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Community Level 5Phantom_Wo...


A gaming powerhouse Review with images

AdvantagesArguably the best selection of games of any current console. Great HD graphics.

DisadvantagesHardware may still be somewhat unreliable. Lacks innovations specific to the Wii and PS3.

"...over the subsequent years as Microsoft have been constantly jockeying for position in the market against the competition. The range currently contains the minimal Arcade model, the Pro with a hard drive, and the top of the line Elite, with a bundle of extras. At the heart of the Xbox 360 is a powerful 3.2GHz triple core Xenon processor. This might not mean much to everyone, but it's a serious CPU that was easily the equal of most desktop PCs at ..." Read review

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AdvantagesHD, Wireless Controllers, USBs, Better Exclusives, Video/Music/Photos

DisadvantagesDisc Trey, Build, Noise, Dashboard, Adverts, £40 Live, Arcade Online Only, Wired, no Backwards com

"...and its failings held accountable... ===Birth=== Although Microsoft beat Sony to release their console by almost a whole year, its launch was a mixed bag. 2 versions of consoles being released really messed people about, especially those who had been gifted the console. It was 'Core' or 'Premium' with a difference of £70. In hindsight, £280 for a gaming console seems quite acceptable, but when there is a seemingly just as good version of it available ..." Read review

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Check Out My Great Box

AdvantagesEnjoyable high quality gameplay

DisadvantagesA bit noisy (the fans that is)

"Yet another house move meant that I needed some careful rewarding, the choice of my reward was a toss up between the PS3 or the Xbox 360 Elite. After a bit of careful deliberation and a look at the range of games available the Xbox 360 won the day. I ordered mine from Littlewoods at the rather high price of £299, but at the time of purchase this was the only place that had them in stock, and delivery was the very next day. Now I have no real knowledge ..." Read review

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Community Level 1GADG3T


Xbox 360 Elite

AdvantagesXbox Live, Features, Value for Money.

DisadvantagesLess technically advanced than its rival.

"Having owned all of the recent generation of console I feel I can now make a technical judgement on them. I will compare the Xbox to its direct rival the Playstation 3, this is not a fanboy review, this is a review based on the strengths and weaknesses from a technical perspective. Firstly the graphical capability is superb, just what you would expect from using a 1080p source, however when comparing to its rival the PS3 there are some slight noticeable ..." Read review

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Community Level 2dkhanz


Xbox Rocks!! Review with images

AdvantagesGreat live community,can download games, Great choice of games, rent and download movies

Disadvantagesno blue ray player

"XBOX has very quickly become synonymous with fun and entertainment. In the ever competitive market of gaming consoles it has made its own name and market and most importantly a devoted following. This has translated in a fantastic online service called as XBOX LIVE which brings the online content such as trailers, independent games and downloadable content (DLC) for games in to a single easily navigable place. XBOX boasts a fantastic gaming library ..." Read review

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Xbox 360 elite

AdvantagesLarge hard drive, HD 1080p and HDMI cables

DisadvantagesSmall handheld controller

"...market, and certainly the best Microsoft has to offer. The games run smoothly and you really do have alot of storage space. So if you are after really good console with all the works and price is not an issue, then this would naturally be a good choice. Moreover, I would recommend the subscriptions to enjoy the true potential. But remember, if you don't have 1080p full HD, NOT HD ready or 1080i TV, then you will not necessarily the best this machine ..." Read review

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Community Level 1GeneralTso


The Xbox 360: Great Value

AdvantagesAmazing game library both offline and online, great value and a powerful machine

Disadvantagesno WiFi, horrible system design and failure rate, controller battery annoyance,

"...sending his/her system back to Microsoft just to see it fail again? The failure rate of the system due to its design really brings down its rating. Thankfully the system's innards are being refreshed every year or so but it clearly isn't enough for over 3 years of existence the failure rate is over 50%. tsk tsk System Design Rating: 2/10 b. Controller Design The system may not have the best design in my opinion but the controller is one of the ..." Read review

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Community Level 3simon020187


Best 360 out there?? Review with images

AdvantagesAwesome graphics, Bigger hard drive, Black is better than the white and has a HDMI port

DisadvantagesSame components and looks just the same but a different color!

"...360 Elite was released by Microsoft soon after the Playstation 3 was released by Sony so I'm guessing Microsoft was getting a bit scared that people would go off and buy a Playstation 3 and tried bringing the new Xbox 360 out so everyone would go buy one instead of the Playstation 3 and in my opinion i think the Xbox 360 Elite is the better option. With the previous Xbox 360 selling so many was there any need for the Xbox 360 Elite? well in my opinion ..." Read review

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Community Level 2joerearden


Xbox 360 Elite - It covers all angles!

AdvantagesFaster, Larger Memory, More Games, Fantastic Online System, Looks Stunning

DisadvantagesSlightly noisy when watching a dvd, will asorb you into a long life of gaming.

"...as they are licensed by Microsoft and not some random companies idea put into practice without testing. When you get the box everything is nicely packed in little bags and boxes making it easy to figure out what it all does, the HDMI cable is the best thing in the world not just for the video quality but for the fact it is simply plug one cable in and you are off! The power supply is quite large but as with all power supplies they are hidden away ..." Read review

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Community Level 1handsondave


Xbox Elite is still TOP of the game consoles

AdvantagesWide range of games available

DisadvantagesHeavy Power Supply, Online game lag still and issue especially if you do not live in the US

"...3 rings of death. Thankfully Microsoft agreed to provide a 3 year repair for the 3 rings of death, quite appropriate really. I still agree to buy a 3 year warranty with new consoles because of the amount of use they get and with younger users they do get knocked around a little. When the XBOX 360 elite came out it had had most if not all the initial problems resolved, I can say this now happily as my XBOX is now 20 Months old and I have had no problems ..." Read review

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Community Level 1cricketfan1


Elite System

AdvantagesHuge hard drive

DisadvantagesLarge price!

"Welcome to the mother of all games consoles... the Xbox 360 Elite. With a massive 120Gb harddrive I can store all the videos,demos and game saves that my heart desires. So far I have only filled up 80Gb! The console comes in a sleek black finish and looks great next to my new widescreen TV, everyone notices it when they come round and they always say how nice it looks 'for a games console'. The chrome disk tray really stands out against the ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Abull12321


Xbox 360 Elite, a great piece of gaming hardware

AdvantagesGreat gaming experience, Superb support and features for online play

DisadvantagesVery loud, disk drive makes odd noises when empty, no blu ray

"...was to expect from a Microsoft product. Having previously owned an Xbox 360 premium I was well acquainted with their great customer service and product quality. The Xbox 360 Elite is an amazing piece of gaming hardware and will serve you well running all the latest next-gen games. However it doesn't just play videogames, it houses a whole hub of other media. This includes a Zune movie player, from which you can rent and watch HD movies on demand. ..." Read review

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Silent Brilliance

AdvantagesFast, affordable (compared to competitors), reliable, simply incredible

DisadvantagesMicrosoft felt the need to replace it with a newer model

"I upgraded to the xbox 360 elite just over a year ago and have encountered no problems with it and expect none in the future (eventhough the warranty has expired). It is a brilliant machine and unlike my previous xbox 360 premium it does not sound like a rattly old car when you turn it on or put it through extensive gaming sessions. Most importantly the xbox 360 elite has a massive games catalogue and has the reputation of the 'hardcore gaming machine', ..." Read review

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Community Level 2spidercallum


Just amazing...

AdvantagesGreat Graphics, Full HD, Xbox Live, Marketplace, Achievement Points (Gamerscore), DivX/AVI Playback

DisadvantagesCan't store anything but music on the harddrive

"...instructions, you should be fine! Microsoft know of the matter, and the reason being is because in the original xbox, the design was to compact and they squished too much hardware in to too little space, causing it to overheat quickly and easily. The Elite was a little more thought about, and there haven't been as many reports as there was for the original design back in 2006. The only other problem I can really think off, is not being able to store ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Coops2404


Microsoft Xbox 360 Elite - The User's Review

AdvantagesBrilliant graphics, HDMI Output, Excellent Games Library, Xbox Live

DisadvantagesExpensive Games, Xbox Live Fee, Lack of Blu-Ray, Hardware Errors

"...free, one would think that Microsoft would follow suit ***The Xbox 360 Elite should have really included a Blu-Ray drive like its competitor PS3, instead Microsoft opted for a HD-DVD expansion drive (Which have now become obsolete) ****Any person that reads technology news must have heard about the dreaded "Red lights". This is the one fatal flaw on the Xbox 360 which makes your Xbox unplayable and one must send their Xbox off to Microsoft's ..." Read review

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Microsoft Xbox 360 Elite 120 Gb Matte Black Console (pal)

Microsoft Xbox 360 Elite 120 Gb Matte Black Console (pal)

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Xbox 360 E 250GB Console with Wired Headset
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Microsoft Xbox 360 Elite System

Microsoft Xbox 360 Elite System

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