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PERI PERI NICE! Review with images

Advantagesgreat atmosphere, delicious food and wide menu

Disadvantagesmore expensive than other options

"...I only tried my first Nandos 2 years ago. In fact up until May 2011 I'd never even considered trying one. ===Who are Nandos?=== I'll bet my bottom dollar that you've heard of Nandos, and if you haven't well, I haven't really got a dollar to spare so you can just ignore that bet. Nandos has taken over in recent years and it's popularity has grown and grown, so much so that I hear the word "Nandos" more than I do "McDonald's" in day to day life. That's ..." Read review

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Hot Chicks Review with images

AdvantagesGood food, nice ambiance and quick service. No waiting around for the bill.

DisadvantagesIf you don't like chicken, the menu is pretty limited. Too spicy for some.

"...they first opened. *** WHAT IS NANDOS AND HOW DOES IT ALL WORK? *** Nando's is a worldwide fast-food restaurant chain with a Portuguese theme originating from South Africa. However, if I had to sum Nandos up in one brief sentence, I’d describe them as posh Kentucky Fried Chicken or KFC for adults. They serve mostly chicken dishes which have been marinated in a spicy Portuguese sauce known as Peri-Peri sauce. Peri-Peri sauce is a firey sauce made ..." Read review

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Not just your average chicken

Advantagestasty food, reasonably priced, good atmosphere, clean

Disadvantagesinconsistent standards of service

"Nandos seem to be springing up everywhere now but it wasn’t until last year that I got my first taste of the stuff and now I’m hooked! I think I would describe Nando’s as basically a Portuguese themed restaurant (although I think it is more of a fancy slightly more upmarket version of a fast food place) which has a huge focus on chicken and its famous peri-peri sauce. ===Waiter service or pay at the till? Little confused=== When you arrive into ..." Read review

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Legendary portugese chicken restaurant Review with images

Advantageslovely lovely food, nice atmosphere, cheap drinks


"...and family had all visited Nandos for various occasions and I was persuaded with the offer of a free lunch to go ahead with my daughter and give it a go. We originally went to the Nando’s restaurant in Castlegate, Dudley. It’s not a particularly large restaurant but is a decent size with plenty of seating area. It’s located amongst other restaurants, a pub and a large cinema so there’s lots to do in the area and plenty of parking right by the restaurant. ..." Read review

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Nando's - I Don't Quite Get It Review with images

AdvantagesThe sauces are very nice

DisadvantagesOver-priced, hit and miss service levels and rather noisy

"Nando's is casual dining chicken restaurant which specialises in flame grilled Portugese Peri Peri chicken. The Nando's group originated in South Africa and first opened its doors in the UK in 1992. I might be making myself very unpopular when I say I don't get what it is about Nando's that makes people rave so much. After all, it's just chicken and to my mind, overpriced chicken at that. Saying that I generally love chicken, more so than lamb ..." Read review

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Go to Nandos for tasty food!

AdvantagesGreat food, quick service, good price

DisadvantagesSome moody staff at times

"...at times! *FOOD OPTIONS* The food at nandos is second to none. I'm not exaggerating when I say I could eat there every day. The staple of the menu is their chicken. There are a variety of different chicken dishes available including: Peri Peri chicken - whilst all chicken here is peri peri, you can opt to just have it on its own and not in a 'dish'. There is the option of 1/4, 1/2 or whole chicken with either lemon and herb, mild spice, medium ..." Read review

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Nando's Brentwood High Street

Advantagesfamily friendly, good menu, lovely food, clean

Disadvantagesnone for me

"Nando’s seems to be one of those places that up until around a year ago I just had never tried nor had I been interested in trying. When I did try it though I loved it and it fast became one of my favourite places to eat! This review focuses on my visit to Nando’s on Brentwood High Street in Essex. ==What is Nando’s and what do they do?== Nando’s is basically a Portuguese style restaurant which offers mainly chicken but some vegetarian options as ..." Read review

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Community Level 5heatherrr13



Advantagesreasonable prices, great tasting, informal

Disadvantagessoooo spicy!

"Nando's is a Portuguese themed restaurant chain that specialises in good-quality, well-cooked chicken, and is well known for it's famous Peri-Peri sauce. There are branches all over the UK, and new ones are regularly being opened. Right now there are restaurants due to open in 2 months in Fife, Colliers Wood and Walton-on-Thames, with other branches scheduled to open in 4 months and then 6 months. The one nearest to me is in Maidstone, and is the ..." Read review

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Nando's - More Than Chicken?

AdvantagesFast, fresh comfort food

DisadvantagesService generally lacking

"Prior to meeting some friends in central London one night midweek, another friend and I needed somewhere to eat quickly. We selected Nando’s Restaurant in Goodge Street, London for its proximity to the place we were meeting, although there are several around the area. Nando’s is a Portuguese –Southern African inspired chicken restaurant which has now become one of the UK’s most popular chain restaurants. Part of their ethos is that each restaurant ..." Read review

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Nandos: Some Like It Hot!

AdvantagesDelicious, freshly made food.

DisadvantagesCan get very busy during lunch/tea time.

"Nando's was first established in 1987 and brought its tasty little self to the UK in 1992, and in the past 7 years has worked its way throughout the UK filling the hungry bellies of all chicken loves with spice and love. Nando's is nationally famous for its most delicious PERi-PERi flame grilled chicken, but also serves a range of other items to tantalise the tastebuds of even the most sceptical of customer. Nando's is also vegetarian friendly - ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Autopsy100


A lot to crow about

AdvantagesFast, efficient, friendly service, good food, bottomless softdrinks

DisadvantagesNot a household name yet

"Nandos is a Portuguese-style chicken chain, specializing in flame grilled chicken and hot sauces. Not many people in the UK are familiar with the brand, but it is growing rapidly, and that is not at all surprising. What is also surprising is the fact that this chain originated in South Africa. I first came across this restaurant chain in 1998, while I was living and working in Pretoria, South Africa. I became completely addicted, and luckily for me, ..." Read review

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Community Level 7ashford


Great Flame Grilled Chicken

AdvantagesVery tasty flame grilled chicken. Good service.Nice ambiance.

DisadvantagesAs yet not many outlets

"Nando's, I believe, are a South African chain which serves Portuguese-style flame grilled chicken. While this group as yet has far fewer outlets than such fast food giants as McDonalds,Burger King,Pizza Hut, A & W, or KFC, its reliance on quality is very,very,impressive,and they are fast attracting quite a dedicated and loyal following. When you dine at Nando's you place your order at the counter,pay your bill, are given a number and your order ..." Read review

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Community Level 4HungryHung...


A Cluckin' Good Meal

AdvantagesCheap, Ubiquitous, Relatively Good For You, Fun.

DisadvantagesMenu can get a little samey, very hot option is really very hot!

"...to take me to that Nandos place? I've never heard of it." "Yeah let's do that ..I think there's one in Bayswater. Oh and they're building one on Gloucester Road." "I've never been before, is it good?" "It's a little different, but it's cheap and quick." "Perfect." Nandos is fast food done properly. If you have chicken cravings, Nandos is the place to satisfy your needs, and it has saved me from a dinner of pot noodles more times ..." Read review

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Community Level 4Suavilous


The Chicken Master

AdvantagesGreat food, good value for what you get

DisadvantagesNone apart from that they get real busy! Or when they run out of CHICKEN!!!

"...quite a few :-). a Nandos fan for quite a while now, so much so that I get in a huff when someone says to me 'Nandos is not all that'. How can they say that!!!!! (I am not crazy and I have reduced my sugar intake!). I go there a few times and not someone who goes there very often. ===What is Nando's=== Well first off, Nandos is a chain of restaurants specialising in chicken dishes of portuguese origin and now the odd vegetarian and steak dish. ===The ..." Read review

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Community Level 7GemmaC25


Cluck along to Nando's!

AdvantagesLovely tasty chicken which hasn't been frozen!


"I came across Nando's a few years ago when one opened up in our town, me and some friends were in town and a man asked up if we knew where Nando's was. Thinking he was just asking for directions we told him where it was, only to be told 'congratulations! Here is a voucher for you to use!' The voucher got us a free meal there, and ever since I have been a Nando's addict. So when you walk through the door you get greeted within a few seconds and ..." Read review

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