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A Fresh Choice for you Review with images

AdvantagesGood pay and training provided

DisadvantagesThe discipline procedure

"This review is about my experience working at Morrisons the retail supermarket chain. === About Morrisons === Morrisons is a huge supermarket chain in the UK and was founded in 1899 and it was just the one store which started this amazing chain of events to make Morrisons to near the top of the supermarket chain. In 2004 they obtained the rights to buy Safeway and they managed to buy most of their stores and expand their reputation and currently ..." Read review

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The absolute worst place I've ever worked

AdvantagesYou can make some good friends with colleagues

DisadvantagesEverything else

"Iím writing this review having just given my notice after a particularly bad day in what is the worst place I have ever had the misfortune to work. Iíve previously worked at both Asda and Tesco, as well as many other smaller retailers over the years, all of which I left due to changes in circumstances rather than anything related to the job. Iíve always enjoyed working in retail, whichever aspect I was involved in at the time, but after 2 and a half ..." Read review

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Morrisons my life in their hands

Advantagesgood pay, pension scheme, staff discount, training

Disadvantageslong hours, very demanding

"I worked for Wm Morrison Supermarkets for 14 years (leaving in December 2002). I started as a enthusiastic deli assistant and ended as a disillusioned Department manager. this piece is quite long i know but i think all of it is relevant if you want to know about this company. for a quick summary go to to last paragraph. I started working for the company way back in 1989, At the time Morrisons were a relatively unknown company with less than 50 ..." Read review

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Casual job you can leave at the door, but not without its hassle

AdvantagesGood casual work for students, 2 store discount cards, above minimum wage.

DisadvantagesUnappreciated as a staff member, Disorganised, Lazy Colleagues.

"I have worked for morrisons for the past four years as a part-time checkout assistant in one of their Sheffield stores. While they have benefits, like any large company can offer, such as a discount card and paid holiday leave, they are little compensation in regard to the actual working conditions. I have been unfortunate enough to have had to go on sick leave during my time with morrisons and I have to say the utter contempt you are treated with ..." Read review

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The hell of Morrisons

AdvantagesEasy to get a job, anyone can work there.

DisadvantagesAnyone can work there, looks bad on CV after a while, management, pay, company policies.....

"Well, to start, I am currently an unwilling prisoner of a Morrisons store in the Salford area of Manchester. I took the job on out of desperation, and also because I wrongly thought that with my pretty decent academic, vocational and professional qualifications, something would turn up soon. I was wrong. To anyone thinking of getting a job there, for whatever reason, bear one thing in mind. Once the word Morrison's sullies your CV, no excuse will ..." Read review

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There are worse jobs....but not that many.

AdvantagesFlexible hours

DisadvantagesRude/obnoxious customers. No respect from managers. Poor wages. No prospects.

"I've worked at Morrisons on and off for about 7 years. I've worked on various different departments (Fresh, Grocery, Nights, Petrol) and at 3 different stores. The main issue I have with working there is the customers. Some are polite, nice, respectful. But many more are rude, obnoxious, arrogant and show you absolutely no respect whatsoever. They won't say please, or excuse me, or thank you. Even if you go out of your way to help them. They ..." Read review

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Morrisons the store with more?

AdvantagesGood stores

DisadvantagesSometimes they are understaffed

"Morrisons. If the first thing you will notice about all Morrisons stores is that they seem to be based on a typical street scene, then you are perfectly correct. The layout of each store is based on a late 19th century street market, as you would have seen in any 19th century market town. The reason behind this is that William Morrison the original founder of the store started out with a small street barrow in a street market in Bradford, his home ..." Read review

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Checkouts at Morrisons

AdvantagesOk-ish pay

DisadvantagesAll the rest

"I started working on the checkouts in morrisons a few months ago, and at first i quite liked it. The induction day was so long I can't remember most of it. I was scheduled for a lot of training in my first few weeks and although it seemed like a lot, the first time that I actually learnt how to use a till was when I was actually serving customers. Everything was fine apart from a few minor problems. For one, I'm 17 so have to ask someone over ..." Read review

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Morrisons Supermarket

AdvantagesExcellent customer service; lovely staff; good benefits; and great products

DisadvantagesSick day management and rough customers (lack of security)

"I decided to write a review in response to this one: http://www.ciao.co.uk/Comments-on-Review__Morrison_WM_Supermarkets_55 59754 And also because of the comments concerning it. The training at Morrison's is excellent, very good quality with plenty of follow up. I started work in a Morrison's store in February this year and in response to Gemimz69's comment about the induction... mine took place over 2 days!!! From 9 till 5 on Saturday and 9 ..." Read review

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Working for Morrisons

AdvantagesYou get money

DisadvantagesWhere do I start?

"They are actually a terrible business to work for. I've worked with them for over a year and i've had nothing but hassel! I work at the Pendeford Branch in Wolverhampton. Why?: You only get 15 minutes break if you do under 6 hours but over 4 and at my store they time us and tell us off if we're slightly late! By the time you've eaten half your lunch your break is over and you're left with indigestion trying to run down back to the shop floor. Also, ..." Read review

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Never work here.

AdvantagesDecent ish pay

DisadvantagesSo so so many

"I am a student and I work part time in Morrisonís. I cannot say enough how much I dread going into work and how much I hate doing the job. Itís not just the rude customers either. Some of the supervisors there seem to think that they can talk to you like s**t, even in front of the customers. There are one or two nice ones but I know that many of my colleagues have complained about the rudeness of some individuals and nothing has been done. The management ..." Read review

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good experience until you become a manager

Advantagesyou will make lots of interesting people

Disadvantageslong hours, treated like dirt, bad atmosphere, the managers

"i have worked at morrisons for 8 years and i have had a great time, met a lot of new people and i have learnt a lot about how shops work. When i decided to progress, however, this all changed. i became the produce supervisor and everything was going fine for over a year, and when my old manager stepped down i went for manager. As soon as i stepped up the senior team treat you like DIRT. Not letting you go when you have done 11+ hour shifts, having ..." Read review

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Community Level 1GwendolynFae


A few more reasons not to work at Morrisons

AdvantagesHardly any


"Morrisons is certainly not an 8/10 in my eyes. I got called for an interview at my local Morrisons and the next day I was contacted to go to an induction day but I couldn't make the arranged date. There was one the week after to which I'd said I'd go to. During the 2 week period up to the induction day I got a letter from Morrisons saying I'd failed the interview despite the phone call. Turned out they'd given my job over to someone else in the ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Topi


The Morrisons JOB!

Advantagesyou don't need an experience.

Disadvantagesnot a friendly atmosphere

"...Morrison,father of current chairman, Ken Morrison, founded the company in 1899. In the 1960s, Morrisons was at the forefront of supermarket development, opening is first store, "Victoria", in Bradford in 1961. In 1967, Morrisons became a public company and was more than 174 times over-subscribed as over 80,000 investors tried to purchase shares. There are 126 Morrisons supermarkets in England. 109 sites have petrol filling stations and 113 stores ..." Read review

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Working at Morrisons Supermarket as an employee.

AdvantagesUsual Supermarket Job Benefits

DisadvantagesRun like an army boot camp, but lacking resources.

"I had worked at supermarkets before and always found them to be reasonable jobs. This all changed when i got a job at Morrisons in Paisley , Falside road, Scotland. Good points of being an employee at Morrisons were adequate training and a staff canteen which was subsidised. Bad Points of being an employee at Morrisons were numerous. We did not get proper rest periods inbetween shifts. They would have us working till ten pm at night and back ..." Read review

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