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Community Level 5Luigi


Sleek, Silver and Very Light

AdvantagesVery light, beautiful display w/ Indiglo and Tri-Band

DisadvantagesOnly 399 phone memories and shorter talktime.

"I bought the Motorola Ti250e "Timeport" mobile phone, because I was due to be in the USA for 6 weeks and wanted a phone that could be used there. I have been using Nokias for the last three years (started off with what seems like the ancient Nokia 6150, then progressed onto the "Matrix" look-a-like phone, the Nokia 7110, with WAP); Although my Nokia 7110 was dual band, it apparently, would not be able to receive or make calls in all fifty states. ..." Read review

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Community Level 2ajmer


Time to leave port

AdvantagesNice clear screen

DisadvantagesNot user friendly

"I picked up a Motorola Timeport T250 nearly a year ago and can’t wait for my 12 month contract to run through at the end of this month. The only reason I bought it was because at the time it was the only tri-band handset around (i.e. it will work in the US) and I was supposed to going to America for a while. The phone has some nice features like a built in answering machine and a memo recording facility, as well as an excellent backlit screen. ..." Read review

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Community Level 3sjl02


Light and sleek

Advantageslight, aerial outside phone, clear screen

Disadvantagesnot userfriendly at first, wap hard to navigate

"...easy either I've never used a motorola before and have to say its a decent phone, but it's not up to nokia standards. good luck S ** don't forget to rate it, good or bad! ** ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Uzoma


Timeport 250 - Definitely the business

AdvantagesSleek, Sophisticated, Good Looking, Blue Screen, Predictive text

DisadvantagesThe Navigation button (NASTY!!!), Complicated to use at first

"...guarantee that by buying the Motorola phone cover will give a very rugged masculine edge. The phone isn't meant for people to play with. It's excellent features include the Voice Notes feature. This allows the phone to work as a dictaphone for recording reminders to yourself. You can also use this clever feature to record part of your phone conversation. Great if you need to remember directions for example. The phone tunes are not great however, you ..." Read review

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Community Level 2dotcom1001


Motorola TImeport Ti250e


DisadvantagesNot made an more (At least I dont think) Cant store many phone numbers

"...company supplied me with this Motorola Timeport. I thought that this was going to be a really rubbish phone and they only supplied it to me as I only needed one that worked in America but it almost has everything you need as it is light weight at only 102 grams, it uses tri-band so it works in several different countries, the talktime lasts for 210 minutes but only has a stand by time of 150 hours. But there is one more downside to this phone ..." Read review

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Community Level 1BruceC


Timeport, for a change

AdvantagesLooks Good, Easy to Use, Feature packed, Light weight

DisadvantagesExt Antenna, Clumsy text input

"...have moved over to the Motorola Timeport 250. The phone looks sleek (Silver, with a blue backlit screen), is very light in weight and is packed with useful features. Initially the phone did not seem to be as easy to use as the Nokias I have been used to, but don't let that put you off as I feel it more a case of what you are familiar with. The quick access menu can be customisied to give easy access to the most used features (in my case text messaging, ..." Read review

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