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Music Matters Review with images

AdvantagesFantastic sound quality, stylish

DisadvantagesVery pricey, a little dubious about the advertising, the pause/skip button has some issues

"==Forgot About Dre?== Earphones; they're a necessary evil aren't they? I mean, the wires become tangled, they fall out of your ears and sometimes they don't work full stop, however, where would we be without them? Unless you're a 15 year old chav, listening to music through the speakers of your phone is just socially unacceptable, so a pair of earphones are a bare essential in the 21st century, but with the market flooded with so many different brands ..." Read review

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Bringing the beat down

AdvantagesGreat sound quality, and tangle free cord

DisadvantagesNot worth the expensive price in my eyes

"Now this is a set of earphones that I have wanted for a while. I am a huge fan of Dr Dre as an artist, and I wouldn't go as far as to call him inspirational, but I definitely think he was a prime artist in an era when rap music was at a high quality, compared to these days where u can be lady gaga, Kesha, Justin Bieber etc and be a superstar. Anyways you have come to read about the earphones behind the man and more importantly are they value for money... ..." Read review

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Pricey but Pleasing Review with images

AdvantagesExcellent quality of sound, Tangle-free cable, Prevents outside noise interupting your music,

DisadvantagesCable could be a bit shorter

"...are produced by the company Monster Cable who are a very large and successful company in the music world. They are then endorsed by Dr. Dre, a rapper from Los Angeles in California and has had a large number of hits aswell as working with a large number of other famous artists and even owning his own record label. ===Packaging and accessories=== The earphones were delivered in what I would describe as a wasteful amount of packaging, however the ..." Read review

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Should you believe the hype?

AdvantagesGreat features all round!

DisadvantagesNone so far

"I have bought many pairs of headphones and they kept on breaking to a point where I'd spent hundreds of pounds trying different ones out, I thought it was time to actually buy an expensive product and see how well that works for me. I had to save up and I did not wait until I had broken the previous pair like I usually do, mostly for comparison purposes once I had the headphones. The headphones I have gone through have been brands like Creative, Skullcandy ..." Read review

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Community Level 2pedrodelar...


Dr. Dre... PhD in Music?

AdvantagesDoes not tangle, Great sound

DisadvantagesA lot of user complaints online

"...a black plastic mechanism with MONSTER logo written on them, to 2 ear plugs with black plastic plug, with silver circle containing red 'b' that symbolises 'beats'. How good is it really? This, I cannot answer for sure - from my experience though, from having used a number of different brands of earphones, I can definitely say for sure, these are the best pair I've had. Music certainly sounds different in these, it's like you're in a concert. Of ..." Read review

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Monster Beats BY Dr.dre TOUR Review with images

Advantagesgreat sound, comfortable

Disadvantagesthe price

"Dr. Dre is a WestCoast rapper and a producer as well. He is seen as the founder of G-funk (funk gansta, a form of hip hop), and is seen by many as the best hip-hop producer ever. Dr. Dre was born in Los Angeles under the name Andre Romell Young. I listen to rap music itself occasionally and I think Dr. Dre really becoming one of the best. He doesn’t only produce music but he also sells music accessories. I got the earphones sent home in an ordinary ..." Read review

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Community Level 3theenglish...


Not worth the price tag

AdvantagesGreat sound quality

DisadvantagesPoor bulid quality, very expensive

"Endorsed by Dr Dre as an in ear alternative to the (even more expensive) over the ear headphones, the Dre Beats Studios, these were being given quite a rave review from many of the "experts". I'm a big believer in bad sound kills good music, and so I always do my research on audio products before making a purchase. As I got these when they first came out, there were few user reviews, but many "professional" reviews. The problem with professional reviews ..." Read review

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Community Level 1PerfectNum...


Monster Beats Tour, Well Worth The Price Review with images

AdvantagesTangle free, Good bass, Great sound, Durable

DisadvantagesCan be expensive,

"When I first brought these headphones, I was unimpressed. The Bass was dulled and the sound experience was no where near as good as the SONY headphones I had brought last year. I was all set to return the headphones and write a review online to let others know. However, I took the headphones with me on holiday and after the plane journey the headphones sounded completely different. I had noticed that during the week the clarity of sound started to ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Tomrock101


Dr Dre Monster Beats are just too overpriced, and not worth it.

AdvantagesGreat sound quality, really stylish

DisadvantagesVery overpriced, overpowering bass and not very comfortable.

"Dr Dre Monster Beats, they go for £120. I will start off by saying, they really are not worth £120, I had a pair of £30 skullcandy headphones, and these really aren't much better. They look brilliant, some of the most stylish headphones I've ever seen. But £120 isn't worth it just to look good. These headphones are far too bass heavy. Listening to Metal music, pop music. The bass is really overpowering and causes distortion. Personally, I don't appreciate ..." Read review

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Excellent Performance - Monster beats by Dr.Dre TOUR review

AdvantagesBrilliant Sound Quality, Lightweight, Great fit, Very Stylish

DisadvantagesFall out, Not suitable for sports

"== Monster beats by Dr.Dre TOUR == === My Opinion === In my opinion I would say that these are definitely value for money with the looks and sound quality. When buying these I wasn't too sure as there we're many different reviews on the internet about the TOURS but I went ahead and bought them and they turned up and when unboxing them I was surprised of how good they looked and how clear the music was played. You can really tell the difference with ..." Read review

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Comfortable fit and excellent sound

Advantagesgood sound quality

Disadvantagestangled wires

"I received these headphones as a gift a few months back. Personally I would never pay this much for a set of head phones and was shocked that 'in ear' sets could cost so much. I was pleasantly surprised at how clear the sound was and the fact they excluded most of the outside noise made them perfect for busy comutes. The downside to the headphones is (as with them all) they get so tangled up! I think this is aggravated further ..." Read review

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Community Level 1EpicSuperman


Beats By Dr Dre Tour Headphones By Monster Cable Review

AdvantagesAmazing Sound Quality, Good Design,

DisadvantagesVery Expensive

"I got these earphones as a friend of mine had them and said that the sound quality was amazing. I can't disagree. The sound quality on these earphones is amazing for such tiny things. The bass is fantastic and the volume is very impressive.One of the things that I dont like is the wire design as it is like a rubber band and it doesn't feel right. If you have an iPod or an MP3 Player I would highly recommend these as they make a large difference to ..." Read review

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Community Level 1chrisbromy...


Monster Beats, monster price, monster quality

AdvantagesHigh quality, stylish

DisadvantagesUncomfortable with larger earbuds, high quality audio tracks is a MUST

"After seeing these for sale for a year or two now I've always been sceptical about their quality and value for money (I couldn't justify paying £140 for earphones) but after listening to a few high quality tracks using a friend's pair, I immediately ordered a pair for £139.99 from the official site and haven't regretted it since. I use them daily with my iPhone and couldn't go back to using the inferior quality iPhone standard headphones, and the ..." Read review

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Community Level 1terrorbacon


Beats by Dr. Dre - Tour - great sound and good looking.

Advantagesgreat sound, good looking

Disadvantagestoo expensive

"I have the ones without any buttons on the wires but they are still the same. The sound quality is brilliant and with them in you cannot hear anything around you - if thas what you want. I use them for running, and the little clip that comes with them is great for clipping on to your shirt, but i would use them that much for just general use with friends, it is impossible to listen to them and talk to people at the same time. You could always take ..." Read review

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Community Level 2jamie20112


£110 no way... £40 yes way for Monster Beats BY Dr.dre TOUR Review with images

AdvantagesBest sounding in ear head phones and worth value of these sites

DisadvantagesNot very comfortable some bad reviews on the web sites

"Now to start off with, these are the best in ear headphones I've ever listened to. As the title says though no worth the full re-tail price. The sound has great depth, the look and design are unmatched. However, the way they fit aren't comfortable for everyone because of the long ear pieces and durability the red tape designs mean that none of the connestion breaks but little features like the silver surrounding has a tendency to fall off but again ..." Read review

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