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Great for Breast Milk and Homemade Baby Food

Advantagesthermostat control, safe to reheat breastmilk in, can warm food too, takes wide necked bottles

Disadvantagesonly available through Mothercare

"...the perfect temperature. Easy peasy. The Mothercare bottle warmer is great as it offers good value for money. It accepts both regular and wide necked bottles, which means that those oh so convenient disposable bottles from the Avent pumping system fit. It also is the right size for heating up pots of baby food, or taking a weaning bowl (we have the Winnie the Pooh one) and placing it over the water to warm up the serving. I really appreciate this ..." Read review

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Community Level 2elston


The long way to warm a bottle!

AdvantagesUseful if you have no other methods of heating

DisadvantagesFar too slow

"As a first time parent I bought the shop!! Thinking that you need everything I bought one, especially when these were recommended by the mid wife. It was said to be a safe and easy way to warm food and milk. I was specifically told not to use a microwave as it can unevenly heat the milk and will have hot spots, which can burn your babies tongue. I found the product to be too slow, my baby would cry himself to sleep before he had any chance of getting ..." Read review

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Community Level 1phillipstait


your better off using your microwave

Advantageshandy for traveling

Disadvantagesno real need for it

"As a new mother I bought every gimmic under the sun and I have to say that I used very little of them. I purchased the bottle warming with the intention of using it for the nightime feed and for heating up baby food. In reality I did neither. As i was using SMA milk I found that the powder mixed best with warm water anyway and if the milk was cold i just zapped it in the microwave which was much easier than having to get the warmer out and put the ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Zaloa


What for?


Disadvantageswaste of money

"...bought the bottle heater from mothercare thinking that it would be faster to warm up the bottles or jars, soon to realize that I made a huge mistake. To be honest it takes shorter to boil some water, put the water in a container and warm the bottle this way. At night time as well it was better to leave some water boiled in a thermos and use this to warm the bottle, again it takes less time and less headaches listening your baby screaming. I wouldn't ..." Read review

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