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Wow...is that really me? Review with images

AdvantagesGreat makeover and photos

DisadvantagesVERY expensive

"For my 18th birthday I wanted to have a makeover with my sister but at the time we didnít know where did them locally and it just never happened. Last year some of the girls from uni had a makeover and photo shoot and the photos were great. I asked them where they had it done and they told me it was at the New ..." Read review

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Pamper, pose, pick your pic!

AdvantagesProfessional hair cut, friendly staff, drinks topped up, great looking make up

DisadvantagesAll seemed a bit rushed, lots of waiting around, expensive prints

"...deluxe makeover and photoshoot as New ID studios in Manchester? ďIím not going,Ē I decided almost instantaneously. Donít get me wrong Iím not ungrateful but I did wonder why the present-giver had chosen this voucher for me, granted I am quite girly but the idea of sitting around for hours all dressed up in a poky room having a few photographs taken and then being fleeced for a post-it note size image of myself didnít sound like my idea of fun. I ..." Read review

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Community Level 1JulieRicha...


A real treat at New ID

AdvantagesGreat treat for you and a friend

Disadvantagesgoes too quickly!

"...the break up! Got to New ID and felt really at ease right away, I did have a few pre make over nerves but neednít have bothered really because the whole team are just great and make the whole thing seem really effortless. You get a card to fill in when you get there so you can put down what kind of hair style and make up you want and there is lots of great before and after shot stuff that is totally inspiring and makes you really excited about ..." Read review

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Community Level 1shiningsta...



AdvantagesGreat experience

Disadvantagescant think of any

"...over, the voucher was for New ID and that made it all the more exciting. The big day arrived and Mum came along with me to keep an eye on the twins so I could enjoy the make over experience before we all had our pictures taken together. Mum had chosen the Kids Deluxe Makeover and photoshoot which included an initial consultation which gave me a lot of confidence as I really had not that much idea about how the day would pan out. Then I had a wonderful ..." Read review

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Community Level 1makeovergirl


My makeover

AdvantagesReally professional set up

DisadvantagesCant do it every day!

"...high time I had a new look and a bit of pampering. With the last of my kids safely tucked away at university I started putting a bit of money aside each week until I had enough to buy ten pictures and then I booked the appointment. The most enjoyable part of the day for me was the make up. I have always been pretty hopeless with make up and was really looking forward to getting a lesson and some professional hints and advice. The make up lady was ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Megan2910


Never again! NewID Bristol.... very unprofessional experience

AdvantagesHair styling was done nicely

DisadvantagesBad organisational skills, no time keeping, very unprofessional

"Some of my friends had been given makeover vouchers for NewID in Cardiff and were so happy about their experience apart from the fact that the Graphic Designer tried to pressure them into using their deposit for more pictures etc. So I decided to buy some Makeover vouchers for my sister and me as her birthday present. Cardiff was fully booked so I went for the Bristol one which had just opened. Our appointment was made over the phone for 2pm on Monday ..." Read review

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No delay for me at New ID even on a Saturday

AdvantagesReally great expereince, great shots, nice staff, clean salon, lots of fun


"...Burlingtons, which is part of New ID and suggested that I go there to get a cut. I checked out the website for New ID and decided that rather than just go for a haircut it would be whole heap of fun to go and have one of their makeovers. I didnít tell anybody that I was going, I just booked up the fifty pounds Deluxe deal online and booked an appointment. I was advised that the salon got packed on the weekend and it would be better to go during the ..." Read review

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New ID! easy to book, easy to enjoy!

AdvantagesI loved all of it!


"I heard about New ID through a friend of a friend that had taken her young daughter there for a makeover. I didnít know an awful lot about this sort of thing but it did sound like a lot of fun so I googled New ID and found their website. I had no idea where the branches are so I first of all went to the locations page and found they have branches in the West End of London, London Westfield, Birmingham, Manchester, Newcastle, Cardiff, Bristol and Glasgow, ..." Read review

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Community Level 1expatclub


look your best with new id

Advantageslooking a million dollars

Disadvantagescant think of any

"...I treated myself to a new outfit and the following weekend went to New ID Studios to get my hair, make up and photographs taken before heading off the airbase. There is nothing quite like the anticipation of seeing your husband again after a long period of separation and normally I am all over the place but preparing by having a makeover really calmed me down and made the day even more special. I had a long chat with the team at New ID and I think ..." Read review

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Community Level 1bluezoos


an all round good expereince

Advantagesa really nice way to look your best

Disadvantageswish i could go every day

"...at the Manchester branch of New ID, the studio is on the 1st floor suite of De Quincy House, Cross street, Manchester. I parked in the marks and spencer that is just off market street. The makeover and photosession that I chose was the Deluxe that cost fifty pounds and included the makeup application that was really great, the lady that did it was only young but she had been doing it for two years for New ID in several of their branches and she really ..." Read review

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New ID deluxe package

AdvantagesVery impressive pictures, very nice experience

Disadvantagesthis is covered in my review

"...and bad things about the New ID makeovers and photoshoots. I, like many others, chose the Deluxe package that cost fifty pounds. You can book the voucher online, there are a lot of online companies that are selling the vouchers, I chose to book directly off the New ID website because I thought I would have more comeback if anything went wrong.. The deal included Welcome consultation. I am not sure they should say this ..." Read review

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Community Level 1mypieandi


New ID and Burlingtons great experience

Advantagesgreat experience

DisadvantagesNo food

"...makeover and photoshoot experience with new id/burlingtons. The whole thing took just over four hours, that sounds like a long time but believe me it flies past and before you know it you are walking back out of the door again. The studio is clean and very pleasant there was a lot going on there when I was there and I got the impression they get pretty busy and if you want to be sure that you donít spend time waiting around for the makeup lady/stylist/photographer ..." Read review

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Mostly good but irritating wating times

AdvantagesGreat makeup, hair and prints

Disadvantagestime wasted in the salon

"...looked into a makeover with New ID I was horrified at the price of the prints. Having never had a makeover before I had no idea what to expect and was really surprised. A very good friend of mine put me onto them when I complimented her on pictures of her and her husband but could not believe the price, or believe that they paid that as they are normally very frugal. However after further investigation I found that the actual makeover part of the ..." Read review

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Community Level 1beachbetty...


Make over with New ID

Advantagesreally nice salon

Disadvantageswanted to buy more pictures

"...some fabulous photographs taken by New ID when I went there for my makeover photo shoot. I chose 10 pictures that included portraits and some really creative shots that were achieved using innovative sets and some excellent lighting effects. I was so impressed and it was a lot more professionally run than I had anticipated. When I first got to the studio I took part in a professional consultation before having my haircut done by a member of the ..." Read review

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Community Level 1wookielhole


Great makeover

Advantageswondeful experience

Disadvantageshard to find fault

"...end! The staff were lovely at New ID and gave us a really nice day, I would be more than happy to go back and have a makeover with them again and I am very happy to recommend them to readers here and my friends. ..." Read review

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