilities

DisadvantagesReally: none

"...health. Enhanced Microsoft Optical Technology Optical technology refers to the use of an optical sensor to track mouse movement, rather than the traditional use of mechanical parts. As a result, optical mouse products work on most surfaces and offer you better durability, increased speed and accuracy, and consistent performance. Note: This mouse works on many surfaces, but in many cases it doesnt work on glass, and work somehow irregularly on white ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Manolis


Good overall mouse, but not perfect

AdvantagesNice design, accurate

DisadvantagesBattery consumption and expensive

"This is a good mouse to use. I had it for 1 year and one month. Then the side buttons that are used by default as forward and back, started giving in. My curious mind led me to open the mouse, and as a result I managed to destroy it :-(. Nevertheless I found some design fault that could be helpful for other users. To begin with let me say that performancewise, the only complaints were the fact that it drained batteries quite fast, but with 3 sets ..." Read review

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Community Level 1cbucolo


Great mouse (Black Leather Look Version)

AdvantagesComfortable, well built and looks stylish!

DisadvantagesBig and scroll wheel bit too sensitive for games.

"Microsoft certainly produces solid and well-made hardware; the Wireless Intellimouse Explorer is weighty (with the two AA batteries in) and not shiny, with a black leather look finish on the top and black sides. Unlike some previous mice this finish looks as though it is designed to last and will not wear off over time. As with previous Intellimice the body is big and arched; it is ideal for people with large hands - like me - for whom most mice ..." Read review

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Community Level 2biogenetics


Brilliant mouse if you want one

AdvantagesNo annoying wires, Remote control style, customizable buttons

Disadvantagesexpensive, high battery consumption

"Microsoft it has to be said produce some rather expensive items. This is one such item, for which I paid £60, but I don't regret it one bit, ever. The mouse is plug and play compatible with the software it comes with so all you have to do is install the software and away you go. The sleek design has many buttons which can be customized. The buttons can operate different functions depending on what programs that they are being used on, and the mouse ..." Read review

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Community Level 1matthewadams


The best mouse ever

AdvantagesAmazing range, the most comfortable mouse ever


"This is absolutly the best mouse ever. I tried a lot of mice but none of them are nearly as comfortable as this one. I eventually i decided to get it for christmas and it is one of the best purchaces i have made. A lot of my friends have problems with their hands because they work on the computer so much and i was starting to have those problems but this really helped. The shape really fits your hand and the range is very impressive. I have set it ..." Read review

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