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Community Level 1RaymondWar...


Spine Tingling Breath Taking Motorola Droid X2

AdvantagesVirtual Keyboard, Swype, 8.0 mp HD video camera

DisadvantagesNo frontside camera. If not charge properly battery life will suffer

"...Personally I was never into Motorola phones. The Droid X though was like something very fascinating to me, with its enormous 4.3 touchscreen, 8 mp hd video camera, virtual keyboard and loads of storage; the droidx was a life saver in everyday daily tasks. One of my favorite features on the phone is SWYPE, which allows you to text faster than you ever had before. The only, only downside about this phone is that there is no frontside camera which is ..." Read review

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Community Level 1ornjfreek


Droid gives iPhone a run for its money

Advantageseasy to use, nice user interface, great app management, physical keyboard


"I have had my Motorola Droid for about a year now and I am completely satisfied. It has lived up to all of my expectations. I have also dealt with iPhones and I own an iPod touch. I still prefer my Droid. The iPhone may have many more apps available, but most of them are redundant (eg. the Apple app store had 100 calculators while the Android Market only has 15). The main difference is the overall user interface. I find the Droid much easier to operate. ..." Read review

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Community Level 1JCook922


Droid does? Well, it does pretty well.

AdvantagesOpen Source, so you find a wide variety of applications, and can make your own.

DisadvantagesLots of garbage apps so you sort of have to dig for the good ones.

"...yourself short by buying the Motorola Droid in the place of an iPhone. ..." Read review

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Community Level 1smileyk93


I'm a Droid girl, all the way.

AdvantagesIt's very durable! Mine has had water damage more than once and still works good.

DisadvantagesThe sliding key board is hard to move and almost feels like youre breaking it, even though youre not

"I really like my Droid, it has stuck by my side, (actually behind me, because I keep it in my back pocket.. but that's beside the point), through thick and thin.When I first got it I was worried because after having an Ipod Touch for so long, I was worried the change would be very difficult for me, but to my surprise it wasn't at all and I prefer the Droid! It's so reliable, it's even had some serious water damage, where I dropped it in ..." Read review

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Durability but Malfunctioning of Motorola Droid

AdvantagesSize, Easy use, Durability

DisadvantagesTouchscreen doesn't work when damp, Size, No silent

"I bought the Motorola Droid for $250 and was nervous if it was worth the money. After two years of use, the phone started malfunctioning with the touchscreen feature. It would send "ghost" texts and randomly call people or search nonsense on the internet. Although this phone started to malfunction, it was indeed after 2 years of intense use by a teenager. To combat this, I simply used the keyboard feature instead of the touchscreen. It withstood multiple ..." Read review

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Community Level 1gramborm


A typical Motorola Droid made fantastic with keyboard

AdvantagesFull-sized keyboard, android OS, durable outer shell, fixed buttons, speakphone

DisadvantagesBattery life, if you do not update daily software glitches occur, need a screen protector

"...using the calendar. Although to Motorola Droid feels a bit awkward when you pull out the keyboard, feeling weighty on the screen, it has yet to break or bend in the past 5 months of excessive use which is more than I can say from past phones with keyboards. It has great sound, never dropped a call, and my friends are all pretty jealous of how cool this phone is. Pros: A full-sized awesome keyboard, great Droid system, durable outer shell, and ..." Read review

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Motorola Droid

AdvantagesCustomizable, loads videos quickly, has flash, does not break easy; very durable, easy to use.

DisadvantagesVery buggy, battery does not last long, screen is blurry, games are slow, fps is slow.

"In my personal experience, this was not a good device. While in the specific criteria, it didn't rank too badly, I did have lots of problems with it. It worked great for the first three months or so, but after it began malfunctioning rather badly. It began to restart multiple times every day, to the point where I was so frustrated with it that I just began to stop using it. It restarted up to seven times one day. In addition, it began to force close ..." Read review

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Community Level 1hawkeyes1847


Motorola Droid Razr (2012)

AdvantagesSleek and Lightweight

DisadvantagesSeems to freeze on occasion as well as a short battery life.

"The Droid Razr is a sleek new style of phone that offers many different advantages such as surfing the web, texting, Google Play apps, along with many other phone features. It is very well designed and durable. I have not had hardly any problems with this phone and really have enjoyed it thus far. One area it could improve on is the audio port. I have heard and experienced that this phone has a slight hardware issue in which the audio port becomes ..." Read review

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