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I'm Winning...Whoops!?

AdvantagesFun, Fast Paced & Not Too Serious

DisadvantagesNot For Fans Of Driving Simulators Such As Gran Turismo

"Firstly, I would like to make the comment that I downloaded this game for free from the Playstation Network Store (accessed via the Playstation 3 console) & I really wasn't expecting too much from this title. Shortly after beginning the game I began to change my mind. Story Shift 2 knows what you want from a racing title so doesn't try too hard as far as story goes. It's the generic new driver working his way through the ..." Read review

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Community Level 1ruben552


Very exciting slightly arcadey racer

AdvantagesHelmet cam is awesome, amazing sound

Disadvantagespoor handling

"...better than in the first need for speed shift but still has a long way to be anything like gran turismo or forza, this is a bit disappointing seeing as the developers claimed that their new physics engine is a lot more like a sim than an arcade. The most annoying thing a bout the handling is that there seem to be a minimal lag between moving the analog stick and the car actually turning which doesn't sound like much but in a racing game a millisecond ..." Read review

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This game is the worst, and most frustrating racing game ever.

AdvantagesGood graphics, long game.

DisadvantagesBad AI, aggressive AI, awful handling, no improvements from Shift 1

"...cars think they're still playing Need for Speed Underground, in other words, trying to smash you off track on every single corner. And in about an hour of playing, I was totalled about 30 times. None of which were my fault, it wasn't me going off track and crashing, it was them hitting me and making me flip over. The cars are either far too sensitive, or not sensitive at all, there is tons of understeer half the time, and the over sensitive ones just ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Galybedroom


Need for Speed Shift 2 Unleashed(PS3) Buy it if you like GT

AdvantagesIt is a race game

DisadvantagesLooks quite a lot with GT

"In Need for Speed Shift 2 Unleashed for PS3, you can't cause accidents. That's right. The only thing you can acomplish is to make some scratches to your car paint. This feature makes the game look more like the GT series. I recomend it if you like GT, but I don't recomend you if you like the first game of this serie. Don't be a fool. When I bought this game, I was strongly disapointed. The only thing I wanted was to make some crashes with my ..." Read review

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Need for Speed: Shift 2 Unleashed (PS3) - PlayStation 3

The critically acclaimed SHIFT franchise returns to the track with SHIFT 2 UNLEASHED. The ... more

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