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Community Level 6ciaomeister1


Not Bored Yet!

AdvantagesEasy to play, well thought out

DisadvantagesRules need to be read to children

"...Sainsbury's recently when I saw Monopoly Junior. I remembered playing proper monopoly for hours when I was younger, and so I decided to buy it for him. ~~~ Equipment ~~~ You get a game board, a pack of chance cards, 48 ticket booths, monopoly money, a dice and 4 cars. They box has a tray in it which allows the money to be sorted out. The cars are red, yellow, green and blue, as are the ticket booths. This makes it easy for younger children ..." Read review

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All the fun of the Monopoly fair

AdvantagesQuick to play. Fun. Well designed for children's attention span and developmental levels.


"Do you find regular adult Monopoly tedious and a game just seems to go on and on forever? I do and this is where I find that the junior version is so much more fun to play, as it ends so much quicker. This should be strange as on my box it says that this game is specially designed for ages 5 – 8. Oh well some kids will just never grow up! Rather than the typical London street set up of traditional Monopoly the children’s version has been cleverly ..." Read review

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Community Level 7vinodgm


Who said your too young to play.

AdvantagesFun even for adults, helps kids with addition

DisadvantagesGets boring for some

"A couple of weeks ago I had to buy a present for my 5-year-old nephew. Down I went to Hamleys and after a lot of looking around I picked up “Junior Monopoly”. Just yesterday my nephew came to our place to spend the night and guess what? He bought the “Junior Monopoly” with him and within an hour of his arrival we were already playing it. This is a great game for the kids. It is specially designed for them. Starting ..." Read review

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Community Level 6Simoncook1


A great introduction to rule oriented games

AdvantagesVery simple to play and enjoy; has educational elements

DisadvantagesWill get boring after a few games

"...the concept of 'rules' was Monopoly Junior. As I have spent many wonderful hours around the Monopoly board, enjoying the social and competitive side of the game I was delighted to see my children playing this game and, for the most part, obeying the rules. The game is very simple, removing a lot of the complicated rules that are required for standard Monopoly; these rule changes simplify it significantly and make the ..." Read review

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Community Level 5Tribute


Make Children Board



"...gets bored and leaves. Now Junior Monopoly isn't as bad as its Father. It doesn't take as long to set up, and the games don't drag on for hours and hours like the original. ~Unlike Father, Unlike Son~ Junior Monopoly is a lot better than its adult version, and this is due to some changes in the game. Admittedly you still have to wander around the outskirts of the board, buying property, but this version actually makes it seem interesting. The ..." Read review

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Community Level 4ashmead


At last I'm cured of Monopoly phobia

AdvantagesCovers a wide range of skills in an enjoyable way

DisadvantagesSome games can last an hour......and then your kids want another go.

"...time..... I was beaten at monopoly by an 8 year old I was babysitting for! Years of shame have now been excorcised with the discovery of Junior Monopoly (hellishly hard to type correctly!) I have a 5 year old Monpoly-fiend of a son and this is what we reckon to it: Description ----------- Junior board game designed for ages 5 to 8. (keep small parts away from under 3's) 2-4 players Made by Waddingtons Games, Castle Gate, Oulton, Leeds. LS26 ..." Read review

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Community Level 1PaulBed


teach your kids to be tycoons

AdvantagesGood game for family to play together

DisadvantagesLots of fiddly little bits that can easily get lost

"...game with my sister. Junior Monopoly now allows an even younger audience (5-8 year olds) to learn the joys of being a tycoon. Essentially Junior Monopoly has changed the board from being a rather odd London street map to a fairground map with each of what used to be streets now being fairground rides. It is played in much the same way as the grown up version but the rules have been simplified. for example, once you have brought a fairground ..." Read review

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Great fun for the family

Advantagessimple, easy to play, fun

Disadvantagescan be fun for children but not for adults.

"...other day, and i found monopoly junior. I bought it for her. And when she opened it she imminently wanted to play it so i played with her. ==Packaging== The box the monopoly junior comes in looks fun and shows a bit of the board game. The colors they use make it look interesting, it intrigues you, and sometimes makes you want to buy it. ==Contents== Within the box you get the board, 1 dice, Chance cards(for when you land on a cha`nce square), Money, ..." Read review

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Community Level 1NMOddy


What is Monoploy Junior

AdvantagesSimple, not complicated and fun for people of all ages with things they can relate too. i.e. candy floss stall.

DisadvantagesChildren could get carried away buying things they like and forget about the amount of money they have, leading to bankcrupcy.

"I have played Monopoly Junior several times, the game belongs to my younger brother. I find it very intreguing - a great introduction to the world of finance for children. The board is smaller than a standard 'Monopoly' board, so the games are shorter. It is set out as a funfair where you buy certain rides and stalls. Alltogether this makes it more interesting for a child. Children would much rather play a game which involves buying places at a ..." Read review

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Community Level 1pranksterb...


The one for kids

AdvantagesTo make young kids play normal Monopoly when older

DisadvantagesBoring after 5 times

"Monopoly Junior, it's the younger kids Monopoly! Some things are the same like the GO starting square and the Chance cards but it can be fun to play on a rainy day only (sometimes.) There are some things which are just like in real Monopoly like Old Kent Road £60 in Monopoly Junior Balloon Stand £1 and Mayfair £400 and Loop The Loop £5! Well OK you should have guessed it, Monopoly Junior is a funfair!! But you get £2 pocket money like in Monopoly ..." Read review

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Community Level 1peter87


monopoly Jr



"Monopoly Jr is a rarther good game it is much more simple and the money is easyer to handle, because it is not large amounts like £100's, It's more like £5's and £2's instead, this alows it to be played by all of the family in stead of just they adults. This edition revolves around a theme park rarther than buying London, This also allows it to played by the young ones because more peeople have been to theme parks then London. To make it even more ..." Read review

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Hasbro 36887100 Monopoly Junior

Hasbro 36887100 Monopoly Junior

Monopoly Junior Party by Hasbro.In this children's version of the popular classic game, ... more

players travel from party to party and collect
gifts.This game helps children learn to handle
money, take risks, and to compare cards.The
classic game in a child-fr...

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HASBRO Monopoly Junior Party

HASBRO Monopoly Junior Party

HASBRO Monopoly Junior Party

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Monopoly Junior Dragons

Monopoly Junior Dragons

Manufacturer: Winning Moves

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Hasbro Monopoly Junior

Hasbro Monopoly Junior

Its the first Monopoly game for kids, where they earn money the fun way! This Monopoly ... more

Junior game is just like the classic game, but its
designed for younger players: fast, simple, and
full of surprises. Kids will learn how to pass Go,
buy fun propert...

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