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AdvantagesWonderfully realised world, imaginative, scary and amusing -- often both at once

DisadvantagesThe past/present tense mixture doesn't quite feel right

"== Introduction == Having recently finished a substantial series of fantasy books ostensibly for older children written by one Philip (Pullman) I found myself starting on something very similar written by another Philip (Reeve). While _His Dark Materials_ is a trilogy, this one is a quartet (which name is used in preference to "tetralogy" by Reeve). Having finished the first book in the series, _Mortal Engines_, I think I've made a pretty good choice, ..." Read review

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Community Level 4natalka57


Cities on wheels

Advantages original, complex plot, fast paced story

Disadvantages sometimes a little childish, too many dead parents

"...published. Waterstones are currently selling Mortal Engines at 99p, which is a bargain, although if their plan is to hook you on the series so you go back and buy the next three, it's a very good plan! I'll be picking up the second instalment just as soon as I can get to a bookshop. ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Adziu


Inventive steampunk in a nostalgic style

AdvantagesBrisk, exhillarating and slightly anarchic

DisadvantagesA slightly uneven tone

"...North Sea. In the world of Mortal Engines, cities and towns have mobilised, fixing immense engines and wheels to their bases and surviving by ‘eating’ smaller settlements. Even if the Earth IS now inhabitable, no-one can stop, for fear of being scooped up by a city and enslaved – except the anti-traction league, safe behind the supposedly impregnable shield wall. This isn’t the first time a city in motion has been seen. One thinks of the flying ..." Read review

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Community Level 2JcMullaney


Mortal Engines is Mortally Brilliant


DisadvantagesYou will buy the sequels.

"[Backround Info] Mortal Engines was written by Phillip Reeve, released in 2001, and finally published by Scholastic. It’s the first instalment in ‘The Hungry City Chronicles’ series. It’s won a Smarties Gold. award and was shortlisted for a Whitebread award. Mortal Engines is set after a nuclear war called the “Sixty Minute War” which caused massive damage to the Earth’s land resulting in humans to mobilise cities and devour eachother to survive. ..." Read review

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