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~To Me- To You~

Advantagesgood outdoors game


"==Swingball== For Jacks birthday this year I wanted to steer away from getting him a ton more Lego and inside games. Seeing as his birthday is at the end of June it seemed a far better time than Christmas to get him a lot of games for our new garden. This Swingball was one of a few outdoor games that Jack's Nana bought for him and it is certainly one of his most used games since his birthday. There was a few types of the Swingball to choose ..." Read review

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Swing those Balls Review with images

AdvantagesGood old fashioned fun


"Our old house had a long and narrow garden, which meant that Swingball wasn’t an option for us as it simply wasn’t wide enough, however, we moved in the summer and now have a much larger garden and one of the first things that I did was to purchase a Swingball for my two sons, just because I could and now we play with wild abandon having been restricted for so long! I cannot imagine that there are many people who have never played/heard of Swingball. ..." Read review

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Fun for all with Swingball!

Advantagesgreat fun,

Disadvantagespossible risk of a smack in the face!

"As far back as I can really remember we always seem to have had a swingball set in the family which we used to take with us on our holidays. Over the years it certainly had a great deal of use before the time came when it really was time to throw it out. With the warm weather we have recently been having I decided that I should buy some toys that my daughter could play outside with other than her slide and sand pit. The first thing I thought of was ..." Read review

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Mookie Swingball - classic

Advantageseasy to set up and play, fun for all the family

DisadvantagesNone for me

"...set and we purchased the Mookie Classic Swing-ball set for around the £20.00 mark. I was expecting the set to be a little cheaper as I thought that £20 was a little overpriced for what it was, but we have owned Mookie toys and games before and have always found them to be of a high standard and so purchased it anyway. Within the set you get the swingball pole, the ball on a string and two bats. The initial set up is really simple and you are ready ..." Read review

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Community Level 5tinkerbell...


I Don't See the Interest ...

AdvantagesCan be Played Individually as well as in Pairs

DisadvantagesReally quite Boring & the Pole keep moving out of the Ground

"...why I opted for a Mookie Swingball toy. I bought it online for £19.99 which wasn't exactly what I would call cheap so I expected this toy to be very good quality and I hoped it would grab the attention of the kids when they came over. The toy consists of a long blue pole which you stand in the ground, it then has a string mechanism thingy (I can't think of a better way to describe it) which has a tennis ball attached to the end of it and once ..." Read review

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A classic outdoor game

AdvantagesNot too many parts, Price, quality

Disadvantagesneeds soft ground to play

"About:We had this classic swingball many years ago, it was one of the only games me and my sister played together. We would play it every summer day in, day out. This was until we had the whole garden changed into a patio and were no longer able to use it. The all surface swingball has since been brought out.Set-Up:It is decent to set up if you have grass and soil outside. It was hard for me as a child to set up ..." Read review

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Bish bash fun

AdvantagesEasy to play

DisadvantagesPrefer to have a base

" You can get a basic swingball set on Amazon for £15.97 and it is made by Mookie. Once set up it is 1.6m in height so is ideal for children and adults alioke although this particular model is mainly aimed at children, it is not the sort of design for aduklts who want to smash lumps out of the ball. Included in the set are two plastic bats that are quite chunky and when you hit the ball it has a solid sort of whacking sound to it. It is suitable ..." Read review

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