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Quiting? Try NiQuitin.

AdvantagesThey work

DisadvantagesSide effects

"My latest mission in life has been to quit smoking, which I have tried before and failed quite epically. In fact the last time I tried I ended up curled in a ball on my bed crying my eyes out, which spectacularly worried my boyfriend until I managed to explain that there was nothing wrong, nothing had happened and no, I couldn’t explain why I was crying! So I came to the conclusion that if I was going to quit I’d need to do it properly and sensibly ..." Read review

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Community Level 5Pink-Ice-Q...


★Pink dumps her crap mate★

AdvantagesThey are a good AID to help stop smoking

DisadvantagesThere are no 1mg lozenges

"...at 10.35am and put a NiQuitin CQ lozenge in my mouth. I haven't looked back. ************************************************************** ****************** ♣ HOW IT WORKED BY MISS THIS IS A DODDLE I started off on the 4mg lozenges….you shove it in your mouth and suck…I have the mint ones as they taste nicer than the normal although I quite like both. And they both give a lovely kick at the back of my throat….a bit like the buzz of ..." Read review

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No Thanks - I Don't Smoke (Any More!) Review with images

AdvantagesFirst nicotine replacement therapy I've tried that actually works.

DisadvantagesSome minor side effects. (See review)

"...going to write about here, NiQuitin QC Lozenges, I honestly don't think I would have been able to get through the first hour without a smoke, never mind nearly a fortnight! ~ ~ Let me give you a wee bit of background. I began to smoke as a teenager (13-years-old) back in the early 1960's when EVERYONE smoked. It was a rarity in those days to come across anyone who didn't, and the information relating to tobacco and its bad effects on your health ..." Read review

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Community Level 5starjen


Quitting made a bit easier

AdvantagesTakes the edge off your cravings, tastes good, Works

DisadvantagesNot being able to eat or drink with them

"...days and have been using NiQuitin CQ lonzenges to help me, and am determined to keep it up. I had been smoking for about 12 years but was down to about 10/day weekdays and a few more weekends before I decided to quit. I had attempted to quit before, going cold turkey and using the gum but it hadn’t worked for me. With the smoking ban about to start I decided it was a good time to try again and decided on the lozenges. Price ------ I bought ..." Read review

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Community Level 5couscous


Who fancies a post-coital Nicotine lozenge?

AdvantagesMay ultimately help me to live longer

DisadvantagesNausea, Cheaper to smoke

"...I am there and the NiQuitin CQ Lozenges have helped this. But lets get this straight - unless you really want to quit you never will. For me the turning point was my mum. I know it’s a disgusting habit that will eventually kill me (that’s presuming my liver doesn’t give out first) and although I meant to give up it never actually happened and being 28 and having smoked for 12 years I didn’t even know if I would be able to give up. Then my mum had ..." Read review

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Niquitin cq lozenges (4mg)

Advantagesgreat aid to quit smoking


"...and they informed me about Niquitin cq lozenges, they cost around £8.00, they advised me these would be good for me as I would have smoked my first fag within 30 mins of waking in the mornings. So I got them home, read the label and discovered that there were some mild side affects, one of them being hiccups which for the first few days I got the hiccups after taking each lozenge, which was annoying (kids found this hilarious) but they did stop ..." Read review

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Community Level 5Crazykurst


Can I Kick it this time!!

AdvantagesHelps kick the horrible habbit

DisadvantagesPeppery taste and possible side affects

"...again. I found these niquitin cq lozenges quite good . They come in a packet of 72 and are in blister packets similar to strepsils and almost the same size, so quite big and they contain 4mg of nicotine and are white. I have to original flavour but the also come in mint. I wanted to try the worst first so if they were really horrible I had the mint to fall back on which I have not tried yet. __How should I use niquitin CQ lozenges__ During ..." Read review

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Community Level 1kazzalou33



AdvantagesThey work pretty quickly, very few side effects unlike patches or nasal sprays

DisadvantagesHighly addictive - you need to be strict & stick to dosage - pretty expensive

"As mentioned by a previous poster - I have to agree with everything she mentioned. I had tried many other products before trying the lozenge - and I was genuinely surprised at the results. Once I started the lozenge, I had practically no cravings (apart from the usual psychological yearning of missing holding a ciggie in my hand) and the lozenges take a while to dissolve, so that certainly keeps you occupied. There are two flavours - original/mint, ..." Read review

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The sweetie or the ciggie

AdvantagesHelps get rid of the smoking habit

DisadvantagesYou have to get rid of the lozenge habit

"I am 54 and smoked from the age of 20-49. I stopped without any aids when my husband had his first heart attack 5 years ago. I am one of the lucky ones, and managed to get rid of the habit after reading Allan Carrs book(but that's another op!) My husband, bless him, continued to smoke, although wishing desperately that he didn't.He tried patches, cutting down, chewing gum, an inhalor, herbal cigarettes, cigars and a pipe. Then he had another heart ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Ricky63


Using NiQuitin Lozenges

AdvantagesEffective,clean and easy to use

DisadvantagesExpensive (24p.per lozenge)not easy to stop and only available in "Mint" flavour

"...one) before Niquitin. Before starting on Niquitin CQ I reduced down from 20 a day to 10 mainly to get used to the idea of giving up. To date I have saved £288-10p.and have not smoked 2,170 cigarettes. Having reduced daily intake down to 4 lozenges and managing to go several hours at a time without thinking about it I feel sure I can crack it within the six months time frame. 10th. Dec 2004 Update Well I haven't cracked it. Still on 3 lozenges ..." Read review

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Community Level 4angel530


NiQuitin CQ (2mg)

AdvantagesOnly thing ive tried that works!!

DisadvantagesYou end up addicted to the lozenge, costs more than smoking!

"I had been smoking for four years until I decided to quit. I tried stopping without any aids but failed miserably! Then tried the gum but that didnt help much either! I had depression and anxiety along with a few other mental health disorders and the cigarettes did help with that. Finally though i decided it wasnt worth the risk to my health, despite the fact they helped my mental health and I decided I would try the lozenges after advice from a few ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Missy123Blue


Niquitin CQ Lozenges - Have helped me!

AdvantagesHelps you to quit smoking! I found it helped with food cravings

DisadvantagesFunny taste to begin with

"I was recommended these by my GP when visiting their 'stop smoking' clinic. I found the lozenges very useful and help with any cravings. They come in 4mg for heavier smokers and 2mg for the milder smoker. The flavours are either plain (taste a bit sweet) or mint flavour (Minty!). You are meant to place one between your cheek and gums and alternate between each side of the mouth, they slowly dissolve in about 30 mins or so. The great thing I found ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Ex-smoker


Just started but a lot easier than cold turkey

AdvantagesDefinitely help stop the cravings for cigarettes

DisadvantagesNone that I can think of

"I recently stopped smoking from smoking around 20+ hand made ciggies per day and the first 2 days I went cold turkey. My wife insisted that she buy me some lozenges whilst doing our supermarket shop in Tesco's (I did feel crabby) so we bought them. I'm now on day 5 and finding it a lot easier with the lozenges but also need to find things to do to keep my mind off the horrible things e.g. gardening, cleaning and washing pots (much to my wife's delight ..." Read review

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Community Level 1caz7282


niquitin cq [2mg] are they are good thing??

Advantagesno bad smelling clothes and ashtray breathe

Disadvantageshard to kick

"first the boring stuff the active ingrediant in each tablet is nictotine in the form of a resin complex[nicotine polacrilex], because each lozenge contains15mg of sodium and the maximum dailey amount [15 lozenges]contain 225mgsodium they could be harmfull if you are on a low sodium diet. as well as being harmfull if you are pregnant, breast feeding,have a heart problem,liver or kidney disease,a stomach ulcer, if you are taking high blood pressure ..." Read review

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Community Level 1exycatzx

Quick review of NiQuitin CQ Lozenge

"I stopped smoking 13 weeks ago after a 40 year addiction to the Sticks, Found patches not to be suitable so i decided to go onto the 2mg Lozenges. I found them to be very good in giving me my nicotine hit but 13 weeks on i am as addicted to these as i was to the Cigs. Plus point. I am saving money and don't smell like an old ashtray. Minus point. Still sucking the Lozenges and the addiction is almost as bad as the Cigs were. I did smoke 30 a day, And TBH i can't say i feel any better but they say i will !! Also i have noticed i get breathless rather quickly now.

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