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Community Level 2dancelikea...


A Tale of Two Phones Review with images

AdvantagesGreat design

DisadvantagesDifficult to use

"...had decided I wanted the Motorola Z8. I hate Motorolas as a general rule - I find them quite clunky and hard to use but I had tried a Z8 out and decided I quite liked the feel of it. I was sold on the HD screen, the fact it will play a full length film (not that I often have occasion to watch a film on my phone but you don't think of these things when you buy one). It seemed pretty easy to use with a decent sized memory but most of all I liked the ..." Read review

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Community Level 5mentalmick...


Nothing but hassle

AdvantagesNice phone, Nice bright Colours... Good memory

DisadvantagesTrouble, Hassle.

"...and i came across the Motorola Z8. it looked good, it sounded good and aparantly it was meant to be good..... little did i know how much trouble i would have with this phone. When i recieved the phone... you get it packaged in a nice big box with a photo of the film you revieve on the memory card, the bourne identity, on the front. I could sit here and tell you all about what you get with it, the memory card, tell you about how pretty it looks... ..." Read review

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Community Level 2DireWolf247


Complex yet stylish

AdvantagesSleek design, great movie playback, great sound quality

DisadvantagesNot brilliant battery life, Very complex - hard to pick up and use,

"Motorola make a nice phone?!! Yes its true, this phone is fairly good, it has all the features of a modern day phone and more. Well first of all the standard functions: they are very good, the mp3 player is very good and the quality of the sound is fantastic, i compared it to my Sony Erricson w850i and i prefered the Motorola Z8. As for the other features they are pretty much the same. Except from the curving slide design which works suprisingly ..." Read review

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Community Level 2buddytheelf


HD TV, GAMING.....and now PHONING. Whatever next?

AdvantagesEverything you could want from a phone

Disadvantagesa bit exspensive

"This tasty little number has been brought to you from those wonderful people at Motorola.This really is a great little phone,it's sleek ,stylish, and sexy. Oh yeah and very high tech as well.The Z8 has all the right curves. One of which being the one that curves lovingly around your check and done towards your mouth.Its the first phone that I have ever used that I feel comfortable holding in my hand and talking into.The Z8 comes equipped with a nice ..." Read review

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My honest opinon

Advantagesgood picture quality

Disadvantagesmy whole reveiw is negative realy

"I got this phone with o2 over a pay monthly scheme. I pay £35 a month and this came with the phone for free as well as a free bluetooth headset. It came with the film The Bourne Identity on a 512mb mini SD card. The phone is stlish and has a bend in it to cause ease with talking on the phone and has 16million colours, a 2 megapixl camera with an 8 times zoom. To be quite honest however i wish i'd never bothered with this phone. It has caused nothing ..." Read review

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Community Level 1gemmalou86


Motorola really are not worth the bother

AdvantagesThe look good

DisadvantagesBut never work more than 5 minutes

"...a big fan of Motorola phones, due to having a lot of problems with the black razor. I was looking for a Nokia mobile telephone when I noticed the sleek Z8. After careful consideration, I order my Motorola Z8 online and opted for a 18 month contact with 02, this was last November. I had the phone proberly less than a month before the screen went wrong, for example I would try to make a call and the screen woulnd turn purple/ red/ black and then ..." Read review

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Community Level 1fantabell


The future of mobile phones

AdvantagesGreat camera, amazings speakers, bent shape for fitting of face.

DisadvantagesKeys are tough, changing settings can be confusing

"I got this phone as part of a contract deal, and was shocked with the amount of features there are with the phone, which include: Camera, 2mega pixles, may not seem alot, but does produce high quality pictures with camcorder mode! Sky: you can watch sky tv on your phone, so if you have a sky box at home just simply type in your user name and password and watch tv. Moviclip: watch movies on the phone Media centre: Easy way to keep your meida files ..." Read review

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Community Level 1disaster_3

Quick review of Motorola RIZR Z8

"I feel there is alot of good thing about this phone it has a good camera a good memory statistic and is a very stlysih phone, BUT for me this phone has jammed atleast 4 times in the space of under a week i have had numerous problems locating thing and more prblems witht eh accesories it comes with, although i did get it for a good price if you are going to spend a lot on this phone my advice is DONT

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Community Level 2dibber_dai...

Quick review of Motorola RIZR Z8

"great phone no quibbles, definately an improvement from the razors and slvrs as now people can hear you better as it curves round your face. Great quality image from the screen, camera, and video. also just personally a great design.

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Community Level 1xhini

Quick review of Motorola RIZR Z8

"The phone is a 3G Smartphone which comes with HSDPA with Symbian software. The HSDPA provides the user with 3.6 Mbps which allows the user to enjoy high quality mobile broadband service on their handset. The Symbian operating system is 9.2 series which comes with series 60 software version 3.1. The Motorola RIZR Z8 comes with built in EDGE technology which provides high speed downloads & data transfers. The phone comes with Bluetooth® technology which provides a wirefree connection between Bluetooth® compatible devices including the users PC, laptop, PDA & printer. The user can download games & applications over the air. The phone comes with a WAP XHTML browser which allows the user to enjoy a real Internet experience on their RIZR Z8. The handset is compact .The RIZR Z8 comes with a fitted rechargeable battery which will provide up to 5 hours of 3G talk time & up to 16 days of standby battery time.

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Community Level 2Mr.Freeman


The Bourne Identity Motorola Z8 Edition

AdvantagesAmazing phone, long battery life, smooth movie graphics

DisadvantagesCan become faulty if used vigorously and the slide mechanism can become scratched

"After browsing through catalogues of mobile phones and accessories, my eyes instantly fell upon the sleek design of the Z8. Unlike all conventional mobile phones, this phone has a 'slide and bend' feature which enables a more comfortable firt around the user's head. It also has a crystal clear interface screen which shows images and movies in high resolution. The Bourne Identity edition not only includes the phone but comes with the surreal S9 headphones ..." Read review

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Community Level 1concon


Motorola RIZR Z8

AdvantagesLoads of state of the art features!

DisadvantagesTakes a bit of getting used to.

"I got this phone a few days ago and was drawn to the fact that it also plays movies in HD as well as music. The casing is sturdy, but a little awkward to open at first, till you get used to it.(I kept knocking the battery cover off by accident). The camera quality is exceptional and when you watch a movie, the picture quality is 'top notch'. I will be able to watch sky tv on it when it becomes available but due to the newness of this product its ..." Read review

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Community Level 1creepie666


Motorola MOTORIZR Z8 Mobile Phone

Advantageseasy to use original


"The Motorola MOTORIZR Z8 Mobile Phone is a fone that takes a bit of getting uset to but is a very good phone when you can use it. expandable memory so you can save all the music videos and photos you want. styleish slide design that slides to mould with around your face when you talk. nice green and black colouring which is a change from the normal plain black or silver.battary is good and can be used with the wireless headphones. screen is a good ..." Read review

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