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Community Level 6emilyo


Give me one good reason why not to buy these!

AdvantagesCould safe a life, hides an ugly feature, very affordable

DisadvantagesNone - everyone should use these

"...as straws, pens etc. The Mothercare socket covers come in a pack of 12 for just £3.99. What a bargain for something that could safe a life, covers an ugly feature and lasts a lifetime. They are white plastic socket shaped covers which easily fit into a standard 13amp electrical socket. They are shaped just like a normal plug but they are plastic. It doesn’t do the plastic sockets any harm if the switched is turned on by accident, however when you ..." Read review

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Keep them Safe!



"MOTHERCARE SOCKET COVERS In a world where more electrical goods are making our lives more comfortable and enjoyable, there are also more dangers for young children. Small changes to your homes can save accidents which could have devastating affects. Parents often remember to make small changes such as making sure children can't grab dangerous items such as irons, knives, cleaning products of high surfaces, but many people miss the problem at floor ..." Read review

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Community Level 4reddanni


No shocks to the system.

AdvantagesPiece of mind.

DisadvantagesA slight pain having to take them out.

"...get and I always find Mothercare to be one of best so I wouldn't actually trust a very cheap brand. All in all very pleased and would be happy to recommend to anyone ..." Read review

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Put a socket cover in it

AdvantagesEssential for safety in the home

DisadvantagesCan be hard to remove

"...up a set of these Mothercare socket covers for £3.99 for a pack of 12, to cover up all the unused sockets in our house, and I soon found there were more than I'd realised before. The socket covers are hexagonal chunks of white plastic with 3 pins on the end, so they will fit into standard UK sockets including extension lead sockets. The sockets do not stand out particularly to me, but they do to little ones because, well, doesn't everything?! I ..." Read review

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Community Level 6JeffFromPo...


Socket Covers bypass safety features - Avoid at all costs Review with images


DisadvantagesRisk of death, waste of money, pointless.

"For many years the manufacturers of these socket covers have been scaring gullible parents and even professional carers into buying what is basically a worthless and even potentially dangerous product. You see them in church halls, play groups, homes, anywhere that children might be and people are lulled into a false sense of security, thinking that they are doing their best for their child's safety. It may come as a shock to many that they are ..." Read review

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"Electric Relaxation"

Advantagesgood must have item


"...all covered up with these Mothercare socket covers makes it impossible for him to do so anyway! We have tons of plug sockets in our flat and these are all a lot higher up than older build properties. I think because our flat was built more disabled friendly the light switches are lower and these plug sockets are higher making it more accessible for anyone in a wheelchair but also far easier for little fingers to investigate. The fact that you get ..." Read review

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Mothercare Socket Covers: Because little fingers will go anywhere

AdvantagesToddler proof. Extra protection for toddlers. Inexpensive.

DisadvantagesHard to get out.

"...a pack of 12 from Mothercare for £3.99 and they've lasted me a year so far. I've lost a couple here and there when I've removed them from the sockets and they've gone into that deep dark hole in my house that so many things seem to disappear into - but they're cheap and so when I've had to purchase extra ones I have. I would recommend for anyone with toddlers. Its true that some people say they are a waste of money because electrocution would only ..." Read review

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Community Level 9Spottydog11


Mothercare socket covers

AdvantagesKeeps sockets safe

DisadvantagesDo we really need them??!!

"Once your little baby starts to become mobile thats really where the fun starts and the house becomes an amazing playground of adventure that they love exploring. The trouble for us is that there's lots of things around the house that need modifying if I want to let my little boy loose. Its quite a funny situation for me because although my little girl was curious she never really touched ornaments we had on display or never played in the fireplace ..." Read review

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A small tool for peace of mind at home!

Advantageseasy to use, fit in well, safe product

Disadvantagesbit fiddly to remove in a hurry with long nails

"...at home in the future. Mothercare is a brilliant local shop for me to pick up childcare products and so years ago when my daughter was at the crawling stage, we picked up some of these socket covers and they have been brilliant ever since! The socket covers are made of simple white plastic, and with slots which fit into a UK three pin sockets. This is to protect little ones from sticking their curious fingers in the sockets and getting into mischief! ..." Read review

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Shockingly good

AdvantagesCheap and easy to fit


"Baby proofing the house is an essential thing to do once they start to crawl and walk about and the natural inquisitiveness of a baby could also put them at risk. You get 12 socket covers in a pack and they cost £6.99 so they are nice and affordable. They are white in colour so they match the colour of our plug sockets. They are a nice simple design, they fit easily into the plug socket without the need for any tools, they fit nice and flush to the ..." Read review

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Help keep your child safe from the dangers of electricity.

AdvantagesCheap, 12 in a pack, blend in with my sisters plug sockets.


"...socket covers are available from Mothercare for £4.99 and these are available online or in store. The covers are just white plastic covers which go in to 13 amp plug sockets and help to prevent little fingers from inserting their fingers in to a plug socket and giving themselves a potentially fatal electric shock. They are very easy to use and you little just plug them in, in the same way that you would a standard plug and to remove them may take ..." Read review

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