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That About Wraps it Up For Film Diamond review Review with images

AdvantagesNikon build-quality. SLR flexibility. Great pictures. Fantastic battery life.

DisadvantagesMuch bulkier than a pocket camera - one for a real enthusiast

"...price, don't hesitate. Very fairly, Nikon have made the updated firmware available for download, so now I effectively have a D70S except for the larger screen at the back (bit difficult to download that unless you work on Starship Enterprise!) And now back to the plot............ ******************************************************************** IT HAD TO GO I have to admit that I blow hot and cold on the subject of digital cameras. ..." Read review

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Community Level 2g8ina


Nikon D70, new owner of entry level DSLR crown Review with images

AdvantagesIts a full digital SLR with interchangeable lenses

DisadvantagesSlight noise at 400ISO, poor strap design, nowt else !

"...now own not only the Nikon D70 with the superb 18-70mm DX lens, but also the 70-300mm G lens for an extra £100 ! * FIRST IMPRESSIONS Its big and a lot heavier than the Fuji, but fits nicely into my hands. All the controls are very well placed ergonomically and I can adjust most essential settings now (after 2 weeks use) without taking my eye off the viewfinder. With my 256MB 40x Lexar CF card, I can take 74 JPG fine large (second best overall, ..." Read review

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Community Level 5MHam


Guess what we had for Christmas.... Review with images

AdvantagesBrilliant Camera

DisadvantagesDoesn't come with a card

"...Day etc. Yes the Nikon D70 is a serious piece of kit, and we have been after one for ages. The delay was not restricted solely by price, as there is a serious shortage of these cameras available in the UK (possibly world wide) and if you are lucky enough to find the body, the lens that everyone wants is even more scarce (more about that later) so that’s the availability, pretty much impossible, we eventually found ours in a small shop in Inverness, ..." Read review

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Community Level 1BlackCatProm


Following the Nikon Tradition

Advantages well made, handles well, ease of use, multi-featured, reliable

Disadvantages fiddly to change features until used to system

"The Nikon D70 follows in the Nikon tradition. It is a digital camera that handles like the superb professional cameras its shape and features are based upon. The build quality and handling are superb. This is a camera that I, as a former photographer and still taking pics to sell, am happy to use and be confident it won't let me down. At the best quality setting, which I always use, using a 1Gb Flash Memory Card, it will porduce 291 images, all of ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Reaver2k


To be scared, or to not...

AdvantagesOverall fantastic camera, fast shutterspeed, quick shutter release, great lens!

DisadvantagesNeck strap?

"...Canon 300D Rebel and this Nikon D70 in the end, after comparing the specifications and giving each a little test run in the shops, I decided the D70 was a little closer to what I needed, finding water fascinated I was very interested to test this 1/8000 shutter speed on a waterfall or whatnot. It's fantastic! so easy to handle, fits straight into your hand snugly, lasts for an incredible amount of time if you forget to switch it off *blushes* and ..." Read review

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Community Level 1DickPilot


Very Good Camera

AdvantagesFast start-up, very easy to use and excellent results

DisadvantagesNot all software supplied is full, some is demo only. No CF Card.

"...format). Especially as, at present, Nikon is offering £100 cash back on deals with the 18-70mm lens, it is well worth it. In short it is best to limit my review to main points: Strengths: Excellent battery life with quick recharge Large print contrast menus easy to read in sunlight. Comes with transparent screen protector. Very fast to see images for review, download ready for next shot, turn on. Excellent kit lens (DX Nikkor ..." Read review

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Community Level 1leedaveedd


D70 - what are you waiting for? buy one!

Advantagesamazing quality, easy to operate, solid build

Disadvantagesno card

"...for a few years. Then Nikon broke the £1000 barrier with the D70. The lens you get in the kit is amazing quality and worth a fortune - so go for this over the body only for def! I was lucky to take the D70 on a 3 week trip crossing the Atlantic to New York, and then went to Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon..... and took over 1000 pictures. A massive choice of environments to photograph! And the camera seemed to capture so many moments of the this adventure. ..." Read review

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Community Level 1wibbly0101


If I can take great pics with this anyone can!

AdvantagesPin Sharp Pics, Build Quality, Ease of Use

DisadvantagesCost, Buying into Nikon Lenses

"...Nikon. I bought the Nikon due to the build quality, as soon as you put it into your hand it feels like a camera of this expense should do. The grip is nicely textured, it fits nicely in the hand. The camera is weighty and a good quality strap is needed to ensure no accidents occur whilst out and about with it. Feature wise, the Nikon is second to non, if you're moving up from a point and shoot, pop it into auto mode and fire away... the clarity ..." Read review

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Community Level 1robcurry01


Fantastic camera and should be for the price tag!

Advantagesfantastic picture quality, shooting modes, SLR, size, battery life

Disadvantagespricey, no CF card

"I have only recently purchased this camera after a short tussle between the Minolta A2. I finally settled on the D70 despite the higher price tag (£250 more at the time with a 18mm Lens). I must admit the extra money was well worth it. This is the first time I have ever has an SLR camera and the thought was a little daunting. Within days of getting the camera i was away on holiday with my family. Using a 512MB CF Card I managed to cram 145 pictures, ..." Read review

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Community Level 1morebath


A great introductory camera to the SLR market

AdvantagesExcellent functionality, great build quality with high quality results

DisadvantagesISO 200 is sometimes not low enough

"...lens are available although being Nikon they do tend to be a bit expensive however the photo quality with them is incredible. If you are making the step over from the compact market then this camera is great as you still find the automatic setting (landscape, action, protrait etc) that you will be used to but also has settings that will allow you to understand photography and move to being more manual in stages. One complaint is that the ISO ..." Read review

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Community Level 1sebastiana...


Excellent intermediate digital slr

Advantagesease of use, image quality, price, size, weight, battery life, cost.

Disadvantagesbuild quality, shooting speed, no flash sync

"This camera is simply brilliant at what it does. It gives amazing value for money and provides the owner with a excellent peice of kit that performs up there with the big boys of the digita slr market. I have used this camera for portraiture, wildlife, landscape, macro, product, nude, sports, travel and documentary photography and it has performed above and beyond it's price tag and reputation. coupled with the 18-70mm lens it is a fomidable ..." Read review

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Community Level 1sillyconguru


What a great camera!

AdvantagesIt's a Nikon! Ease of use, multitude of functions, good build quality.

DisadvantagesNo low (100) ISO, no wired remote.

"...a reasonable amount of 35mm Nikon cameras/lenses, & I wouldn't buy a Canon ;-) The D70 is nicely balanced, it fits the hand well. The battery seems to last forever (well, almost). If you are used to the battery life of a compact/prosumer digital camera, you will be pleasantly surprised by the frugality of the D70. A shutter speed range of 1/8000th sec - 30 sec (with a maximum of 30 minutes in "bulb" mode), and a (dedicated) flash syncronisation ..." Read review

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Community Level 1digitalblue


Nikon D70 - top of the range amateur digital SLR

AdvantagesIdiot-proof autofocus and automatic modes, easy to use.

DisadvantagesCamera wobble at slow shutter speeds using autofocus.

"The Nikon D70 is sort of last year's flavour of the year, when it was hailed as the best value for an SLR under a thousand quid. It's still good value, especially if you look around before you buy - there are plenty of cashback deals. If you're trying to decide whether to buy this or the Canon EOS SLR, think about what kind of photography you want to do. Composed studio etc shots are probably better with the Canon, but if you like to get out and ..." Read review

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Community Level 1cwiss


snap away

Advantagesa well priced low end digital slr

Disadvantagesno usb2 function

"Having had a nikon compact digital camera I thought it was time to join the digital slr league. I was weighing up between the canon 300 and this. after sifting through many reviews and trying the cameras out i went for the nikon d70. I've found nikons have been very reliable and found their lenses incredible. The camera feels solid incomparison to a real plasticy feel with the canon 300. The d70 didn't dissapoint. The camera turns on instnatly ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Rambo86


Nickon D70

AdvantagesHigh Picture Quality, Traditional "SLR" Digital Camera, No Lag on taking pictures.

DisadvantagesBigger than most digital cameras, Heavy, Expencive lenses.

"The Nickon D70 is everything a professional, or Amature photographer needs. It has all the functions of the traditonal SLR cameras, but with the versitility of a Digital Camera, cutting down on costs of prosessing, and being able to edit easly using programs such as Photoshop. On the down side, the D70 is more bulky than most digital cameras, but the way i see it, you cant do the things that the D70 does on any normal Digital Camera. Also if you have ..." Read review

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