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Community Level 7bubblegum_...


The Lazy Domestic Goddess!

AdvantagesEasy to follow, delicious recipes

DisadvantagesSometimes assumes you own certain gadgets

"...this, my Mum bought me Nigella Express last Christmas and I have to hand it to her - it was spot on! As Nigella says in the intro `This is, as the title makes clear, a book about fast food, but it is a book about fast food for those who love eating. Perhaps that's self-evident: How could I write any other sort?" As such all the recipes in this book are as hassle free as possible and allow you to cook delicious meals quickly. The book has 390 pages ..." Read review

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From drab to fab in a few short recipes

Advantagesimproves confidence, betters your cooking skill, simple and easy recipes to follow

Disadvantagesheavy, awkward size to store

"...felt and looked unrecognisable. * Nigella doesn't patronize at all through the text. It seems as if she genuinely wants to help you create masterpieces that will improve your cooking skills, as opposed to Delia Smith's Complete Cookery Course (I blame her for my awful cooking) which I found to be an incredibly frightening and painful book to read since she seems to hate the idea that anyone could have a problem cooking! * Nigella has catered for ..." Read review

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Nigella Express - Speedy suppers and a celebration of eating

Advantageslots of good recipes, photographs, written in a friendly style


"...am a big fan of Nigella and have collected all her cookery books over the years. I have always admired her un-snobby passion for food. This book, like all the others, is written in a friendly tone, as if Nigella was in the kitchen with us, not bossing us around in the way some TV chefs would, but chatting away to us and inspiring us, making us delight in the whole cookery process rather than being intimidated by it. The book specialises in meals ..." Read review

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Community Level 1catherinew...


Nigella Express

AdvantagesEasy recipes, uses 'normal' foods

DisadvantagesYou're going to have to read a book

"This is an excellent book for practically anyone who is wanting to experiment in the kitchen without too much time, effort and expense. It's fab and all recipes can be done in around 6steps, what more could you ask for!! It is definitely the ideal book for those of us who like the idea of cooking but feel it takes too long for only 20 minutes worth of eating. I have done a couple of the recipes now and each one has been successful, which is extremely ..." Read review

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Community Level 1rbirkett78


We can be domestic godesses too!

Advantageseasy to follow simple recipes

Disadvantagesa couple of odd ingredients

"I requested this book for Christmas after having watched the bbc tv series and I'm glad I got it. The book is full of easy to make interesting food. And it is proper food, this is not a book of recipes which you would never make and couldn't feed your kids with, this is family cooking at its best. There are recipes for breakfasts, for lunches, for dinners and also for snacks and desserts. The lunches I have found to be invaluable, they have brightened ..." Read review

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Community Level 1kvj79


Nigella Express

AdvantagesGreat recipes


"I love this book, Nigella is great!! The recipes are so easy to follow, my husband bought me this book and he says its the best gift he's ever got me! He gets to eat all the rewards. You should definately try the chocolate fudge ice cream sauce and the chocolate cookies, not that I'm a chocoholic or anything! The whole book is brilliant, there are some great ideas for quick evening meals and also when you want to do some thing a bit more special. ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Danie83

Quick review of Nigella Express - Nigella Lawson

"I am a full time busy mum , with two young and a house to run so when it comes to cooking, I want quick and easy meal ideas. And this is excactly what I got , healthy recipes that the whole family enjoyed.

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