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Sweet stuff Review with images

AdvantagesRegular online surveys with payment via Nectar points or Amazon gift vouchers

DisadvantagesTrying to join their panel is unclear as recruitment information is vague.

"=== ~~ UPDATED JANUARY 2008 ~~ === '''***In December 2007, MyTNS rebranded themselves as MySurvey***''' MySurvey is another of those sites offering paid online survey work. At the moment membership of the MySurvey panel is limited to residents aged 15 or older residing in Germany, Netherlands, Spain, France, Italy, Ireland and UK. Rewards for membership of the European panels are paid out in Euros, but for UK members, payment is made in the ..." Read review

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Community Level 7silverstreak


TNS - Top-Notch Surveys

AdvantagesComparatively well rewarded, payment for screeners

DisadvantagesCan only join through links from other sites.

"If you've ever read a newspaper article that begins with the words "According to a recent survey…", then the chances are, you'll be familiar with the initials TNS as the source of the information you've just digested. TNS, or Taylor Nelson Sofres, to give the company its full name, is a leading market research group, which operates in 70 countries worldwide. MyTNS.com is the name of the online consumer panel through which much of the company's research ..." Read review

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Community Level 1xannus07


Join My Survey/TNS now if you have a Nectar Card

AdvantagesAllows you to Convert Rewards into Nectar Points

DisadvantagesNot many surveys

"~ Introduction ~ MySurvey, formerly know as TNS is a survey website allowing you to influence products and manufacturers just by telling them your opinion on certain products, companies and services. It works in pretty much the same way as the other survey websites out there but is particularly rewarding if you have a nectar card. ~ Reward ~ On MySurvey, you can choose the type of incentive they pay you to complete the surveys. Currently, they ..." Read review

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Community Level 4marina321


1000 mytns Reward Points = £5 Amazon Voucher

AdvantagesGood incentive per survey, Amazon vouchers for reward, Quick payout

DisadvantagesFew Surveys Sent

"Joined mytns (which is also known as mysurvey now..) last year while I was joining and checking out various paid surveys online. I signed up free to the site which is free to join and open to residents of England, Scotland and Wales only and members should be a minimum 16 years old. You get sent surveys once in a while, I'm probably averaging one or two a month. Each survey is worth about 150 - 4000 reward points and their surveys seem to be pretty ..." Read review

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Community Level 6char2011


Spare Time Into Spare Change.

Advantageslots of surveys


"This survey site is great for people that want quick change in their pockets. Surveys are quick and easy they last about 10-30minites. You get between 50 – 180 points per survey. If you download my survey connect to you computer you get 1500 points and get more surveys each week. You can redeem vouchers and cash. Payout time for cash and vouchers is usually about a week which is fast for sites like this. The cash goes via pay pal and vouchers are ..." Read review

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A well-paid survey website

Advantagesyou can earn Nectar points.

Disadvantagesredemption choice is slim.

"Note: In December 2007, MyTNS rebranded themselves as MySurvey. So if you type mytns.com you will lead to mysurvey.com. MySurvey.com is a well-paid survey website, that is owned and operated by the market research firm TNS, one of the largest market research firms in the world. General information Membership of the Great Britain panel is open only to residents of Great Britain (England, Scotland and Wales) who are 16 years of age or over. ..." Read review

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Community Level 2nattyw123


Extremely unimpressed with this site

AdvantagesEasy to use site

DisadvantagesCut you off for no reason

"I first joined this website a month ago (please remember, this is ONE month.. It is relevant later. On the surface it seemed a good site, where you gain points from surveys and can exchange them for various prizes. I think for example a £5 Amazon voucher is about 860 points. I had so far earned 115. I believe, that unlike other sites they give you points if you do not qualify for a survey. I think it tends to be about 5 points. This is a good system ..." Read review

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Community Level 4rosycn1979


Topup Your Nectar

Advantages surveys are in simple formats, points are automatically tansferred into Nectar account

Disadvantagesneed a Nectar account to get rewards

"~~~~~~ About MyTNS.com ~~~~~~~~~ MyTNS.com is an online survey web site. You can access from http://www.mytns.com/. It is operated by a market research company named TNS (http://www.tns-global.com). The website is available in different languages including English, Dutch, Spanish, French and Italian. The website sends out surveys to registered users through emails. You can access the survey through the email link. The better function provided ..." Read review

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Community Level 2dotjay19


Genuine survey site with either voucher payout / nectar transfer

AdvantagesNo survey bombardments here like toluna


"I have been a survey stasher for 18 months (that probably makes me a newbie) and I have in this time trialled and errored my way through a few of the sites. I think success with survey sites is dependent on the demographic you represent and how quickly you can get to the email link to the surveys. For me My Survey works - firstly I registered with the site through topcashback and got £1.50 just for doing that, then filled in the My Profile Section ..." Read review

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Community Level 3jimmijamie


A way to get more nectar points without spending!

Advantagespays in nectar points for only little amount of time

Disadvantagesmay take a while for points to be added

"I recently got myself my own nectar card as i work part time in a sainsburys and am always doing shopping in there, and after signing up online was presented with a list of ways to achieve points. my TNS caught my eye with an offer of free points for completing a survey and signing up to their website, which sends out surveys every so often (i\'ve had 1 every fortnight roughly so far) and give nectar points as a reward (usually around 100points ..." Read review

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Community Level 1CHRISTOPHE...

Quick review of MyTNS.com, online survey website

"i have made a lot of points of this site -its fair and unlike some who send vouchers this adds up on your nectar card and spend what you have -you dont have just the choice of one shop like many other survey sites but add with all your points from sainsburys and you could be on a great winner

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Sweet nectar at myTNS.com

Advantagesearn nectar points very quickly

Disadvantagesdo not get too many invitations to surveys

"I registered with Mytns.com in February. It did take a long time for survey invitations to start coming through and it was difficult to log in at first. I contacted the site and was told that this was due to a large number of people signing up. However since May I have received between two and three survey invitations per month paying anything between 100 and 1500 nectar points. 2 nectar points are generally equal to 19 so 100 points would equal 50p. ..." Read review

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MyTNS the best way to collect nectar points

Advantagesvery easy to join and the surveys are usually only five or ten minutes in length

DisadvantagesI have found no disadvantages yet.

"MyTNS is a survey site and works in asscotiation with necter and a few other companies.After you join this site they send through surveys, these surveys are varied and you often get screened out,however unlike most survey sites you do recieve points if you are screened out this can be anything from 10 to 50 points so it is always worthwhile taking two minutes out of your day to complete their questionnaires, The benefit of this site is that you decide ..." Read review

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Free Points

AdvantagesNectar points mount up

DisadvantagesSurveys not regular

"I joined mytns.com in June 05. I have earnt 3500 points in this time. You can earn from 100 to 1500 points per survey. Sometimes the surveys are very boring and of not a lot of interest but you still get the rewards. So do stick with it. Normally they send 1-3 surveys per month. But even if you dont fit the required sector you still normally get rewarded 35 points per survey. After completing a survey the points are converted to your nectar card. ..." Read review

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Community Level 1snowqueen620

Quick review of MyTNS.com, online survey website

"i have been doing my tns surveys for some time now and am delighted with my nectar points, i have just renewed all our bedrooms duvets and pillows and only had 5.00 to pay towarsd brilliant is all i can say and i have enjoyed doing the surveys too

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