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Community Level 6kelr101


Queen of Romance

AdvantagesQuick Romantic Read - Low Price

DisadvantagesSimilar storylines through books

"...many fantasies. My own experience of Mills and Boon stems from my mum’s book collection. During my teenage years, when I was delving into the mystery that is the male species, I was often found to be reading a Mills and Boon story. They offered me a quick escape into the dream of the perfect partner, and gave me hope that one day; a handsome man would sweep me off my feet. *History* In 1908, Gerald Mills and Charles Boon combined forces ..." Read review

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Community Level 4galls


A very quick read

Advantagesquick read

Disadvantagesloads about, so hard to sell on.

"Every month Mills and Boon ,owned by Harlequin publish 29 new titles.The topics include:Modern Romance, Tender Romance,Sensual Romance, Medical Romance and Historical Romance.It works out 6 under each one every month, which is 348 every year!! Each book is aprox 190 pages long.I can read one in about an hour and a half. Second hand book shops will try to buy them off you for about 5 pence, even the latest ones.They say it's because they have loads ..." Read review

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Community Level 2SHELLY78


aww i love a good romance



"...have just recently started reading mills and boon. I had seen my gran read them years ago but i didn't think they were my kind of read. Anyway a few weeks ago my gran gave me a black bin bag full of mills and boon books to hand in to a local jumble sale. i was bored and decided to have a read at one of the books. Needless to say i ended up keeping them all and gave a donation to the jumble sale instead. The core product in the Mills and Boon brand ..." Read review

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Community Level 4KatherineA


Mills & Boon might not be what you think it is

AdvantagesEasy to read and entertaining stories

DisadvantagesToo much choice

"Mills & Boon is a British publisher of short romantic novels, owned by Harlequin, a Canadian publisher, who publish around the world. Recently they have moved into selling "bigger books", with imprints such as MIRA and HQN (launched in the US July 2004) and want to be the foremost publisher of women's fiction worldwide. You might think you know Mills & Boon, but did you know that: 1) Mills & Boon have a UK website where you can see details ..." Read review

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Community Level 1princessem...


Free books

Advantageslighthearted, quick and easy to read

Disadvantages The more experienced reader may want more of a challenge

"Mills and Boon helped me rekindle my passion for books. I used to read a lot as a child, but as I got older the passion gradually disappeared, until I stumbled across an old Mills and Boon book. I got so much enjoyment from reading it that I subscribed to the Mills and Boon website (www.millsandboon.co.uk) and got 2 books free! If you don't wish to continue with your subscription you can just cancel it and you don't need to return the books or pay ..." Read review

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Community Level 1sleyley1


Mills and Boon

AdvantagesThey are easy to slip in your bag, they are great for relaxing with.

DisadvantagesThey can be finished quickly and present no mental challenges.

"...reading. I love reading Mills and Boon books as a way to relax. This means that I do not want to have to think too much about where the plot is going. While doing my A levels and my degree I loved delving into a quick romance to take my mind off of more complex problems such as mathematical equations. Mills and Boon books were what kept me sane and very happy. Especially as they cover such a wide range of topics while keeping the same ideas of romance ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Misash

Quick review of Mills & Boon

"My mum first introduced me to mills and boon as she had over 2000 of them and it got me totally addicted to reading. I used to be able to read one in just under two days they were that good!! Absolutely ideal for teenagers and they come in so many ranges including my personal favourite: historical. They are keeping up with the times by becoming a little more racier but hey, they give us girls something to dream about lol.

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Community Level 1romance_ad...


Mills and Boon my experience

AdvantagesThere is always a happy ending

DisadvantagesThe stories always repeat themselves

"I love these books they bring a meaning to the words happiness and love. You can sit and read them having a warmth inside you that you can only feel when a book truly touches your heart. The historical romance selection is a great pick if you like to use your brain as well as your heart, it selects certain images that can help you picture the scene in your head, you can hear the music and see the characters. There is always a sense of adventure ..." Read review

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