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Advantagesfun toy

Disadvantagesnone, good quality item

"This was my first skipping rope when I was a young girl and I still have it now, although it lives at my mum's house. It is a really good quality, classic jump rope. As a young girl we used to play with it all the time, singing little jumping rhymes and having fun. Athletes use skipping ropes to train with and especially boxers use them. It is a great cardio work out that that can burn up to 1000 calories and also tones and builds up strength at the ..." Read review

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A skipping rope just like I had when I was little!

Advantagesgets children active, fun

Disadvantageswood becomes damaged easily

"...year I invested in a mookie skipping rope for my son which was much the same design as the one I had many years ago. The skipping rope itself is a white rope with a blue and red pattern going all the way along it. The rope has pale coloured wooden handles which are varnished to give them a shiny look. The skipping rope cost me around four pounds from a local independent toy store but having looked online I can advise that you can pick them up from ..." Read review

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Skipping with Mookie!

AdvantagesAffordable, sturdy design, multiple uses, a good fitness tool

DisadvantagesNot the prettiest rope to look at, quite a long rope for children

"Whilst walking through a shopping store last summer I spotted a wooden skipping rope, not quite what I would usually buy but nonetheless I decided to buy it to fit into my new found exercise plan. The skipping rope cost around £4 in price and this I considered a bargain given the hours of exercise it could potentially give me. ==The Product== This skipping rope is in my opinion quite traditional in construction with wooden ..." Read review

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You get what you pay for

AdvantagesMaintains its shape; initially very good

DisadvantagesFrays and wears over a short time; you get what you pay for

"...though, expect one like this Mookie skipping rope, which has think wooden handles and a real rope. As a man, I found the handles quite small to grip, although they are rather smooth due to the varnished finish. I was worried that as I started to sweat it would get harder to hold on to them, but this wasn't the case at all. The attachment of the handle to the rope is quite flexible and there's plenty of motion, with the connection also allowing the ..." Read review

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Mookie Skipping Rope

AdvantagesCheap, ok as a childrens toy

DisadvantagesNot designed for adults!

"... I got a Mookie skipping rope off Amazon. I didn’t actually have to pay for it as I had a gift voucher but the standard price of these is £3.00 which was half the price of my previous Argos skipping rope so I saved myself a few pennies. I wasn’t sure when I ordered it exactly what size the rope was but presumed it wouldn’t be overly big as it is aimed at children. Although aimed at children, I found I had no problems with ..." Read review

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Keep on Skipping

AdvantagesStrong, great fun, exercise

DisadvantagesToo Long

"My eldest daughter was bought these skips last year a as a present when we had our youngests christening which i thought was rather sweet. I always remember playing with skips when I was little and remember having lots of fun with them and playing games with friends at school with them although they are not allowed to take things to school now. The skips have wooden handles which are shaped to make them comfortable to hold and the top ..." Read review

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Don't get hung up over this rope.

AdvantagesPocket money price, cheap and cheerful kids toy.

DisadvantagesPoor design and cheap materials, easily broken.

"This wooden skipping rope from Mookie is something my sister used to own and play with on a regular basis. I guess girls are more 'into' skipping than boys - I were more interested in ball games and cars! If you were looking for a more modern and better designed skipping rope then you would be looking at paying upwards of £5. As you can buy the Mookie wooden skipping rope for around the £2-3 mark I can see why some people do buy them, although they ..." Read review

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