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Community Level 5tumblewheel


From dread to relief... Review with images

AdvantagesNormally free under extended warranty

DisadvantagesThe need to use the service in the first place

"...was dubious of using the Microsoft service. There always appears to be a premium price paid for 'official' services. So I decided to read a few articles on the internet to see if there was anything that I could do to repair it myself. Naturally, I found plenty of websites offering a similar (but unofficial) repair service but also several do-it-yourself articles. Well, it seemed a little too technical for me and I had also read that opening the ..." Read review

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Community Level 6lisa8871


Has this service got the X factor?

AdvantagesA very good service

DisadvantagesCan take a while for repair

"Ok lets get something straight before you start reading this, I am not the most technically minded person I have a other half for that! Don't get me wrong I can e-mail and use word and have just learnt how to put my music on my MP3 player! (Go me!) And I remember the start of games consoles, I had an Atari then a Sega and even a Nintendo but I suppose I sort of grew out of them until I had my boys. My other half bought me the original Playstation ..." Read review

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Community Level 2kellface85



AdvantagesFree phone number

DisadvantagesRude, Ignorant, Waste of Time

"...start really.. I purchased some microsoft points yesterday to download the new Call Of Duty : World at War, Map Pack. Got home to put the code on from the pre-paid card, only to find that the code wasn't valid. I tried several times, and eventually gave up, and called the Xbox Live Helpline. Your call is answered by an automated American voiced system, which annoyingly tells you to visit the Xbox.com website several times, and spouts a load of rubbish ..." Read review

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Community Level 1joybolley


Xbox 360 - What a mission.

AdvantagesIts a great gaming device with good graphics and user friendly. It also retails at the right price

DisadvantagesAftersale service is a long procedure and too many parties involved to get the coonsole repaired

"...we would have to call microsoft overseas to receive a reference number then with that reference number xbox would liase with their company in South Africa to get the console rpaired or swopped out. this process could easily take up to 2 or 3 weeks depending on what the problem with the console was. Then it would be sent back to the store and the customer would be called to come and collect there consoles. the process has changed since then. ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Macflame


Xbox 360 Customer Support

AdvantagesExtended warranty.

DisadvantagesPoor support handling, repair lasted a couple of months.

"...I am still waiting for Microsoft to send me, via, email, the shipping labels. Microsoft have offered me a new controller by way of compensation but I will not be rushing out to buy the Elite or any other Microsoft console or games software. Our old original Xbox was an excellent machine and is still running today (it was given to my nephew.). Why oh why did we 'upgrade'. ..." Read review

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XBOX Customer Support

Advantagesfriendly, polite people

Disadvantagesdon't seem to solve problems quickly

"...on to the head of Microsoft Support, to find out exactly what was wrong. This time, I agreed with the , as I personally believed that this would be sorted. I was wrong... it is now April, and the issue has still not been resolved. Give them their due, they did phone me on the day the offer ended, and told me I would have the points within 28 days.... 28 days came and gone, and still no sign of these 500 free points. In this review however, ..." Read review

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Community Level 0stubadub99

Quick review of Microsoft Xbox 360 Customer Support & Repairs

"Absolutely rubbish. Nobody at Micrsoft or UPS knows how to change delivery details. Support is non-existent. Have called support 5 times with no resolution.

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