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Miracle Migrastick

AdvantagesNatural pain relief, it works

DisadvantagesIt stings if you get it in your eye

"I get headaches regularly and I also recently had a couple of months where I was getting frequent migraines. I don't like swallowing tablets so I often look out for alternative remedies. I've been using Migrastick for a couple of years now. ~ What is Migrastick? ~ Migrastick is 100% pure and natural essential oils of Lavender and Peppermint aimed to relieve headaches, migraines, stress and tension. It comes in a small tube (containing 3ml), ..." Read review

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A natural way to ease headaches

AdvantagesA natural product that provides relief from headaches

DisadvantagesIt's not widely available

" Headaches can be draining and debilitating. They can really take it out of you, and make the day a misery. Headaches can be caused from various reasons such as tiredness, stress, lack of sleep or illness. In either case, they can occur frequently and make daily tasks more difficult to complete. The throbbing pain can be hard to cope with, which can leave many reaching for a helping hand to bring some much needed relief. '''What a pain''' I hate ..." Read review

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Pain relief naturally

AdvantagesNatural product

DisadvantagesSome limitations

" If you are looking for a natural means of pain relief from a mild headache then this is a good option that removes the need to take any pharmaceuticals. I have found this to be an effective treatment for mild headaches but I would not rely on it to treat a severe headache, I would still use it but as a supplement to a paracetomol or some other such pain relief medicine. I purchased this from Holland and Barrett and paid somewhere arounf the ..." Read review

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Arkopharma Migrastick 3ml

Arkopharma Migrastick 3ml

Arkopharma Migrastick 3ml

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Arkopharma Migrastick Roll-On 3ml

Arkopharma Migrastick Roll-On 3ml

Roll away headaches and feel refreshedMigrastick is an easy-to-use roll-on remedy for the ... more

relief of headache, migraine, stress and tension.
It is so compact it will fit in your pocket or
handbag so you can banish headaches whenever you
are.Migrastick is 100% natural, containing the
essential oils lavender and peppermint which are
clinically proven to reduce the regularity of
headaches as well as lessening their intensity
once they strike. Simply roll the Migrastick over
your temples, forehead or the back of your neck to
soothe away discomfort. The lavender oil acts as
an analgesic, producing a sedative, relaxing
effect whilst the peppermint increases your
alertness to leave you feeling refreshed.Found to
be effective by 90.55% of patients in clinical
studies conducted by the French Migraine
associationSatisfied Customers"It's amazing to
suddenly realise that I don't have a headache when
I've had one every day for weeks. I find the scent
soothing and I find that if I use some before I go
to bed,I sleep better." - B. Hall

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Arkopharma Migrastick Roll-on 3ml

Arkopharma Migrastick Roll-on 3ml

migrastick is an easy to use roll on remedy for the relief of headache migraine stress and ... more

tension it is so compact it will fit in your
pocket or handbag so you can banish headaches
whenever you are migrastick is 100 natural
containing the essential oils lavender and
peppermint which are clinically proven to reduce
the regularity of headaches as well as lessening
their intensity once they strike simply roll the
migrastick over your temples forehead or the back
of your neck to soothe away discomf

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