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Deep Filled Indulgence At Christmas!

Advantagestaste, fill me up, sweet, quality

Disadvantagesprice, sugar content

"Mr Kipling is a bakery company producing various tarts, cakes and pies. ===Mince Pies=== The Mr Kipling Mince Pies are brought out for the festive season and hold the title of "Exceedingly Merry Deep Filled Mince Pies". They are described as being "butter enriched filled pastry cases deep filled with delicious mincemeat. Each pie contains 11% pastry and 48% filling (apple, sultanas, apricot etc) and a sprinkle of sugar. They are suitable for vegetarians ..." Read review

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Community Level 7JAVER1967



AdvantagesValue for money, good quality, excellence

DisadvantagesWaist line

"Christmas just isn't Christmas without mince pies. I must admit, I am very partial to mince pies, and have tried a variety of different makes, ranging from Mr Kipling to supermarket own brand version. My only regret being that the majority of shops do not sell them all the year round. I also like bargains. This weekend just gone, doing my weekly Tesco shop, I noticed that they were doing one of their famous 'buy one get one free' offers on Mr ..." Read review

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Someting missing ??

Advantagesnice enough

Disadvantagessomething missing

"== Intro == And so it was all those Christmases ago, log fires ablaze, the tree glistening in the evening light and the mince pies cooking in the oven. The excitement and anticipation rising each day as Christmas day itself arrived. No huge presents as is customary these days, just something simple, and something heartfelt. A kiss from Mum that seemed more special than the other kisses you got throughout the year. My mum always made her own mince ..." Read review

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Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christpies!

AdvantagesTasty thick robust pastry, deep filled as the packaging says

DisadvantagesQuite fattening and full of sugar, doesn't help that they are moreish either

"Christmas is coming and what's one of the best things about Christmas?....Mince pies of course! Every year the shops are filled with these delightful little treats and I can't resist buying a box or six when I'm doing my weekly shop. I think I have a Christmas time addiction to mince pies, every year as soon as they hit the supermarket shelves I buy them in bulk loads. Up until a few weeks ago it didn't matter what brand of mince pies I bought, I ..." Read review

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Community Level 4Qroo


Quite Tasty but you can't beat homemade! - Mr Kipling Mince Pies

AdvantagesNice hot or cold, quite filling, good as a snack.

DisadvantagesQuite crumbly

"Nothing can ever beat home made mince pies, but when you are given a free box of Mr Kipling Mince Pies you can't really refuse them! The box comes with 6 mince pies, each with a foil wrap on a red plastic tray. The box itself is 21cm x 14cm x 4cm and is red all over, with white text and various images of the pies all over the box. The front has the Mr Kipling logo, a title and the following: “...butter enriched fluted pastry cases deep filled with ..." Read review

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Community Level 4jan007


Three Of These Have More Fat Than A Big Mac

AdvantagesTasty, smell good

DisadvantagesNot at all healthy

"I am something of a mince pie fan, so when I saw Mr Kipling deep filled mince pies on offer at our local shop, I decided to treat myself. I paid £1.09 for a box of six and went home feeling very pleased with myself. Once home I made myself a cuppa and settled down to each some (I say ‘eat some’ because I had no intention of just eating one, or two). The pies are kind of pale in colour with Christmas Tree shaped pastry cut out on top and no sugar, ..." Read review

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Community Level 5textmad


Don't forget to leave a mince pie for santa !


Disadvantagescrumbly, can be expensive

"In recent years i have been a fan of mince pies so when my mum bought me some mr kipling mince pies this week i couldn't wait to sit down with a coffee and try them. Although mr kipling products are yummy i don't normally buy them as they can be expensive and everybody is watching the pennies at the moment, anyway these mince pies were on buy 1 pack get two free so they were a bargain, that was at tesco though about two weeks ago and they were ..." Read review

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Community Level 2heathersmu...


Luxurious and fantastic quality

AdvantagesDeep filling and crumbly pastry

DisadvantagesSometimes the lid pops off

"Mr Kipling's is a brand synonymous with excellent quality cakes, slices and mini pies. Mr Kipling's Mince Pies do not disappoint in this respect! I am a huge fan of mince pies and wait patiently every year until they are released into the shops again, and mourn every January when they disappear. A fond favourite of mine are definitely Mr Kipling's! I found these on offer at my local Sainsbury's this week (11 Oct 2011) for £2.60 for 2 boxes of ..." Read review

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Community Level 1helen177


Grandmother's pies take beating from Mr Kipling

AdvantagesTaste delicious, attractive, save time, money back guarantee, calorie listing

DisadvantagesGuilt that I didn't make mince pies myself this year, calorie listing

"For the past 10 years I've laboured over making my own mince pies, convinced that only my grandmother's recipe was the one that my family would eat. Having recently moved house, and unable to lay my hands on my baking tins amidst the chaos of packing cases piled high in every corner of the house, I realised that I would I would either need to buy mince pies this year, or there wouldn't be any! My daughter came home from school last week and informed ..." Read review

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Community Level 1gmkneen


Mr Kiplings Mince Pies

AdvantagesTaste, value for money

DisadvantagesAddictive, Not available all year

"The only thing I used to like about Christmas were mince pies now I have a family so of course I love them too. Back to those mince pies, Mr Kipling has given us a reason, if we needed one, to buy his pies, a money back gaurentee (limit £1.39). I won't be asking for my money back they surpassed last years offerings and they were fantastic. I bought my first packet from the Tesco when they were buy one get one free other was on, and since then ..." Read review

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