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Community Level 4Surveyaholic


Hello Moto......very Original I Know

AdvantagesCheap, Nice and easy, its PINK!!, Not only pink, Black too, Built in radio

DisadvantagesNot many functions, although does what it says on the tin

"After my Motorola V500 decide to break down on me last year, I was in desperate need to get a new phone, especially as the kids are at school now and I need to be able to be contacted at all times. Thing is it decided to break down when I was very low on funds lol (funny that, how appropriate) so Obviously I was on a budget and was limited to what I was able to get. Time for our trusted friend the Argos book :o) I flicked through to the Phone ..." Read review

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Community Level 4Pittypomm


Cheap and Cheerful, or Just Cheap and Nasty?

AdvantagesInexpensive, small and simple.

DisadvantagesInfuriatingly bad at simple tasks.

"The motorola W220 is only my second motorola, and my first budget motorola. Well, being a girl… I chose a pink one. Yes, that's right, pink. However, it does come in other colours - silver and black. So I will start with the design. The phone is a clamshell design, which has a slight resemblance to the much more expensive Motorola RAZR V3. However, it is much bulkier - although hardly large, it just doesn't have that extra cool slimness of ..." Read review

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Motorola really rings with a good budget mobile Review with images

AdvantagesLooks very good, very durable, battery lasts for a long time both for standby and talk time

DisadvantagesNot many features, looks plain and simple

"...it was. I found the Motorola W220 I saw that it is a flip phone, these type of phones are my favorite and the phone is very cheap it cost me £12. At a first glance online the phone did look very good and it has very good value for money considering other phones in the same price range. The phone arrived and is very impressive for a budget phone. For starters the phone looks very nice it does not feel like it has been made with cheap parts it feels ..." Read review

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Community Level 1redstorm12


W220 - Fab phone or failure?

AdvantagesPrice, appearance, size and intergrated FM radio

DisadvantagesScreen size and quality, unable to download media files

"I purchased the Motorola W220 approximately 4 months ago, to replace my previous Motorola V547, which had recently broken. Being someone who cannot go 10 minutes without a mobile and short of money at the time, I quickly decided upon the W220, that I would use purely on a temporary basis until a 'more suitable' replacement could be purchased. However, after 4 months I have yet to find reasonable justification to replace the phone, however as with ..." Read review

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Community Level 2deputydawg


A likeable but not a loveable budget phone

AdvantagesQuality head and shoulders above the (budget) field

DisadvantagesToo many irritating compromises

"...you get the feeling that Motorola have been careful to downgrade every individual aspect of the phone to avoid it harming others in the range. I think that's the wrong way round. I mentioned the plastic volume rocker on the outside: well, that's a perfect example - the only jarring note of tacky quality in an otherwise crystal-clear exterior. Good. Great, compared to some of the nasty and break-prone budget phones out there. And recommended, but ..." Read review

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Community Level 4Gary25


ET phone home

AdvantagesStylish, robust and has all basic functions plus FM radio

DisadvantagesNo camera, small buttons.

"Bought two of these from the Carphone Warehouse about nine months ago where they were on offer - worked out at £25 each but I suppose these would now be classed as old models. Firstly, if you are into gadgets that can do all and sundry then this phone would probably not be for you, I simply wanted a phone primarily to use for emergencies. It is not too bulky and very robust with the keys and screen protected by the flip up cover. This phone is ideal ..." Read review

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Community Level 1grimdeath18

Quick review of Motorola W220

"One of the best low end color mobiles out there. My craze for clamshell phones led me to buy this one. Looks stylish and satisfies the basic color phone requirements. Only drawback is that one cannot connect the phone to a PC for transferring images.

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Community Level 1Anthos


Motorola W220

Advantagescheap, easy, cue


"I bought this phone for my other half, he doesn't want any fancy phone just one to call and send a text now and again. That was a brilliant phone for him easy to understand, easy to use and also the flip keep it safe. highly recommended if you are looking for a simple, cute phone it's black and you can easily put it in your pocket you won't dial a number by mistake. It hasn't got all the gagets you have on the new ones but it is very good for anyone ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Speedfalcon


Cheap, but mighty.

AdvantagesAffordable, Stylish

DisadvantagesAbsence of most modern day phone features.

"The Motorolla W220 is one of the best budget phones I have ever had the pleasure of using. It only costs 4 GBP, however, it is packed with lots of useful features which compensates for the absence of a camera, and the rather small screen. This is a dual band phone, and takes one sim card. The battery life is more than enough of a bisy caller, texter and will easily recharge overnight. The styling makes this phone truily unique: instead of getting ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Razvangel


Motorola W220

AdvantagesGood design, FM Radio

Disadvantagesno camera, no data cable

"...features and a good design, Motorola W220 it's just the perfect thing for you. ..." Read review

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Community Level 1zingerliing


Motorola w220

Advantagesstylish, small, easy to carry, easy to use and good radio

Disadvantagesno mp3 player, less ringtones and wall papers

"I love this phone, people keep complimenting me on it and some want to buy it off me. This phone looks very expensive but it is value for money. When i fist bought it , it was mant to be a present for my friend but i loved it too much i ended up using it . The games are easy to play, the settings are easy to access. It has a radio which is good the sound quality is great my mum keep telling me to reduce the sound on the alarm because it does get loud ..." Read review

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Community Level 1bdict23


A Motorola Classic...?

AdvantagesSlim easy to use design, FM Radio, loud speaker for alarm clock and ringtones.

DisadvantagesDisplay size and resolution, no MP3 compatibility.

"...might have already guessed, if Motorola creates a folding phone, why shouldn't it apply its overwhelmingly successful Motorola RAZR's curves? And this has proven worthy, as the very presence of similarities to the RAZR design-wise draws attention to a handset. On top of that, Motorola's design director, Ignacio Germade, answering our question concerning further application of the RAZR's design, said: "What's bad about RAZR? Even against a background ..." Read review

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