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A sharp intake of breath

AdvantagesImproved breathing, Increased fitness

DisadvantagesFinding a substitute for the cigarette

"...This little tube is the Nicorette inhaler supplied by my Stop smoking group. I visited the group on Tuesday past to get advice and a prescription for the inhaler. There were 2 nurses there for both support and medical advice. It was a very casual meeting and everyone there was suffering the same problems all smokers have when they eventually decide to stop the habit. A course of inhalers would normally cost in the region of £39 per week, I ..." Read review

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Community Level 7purebitch


Inhalator Helps You Through

AdvantagesGives you something to do with your hands.

DisadvantagesStill getting nicotine.

"...the chemist showed me a nicorette inhalator. I never hesitated, I bought two. One for me and one for my partner. I went home, read the booklet, put it together, and have hardly used it! Not because it is bad, but because I didn't need it as much as I thought I did. ***********************PACKAGING********************** This product comes in a white box, with green and purple detail. The front of the box, has the name of the product on it, and ..." Read review

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Community Level 6RobinLawrie


Smoking...Problem Solved.. FINAL UPDATE

AdvantagesSimilarity to smoking


"I have been a smoker for 40 or so years managing to get through between 20 and 40 cigarettes a day. Whilst it is perfectly true that smoking has probably done irreparable harm to my health and cost me the price of a house in the country, it is equally true that I have enjoyed every single one and at times wished that I could smoke two at once. (The last statement will mean nothing to a non-smoker) At Xmas (2000) I had like most of you, the flu ..." Read review

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Community Level 3rocking


Give Up Smoking For Good

AdvantagesIt really feels like a cigarette

DisadvantagesBe careful you don't use to many cartridges or you'll be addicted to the inhalor.

"...cigarettes a day. The Nicorette inhalor has proved to be a great tool for giving up the horrible herb forever. You can buy the inhalor in a starter kit for six pounds with 6 cartridges although it is cheaper to buy the refiler kit as you get a inhalor with the refill kit anyway with 42 cartridges for 20 pounds. The cartridges are filled with 10 Mil of Nicotine and the inhalor is built in such a way that only a minimum amount of nicotine goes to ..." Read review

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Community Level 4antsss


Cutting down... to be continued

AdvantagesCompact, discreet, case feels like a pack of fags, and it honestly works too

DisadvantagesInhaler too wide to hold between your fingers, doesn't taste of anything

"...have decided to try the Nicorette Inhaler to get my spending under control. That's why I thought it might be worth me posting my views, as my take on using this product is slightly different to the opinions already here. ___________________________________________________ BEFORE I GO ON: I should mention that Nicotine Replacement products are designed to help you go 'cold turkey', and you are NOT supposed to use them for a while, smoke, use ..." Read review

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Community Level 3Gary_Jones


Worth A Try

AdvantagesDoes Not Kill You, really does calm cravings

DisadvantagesThe plastic tube is just asking to be chewed on, when you first start

"As a smoker of 7 years who hates cigarettes, I decided to completly quit and try to replace my nicotine intake using this inhalator. My realtionship with the inhalator has been a roller-coaster ride of love and reliance!. When you first buy this product (buy a starter pack - they are great value compared to the other options) you may find it rather harsh on the throat & it may give you quite a nicotine rush. I have read a review that criticises ..." Read review

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Community Level 1mandy-karen


Smoke Free Zone UPDATED

Advantageshelps with habit as well as cravings

Disadvantageshavent noticed any yet

"...you still need will-power, but nicorette inhalor does help a lot. I was smoking 20 cigs a day, tried giving up few times before, and always gave in to those nasty cancer sticks. A friend suggested trying nicorette, which I had never heard of before. I bought just a small starter pack of them to try about 2 weeks ago. First day was quite hard.. Getting bad cravings and it was that going for a cig, the habit bit that I couldnt get out of my head. ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Motley


Breath of fresh air

AdvantagesAs above

DisadvantagesAs above

"...was time to try a Nicorette product of some description. I didnít like the chewing gum and a friend had told me that with the patches on, you take in nicotine whether you like it or not, so I decided to try the inhaler. I used to smoke 20 Silk Cut every day (5mg tar, 5mg nicotine) and was a little worried about hard it was going to be, but I planned a date to stop (about 10 days in the future) and bought a starter pack of inhalers at £5.99. £5.99 ..." Read review

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Community Level 1ajport



AdvantagesYou still have the physical feel of putting a fag in your mouth!

DisadvantagesThe weaning off the inhalor. The price if not on prescription.

"...back to it this time. The Nicorette Inhalor is not the most trendy thing to be seen sticking out of your mouth but I have got quite discreet at having a little puff in restaurants and the such like as it is quite small. The withdrawal symptoms I have suffered in the past have not occurred this time. Once the cartridge in the inhalor is activated it delivers quite a strong blast of nicotine and the fact that you do feel that you have had a puff ..." Read review

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Community Level 5janharper


Stop smoking

AdvantagesHelped cut down the number of cigarettes smoked


"I was smoking more than 40 cigarettes a day when I bought the inhalator. I did find it fairly effective at first and I was able to cut down my smoking to under twenty a day. I could not stop smoking altogether though. I would have needed to puff on the little white plastic tip constantly to avoid smoking. I eventually gave up using the inhalator because it was costing too much. Light to moderate smokers would probably find this useful. It did ..." Read review

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Community Level 1bmckeon


Worked for Me

AdvantagesInstant hit not like the patches, Doesn't make you sick like the gum.

DisadvantagesNone (maybe a bit hard to buy in Ireland, Pharmacy only)

"...times before, using all the nicorette substitutes (although I think there are tabs out now that I didn't use), and nothing worked. I don't think the inhalor made me forget about smoking or help me quit, it was more a case of having my will power up at the time and then using the inhalor to see me through the rough patches. I was always one for chewing the tops of pens so I went through a number of inhalors. I was nearly buying a new one every ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Joharty23


Nicorette how they have worked for me.

AdvantagesHelp you to quit smoking

Disadvantagesdoes not break the habbit of smoking

"...help. The nurse suggested I try nicorette inhalator, so I took it home and I have not smoked since. What you get in your started pack- - a plastic tray that is sealed with foil with each one has 6 cartridges -a mouthpiece which you put the cartidges in -a child proof box that holds your cartidges and mouthpiece What the cartridges contain- The cartidges contain a porous plug that has 10mg on nicotine and a hint of mint. What does it ..." Read review

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Community Level 3paulloney


The inhaler really works

AdvantagesIt actually works

DisadvantagesCan cause your lips to hurt

"Every smoking aid has got its drawbacks, but this inhaler seems to be the best of all the aids that will help you to give up smoking. This is the only smoking aid that you can use in a similar way to that of smoking. The inhaler has a capsules inserted inside that needs to be replaced every day, the inhaler like all other smoking aids contains a substance like nicotine. The way to use this inhaler is quite self-explanatory, Insert it into your ..." Read review

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Community Level 1simon_chur...



Advantagesless tar running in your body

DisadvantagesIt doesn't help the cravings

"...give up smoking with the nicorette inhalor five months ago. I found that it killed the craving at the time, but that the amount of cravings just didn't reduce. I was using the inhalor for two months, and i found that the amount of money i spent on it increased over that period. I just found it to be a way for nicorette to make money, and i wouldn't advise anybody to use it. I think that the only way for anybody to give up is to use will-power, and ..." Read review

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AdvantagesHelps you to stop smoking

DisadvantagesTastes a bit bitter and makes me cough

"...was prescribed Patches and a Nicorette Inhalator. The Inhalator comes in a starter pack, which consists of a mouthpiece, 6 cartridges and a handy case to carry them around. It is really simple to use, you twist the mouthpiece round until two little lines are opposite each other, then pull it apart. Push the cartridge in as far as you can to break the sealand push the other half of the mouthpiece back into position breaking the other seal on ..." Read review

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