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Community Level 2garageroom


`My cat` ..... by my cat

AdvantagesCheap, soft and my cat eats it all

Disadvantagesunappealing packaging

"...was `My Cat` sachets from Morrisons supermarket. The box was, well , rather unappealing. Blue and white with a rather too clean cat with its nose in the air and tail at an absurd angle on the front. Why dont they ask me to model ?? I would even try to get the lumps out of my long fur !!! Inside are 12 x 100g packs of food - 6 of chicken and turkey in jelly and 6 of slamon and tuna. I would like more choice ideally but as long as they get rotated every ..." Read review

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Community Level 4mum52


'My cat' loves it.

Advantagesshe eats the lot, economically priced

Disadvantagesnone that I've found

"...priced cat food and spotted Morrisons own brand "My Cat" multipacks tucked away on the bottom supermarket shelf, beneath the more expensive brands. There were special, flashed packs, priced at £1.89 for six big (400g) tins instead of its usual £1.99. Individual tins were also available, but worked out a lot more expensive. There were several packs to choose from, but for our tabby it had to be 'in jelly'. Our ex-wild, ex-rescue cat just won't ..." Read review

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Feed Your Cat My Cat!!

Advantagescheap, cheape rin multipacks

Disadvantagessmells foul!!

"...yellow very clearly by the morrisons logo and the My Cat logo. The lid has a ring pull for easiness too ! The meat is described as Fine cuts in jelly. The tin size is the average 400g. The recommended feeding of this size tin is half to one full tin daily depending on the size and activity of your cat.Obviously each cat has its own eating habits so dont take my word as gospel! So the food!.... the tin I have in front of me is Salmon and Tuna! ..." Read review

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At last something to tempt my fussy pussy

AdvantagesMy extremely fussy cat likes it, cheap

DisadvantagesThe nearest morrisons is about 6 miles away

"... On a shopping trip to Morrisons I noticed that they had their own brand of cat food and that we hadn't yet tried her on it, so it was worth a try and at 39p a can, or £1.89 for a 6 pack of 3 different tempting fishy flavours if she decided she liked it it wasn't going to break the bank. There is a meaty selection pack and fishy one, I opted for the fishy one as the flavours sounded quite tempting even to me a mere human! In the multi pack you get ..." Read review

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Christmas with My Cat

AdvantagesGood quality food that the cats enjoy

DisadvantagesNone left over for the dog!

"...read several good reports of Morrisons My Cat cat food before I actually bought any. We cat lovers all know just how finicky they can be and I am sure a lot of people share my dislike of waste and prefer to buy the tried and tested versions. I took the plunge one day and bought a single tin just to see what the reaction would be. I have to admit that it was very favourable so more tins followed. Morrisons have a very good variety of flavours and ..." Read review

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Community Level 1vawolfenden


Morrisons My Cat Complete Dry Food


DisadvantagesMy cats did not like it at all

"As we are on a tight budget at the moment, I decided to try My Cat Complete Dry Food. I have bought supermarket brand cat food before and they enjoyed it. I use a gravity feeder and waited until it was empty before filling it up. The next morning the feeder was in the middle of the kitchen floor and most of the biscuits had been emptied over the floor. I thought someone had kicked it by accident. This happened again the next morning, to my dismay ..." Read review

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Community Level 1charlotter...


My Cat food,

AdvantagesGood Value, cats actually eat it

DisadvantagesNone that I can think of!

"I have 2 very fussy cats, I have tried many different cat foods and this is actually their favourite! You know the advert "8 out of 10 cats prefer whiskers"? Well I have the 2 that dont! My Cat cat food comes in singles, packs of 6, packs of 12 and packs of 24. And for when they deserve a treat they get the My Cat pouches which they absolutely love! Unfortunatley if I do get the pouches they do tend to eat a whole box of 12 in a day so usually we ..." Read review

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Community Level 2whisp


Good but cheap

AdvantagesFair price

DisadvantagesOnly available in chicken flavour

"Morrisons My Cat chunks in jelly is an own brand of Morrisons. The cat meat stands out on the shelf as the label is a bright red colour. Until recently you have been able to buy it in two flavours but they seem to have discontinued the tuna flavour which seems to be a shame, so can only be bought in chicken flavour. For 29 pence you expect to find a cheap looking product, but upon opening the tin it is a pleasant surprise, real chunks of meat in ..." Read review

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Community Level 0pyjamadrama





"WHY you should have to talk a load of rubbish rather than just state the succinct FACTS of a simple situation is beyond me... I reviewed, that's REVIEWED rather than ranted at MYCAT catfood in which some months ago I found churned bits of PLASTIC mixed into the food, a positive DEATH HAZARD for my poor cats. Er, take these things seriously folks, this was carcase wrapping which found it's way into DIFFERENT VARIETIES *bought a month apart*. That's ..." Read review

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