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Perfect Cardigan All Year Round Review with images

AdvantagesLooks good, feels good, washes well

DisadvantagesNot enough colours available at the minute!

"...even if it’s not a New Look version it will be something similar because I’ve got a fair few in my wardrobe at the minute, even though I’ve had one walk away and leave me! == New Look == New Look is a high street store that sells women’s clothing, shoes, underwear and party dresses. It also sells men’s items in bigger stores and online – and in most stores you get some young girls fashion too, plus size clothing and maternity clothing. New Look ..." Read review

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Community Level 8daisyleex


New Look Boyfriend Pocket Cardigan

AdvantagesSoft, comfy, looks good, not too expensive


"...and it looks good as new despite been a regular outfit. It's survived several encounters with the washing machine without any change in size or shape and is in my opinion very good quality. _These cardigans are available online via newlook's website (Newlook.com) and in store_ ..." Read review

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Community Level 6char2011


Casual Cardigan

Advantagescomfortable and nice to wear

Disadvantagesa bit plain

"...still have these cardigans in New Look in all different colours currently going for £14.99. The colour my sister originally go me way grey but because I have loads of grey cardigans I went back to New Look store and swapped it for the black. I remember then it being £15.99 so it has decreased in price since then. As for sizes New Look are pretty good and cater for everyone and these are currently available in size 6-18. ---------------Quality----------------- ..." Read review

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A lovely cardi.

AdvantagesGreat range of colours/sizes, goes with everything

DisadvantagesCardigan has tight sleeves.

"Whilst shopping in New Look for some shoes I saw some cardigans which grabbed my attention. I don't really have any cardigans or jumpers that I can slip on over a vest top if I get chilly so I thought this would be perfect. I purchased the Black cardigan but it also comes in White, Oatmeal, Purple, and Mid Pink & Watermelon. The cardigan cost me £12.99 which I don't think is bad value. The cardigans are available in sizes 6 - 18, although they didn't ..." Read review

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New Look Boyfriend Cardigan

AdvantagesLooks good, lots of variety in colours, price

DisadvantagesThin, wears through

"...I'm in need of a new cardigan I always visit one of two shops, either H&M or New Look. Both tend to have high quality cardigans for sale for very reasonable prices and so I've bought multiple ones from both stores. The New Look Boyfriend Cardigan is fairly long and goes down to a little bit over the bottom. This is good as it means I feel a lot warmer as if I'm not wearing a longer tshirt I don't get a breeze up my back which can be freezing. The ..." Read review

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"Hey-na hey na, My Boyfriend's back".....with his cardigans.

AdvantagesNice style and good choice of colours.

DisadvantagesNeeds ironing after washing.

"...'boyfriend' cardigans. They were bought in New Look and cost £12.99 each. ____________________________________________ ***WHY*** Listen, I was wearing boyfriend cardigans before they became fashionable you know! I used to wear my husband's lovely Argyle patterned one so much that he refused to wear it himself anymore because so many people had seen me wearing it and assumed it was mine. It was a present and he wasn't keen on it anyway, so win-win ..." Read review

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Perfect Cardigan!

AdvantagesVersatile, great value, washes well.


"I very rarely shop in New Look mainly because I generally forget about the shop as it is not near any other shops I go in frequently. But I wanted one of the longer, open cardigans that everyone seemed to be wearing as they seemed to look good and be quite versatile and my friend recommended that I try New Look. The cardigans are actually called ‘boyfriend cardigans’ and I paid just £12.99 for mine from my local New Look store although they can also ..." Read review

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My khaki boyfriend cardi bargain!

Advantagescheap, comfy, fits well, casual design, not too hot or cold!

Disadvantagescreases quite easily

"...while back when shopping on New Look's website, www.newlook.com. It is also available in New Look stores. I bought it in khaki in size 10, but it is also available in a variety of colours and it is made in sizes 6-18. I managed to get mine when it was in the sale for just £6.00 which I thought was a bargain. It is £15.99 when it is full price. ~ Appearance and quality ~ I found it arrived quickly and was packaged well in a tough plastic parcel envelope. ..." Read review

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New look drop pocket boyfriend cardigan

AdvantagesCheap, comfy, looks nice


"I have always been self conscious of my arms but since gaining weight during my pregnancy with Kai I simply refuse to wear anything that shows my arms, even around the house when I'm on my own in case anybody sees me through the window. I bought these cardigans last year during the summer because they were lightweight enough to wear over a vest or t shirt and not look stupid in the warm weather. I have three of them all in different colours and they ..." Read review

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I Wouldn't See My Boyfriend in This Cardigan!

AdvantagesGood price, Good quality, Range of colours.

DisadvantagesA little thin.

"...brought a lovely dress from New Look. However, to attend the evening party I needed some kind of cover up for the cooler summer nights. I spotted all of the 'boyfriend' cardigans in New Look and opted for a peachy pink shade which matched my dress perfectly. The price of the cardigan was only £12.99 which I think is a really affordable price for a good quality cardigan. New Look also offer student discount which makes this a bit cheaper if you apply ..." Read review

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