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Boom Boom Hit

Advantagesbright, fun

Disadvantagesno storage

"My daughter is very lucky having her birthday in the summer as she receives lots of outdoor toys and games. Last year one of the presents she received was a set of boom bats and a ball. I had seen these bats around but never actually played with one so I was quite intrigued. At just three years old last summer, she was slightly too young to be completely interested in playing bat and ball of any kind. The motor skills just weren't there. This is ..." Read review

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AdvantagesJack enjoys a game

Disadvantageshorribnle noise

"...unwanted goods with open arms. This Mookie Boom Bat set however was not a great purchase on their behalf and is not a great hit (pun intended) with us. The set costs around £5 I believe from the local toy shop and can often be picked up for around this price and if looking online there are a few bargains to be had with second hand sets and also new ones. There are all sorts of different colour variations but the one we have is a blue and green ..." Read review

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Fun fun fun

AdvantagesWorks a wonder


"...decided to go for these Mookie Boom bats and they have, thus far, been worth every penny. We have even bought a second set so we can join in! We paid £7.99 for these online and took them away on our first camping trip of the summer. In terms of size they are around twice the size of a normal table tennis bat but much lighter. In the pack you get two bats and two balls (handy as kids like loosing balls!). The bats themselves are made out of a tough ..." Read review

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Mookie Boom Bats

AdvantagesAffordable, fun for all ages, you can make your own rules up!

DisadvantagesMaybe not the most stimulating game for adults.

"...to own one of these Mookie Boom Bats sets. The set consisted of a pair of bats for hitting the balls with, and two balls. The balls were different densities and so they made different sounds when they hit the bat. The set only cost around the £5 mark and was very useful for when on holiday at the beach. Me and my sister or dad would mark out a play area - similar to a tennis pitch. We would then either have just a line in the sand or a net to mark ..." Read review

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