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An extremely aPEELing face mask

AdvantagesWonderful to get some "me" time, leaves skin feeling wonderfully soft and smooth

DisadvantagesNone for me

"...I am reviewing today is Montagne Jeunesse Peel-Off Masque and this review discusses my experience of using it. == A little about the manufacturer, Montagne Jeunesse == Whilst I have seen this product in many supermarkets and chemists for many years I had never heard anything about it so it didn’t particularly appeal to me. After purchasing my mask I decided to read up a little on the company and was pleasantly surprised to learn that they are ..." Read review

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Cool as a CUCUMBER..!

AdvantagesSoftens skin - Pleasant to use - Kind to sensitive skin..

DisadvantagesNone for me!

" == ~ Montagne Jeunesse Cucumber Peel Off Masque ~ == I was delighted to receive a couple of face mask sachets from the well known "Montagne Jeunesse" range from a very good friend of mine a while back, who obviously thought I needed '''a little pampering and TLC..''' how right she was! Delighted with my gift, I decided to try out one of the face masks, namely the "Cucumber Peel Off Masque" the very next day, and this review outlines my experiences ..." Read review

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A little bit of me time

AdvantagesEasy to apply and fantastic results


"...of masks available from the Montagne Jeuness range, but I have to say from around 15 variations on show this one stood out the most to me. They are widely available at supermarkets, boots and superdrug so you should have no problem locating the mask. The mask comes in a small sachet style pack and the idea is to rip this along the lines provided at the corner of the mask. I have to admit after first use I now cut this with scissors as I found that ..." Read review

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Community Level 9LostWitness



AdvantagesCleanses and leaves skins feeling smooth

DisadvantagesBurns, and feels like you're being suffocated

"...desired result. I selected the Montagne Jeunesse Peel-Off Masque because it was one of the few items that advertised stress relieving properties and it was the only brand I recalled reading about here on Ciao (yes – I do read those make-up opinions). The Peel-Off Masque comes in a small, thin, pink sachet that is shaped rather like a rain cloud. The picture on the front of the packet depicts a rather unfortunate looking face, with bright red ..." Read review

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Community Level 5Kelmisty


Picky picky peel

AdvantagesIt peels off, unblocks blackheads and removes dead skin

DisadvantagesIt tingles a bit

"I've been using this product for almost a year, after seeing it in Boots while looking for a sachet of face mask for a night in with my book, chocolate and T.V! So I saw this it only cost me 99p, which is cheaper than buying a tube of face mask which I find that gets clogged up after using it once or twice. The sachet itself in Pink with a picture of a a girl with a blue face mask on with cucumbers and leafs on her eyes. There is also another smaller ..." Read review

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I am two faced!

AdvantagesIt works well!

DisadvantagesMessy to apply and not all that much in the sachet

"...paying about £1.29 for one Montagne Jeunesse face mask (unless it's on offer), and I do purchase one now and again as a treat so when I saw a box of four different ones priced at a pound I grabbed the last one let. How surprised was I though when I went to pay and the sales assistant said 50p please! I do love a bargain I have to admit! This was one mask I haven't tried before so this morning I decided to give it a whirl! My skin at the moment ..." Read review

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Cool as cucumber...not!

AdvantagesFresh clean smell

DisadvantagesI could NOT get it to peel off

"I have a bit of a fascination with these face masques and am steadily working my way through them all... I think I must be developing a keen sense of loyalty to a brand! The latest to try is this cucumber anti stress masque, and boy do I need de stressing at the moment. Again, it cost a mere 99p, so quite a bargain I thought. It's not often I get change from a pound. THE PROMISE… This promises that your face will look and feel fresher, ..." Read review

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Community Level 9Spottydog11


A relaxing masque

AdvantagesCheap, relaxing


"...masks to use is the Montagne Jeunesse Cucumber peel off masque. These can be purchased from Boots for just 99p so they are definitely a bargain when you want a nice bit of pampering. Boots recommend that you use this mask weekly and fortnightly but I don't think I am missing out on any continuing beauty benefits by not using it this frequently so I like to think that it still does just as good the amount of time I use it. This cucumber masque is ..." Read review

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Community Level 3pollybeanuk


Cucumber Peel Vegetate for 15 minutes...literally!

AdvantagesFun! smells fresh, leaves skin feeling cleansed

DisadvantagesOnly anti-stress till you peel it off....

"...you've finished! PRICE & AVAILABILITY Like most Montagne Jeunesse face masks, the Anti-Stress Cucumber peel-off mask is both effective and inexpensive. You can buy these in most Boots or Superdrug shops, and many other more independent pharmacists. Not to mention your local supermarket. They retail for about 99p and boots is doing an offer of 3 for 2 at the moment. You really shouldn't have too much problem finding these. But if you do.... ..." Read review

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Community Level 3tehuti


effective yes, gentle no

Advantagesremoves oil and impurities

Disadvantagesprobably far too drastic for sensitive skin

"The skin on my face has had a distinctly jaded look and feel to it recently, so a product which promises to ease away dry cells, unblock pores and remove impurities to revitalise the skin definitely seemed worth trying. I ran into a problem with the packaging. Green font on a pale blue background made the instructions difficult to read. It might be reasonable to assume that those of use whose faces need revitalising might be old enough to be less ..." Read review

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Anti Stress Face Mask..........

AdvantagesFeels good, leaves skin soft and refreshed

DisadvantagesThere is to much in a pack!

"...that I tried is a Montagne Jeunesse Anti Stress mask. I am sure you have heard of these before and I have used them in the past but not the anti stress one. I guess it jumped out because I had not used it and I was feeling particularly stressed at work! The face mask that I brought was from Superdrug and it cost me just 99p, so if it all went wrong I felt I had not wasted too much money. The masks can be found in many high street shops, I have ..." Read review

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My favourite mask!

Advantageslovely mask to use, leaves my skin feeling noticably softer and smoother, low price

Disadvantagessmells medicated - scent nothing special, feels a bit irritating at first but still my favourite

"I recently bought this Montagne Jeunesse cucumber anti-stress peel-off masque. ~ Packaging ~ The mask comes in a pink sachet with a picture of a lady on the fron with a white face mask and cucumber slices and leaves over her eyes. The packaging has a blue banner saying, ‘for normal, oily and t-zone skin to peel pores deep clean’ in white lettering. ~ Price and availability ~ The mask is available from Superdrug or Boots and costs £1.00, but it ..." Read review

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Superb mask for oily skin Review with images

AdvantagesValue for money, reduces shine, makes skin radiant

DisadvantagesNone for me

"...cheaper alternatives I’ve seen the Montagne Jeunesse range of face masks, with their brightly coloured sachets, in several stores before and have read many positive reviews. I ordered a few masks from the Superdrug online store to spend over the free delivery threshold; at the time they had a “buy 3 get another free” offer on. One of the masks I purchases was the Peel-Off Masque. The mask is designed for normal, oily and T-zone skin, and it is ..." Read review

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Cool as a Cucumber

Advantagesleaves skin looking fresh and feeling smooth, cheap

Disadvantagesstarts to feel a little itchy on the skin after a while

"...youngest sister got me a Montagne Jeunesse face mask, which was a little bit strange as I'd got her one as well! I have tried quite a few from the range, but amazingly she managed to get me one I hadn't already tried, which was the Peel-Off masque. The mask says it is for Normal, Oily and T-Zone skin. To be honest, I'd say my skin is normal-dry although as I mentioned in a recent review of a face powder, I do seem to have a little bit of oiliness ..." Read review

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Montagne Jeunesse Cucumber Peel Off Masque

AdvantagesCheap, leaves skin smooth, bright, clean and refreshed, doesn't irritate skin

DisadvantagesDoesn't peel off all at once, slightly drying

"...a big bundle of the Montagne Jeanesse face masks from eBay and this included a few of the cucumber peel off face masks. I only paid about £3 for the mixed bundle of face masks (about 12) but the retail price for one sachet of this face mask is around £1. There is only enough product for one use in each sachet, so it's not amazingly cheap but it is a lot more affordable than a majority of other brands and it is just as good as the more expensive ones ..." Read review

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