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Nikon D80 - an innovative, professional and easy to use camera Review with images

AdvantagesA high quality camera with an array of useful features

DisadvantagesA little heavy, but this does not affect my 5 star rating

"...mentioned our main camera, the Nikon D80, which I can vividly remember purchasing brand new 5 years ago within days of its’ launch, as I almost passed out when I entered those four digits for my debit card to authorise the £999.99 payment! I would point out that this price was inclusive of the 18 – 135 mm lens. == WHAT WERE OUR SPECIFICATIONS AND REASONS FOR PURCHASE? == Both my husband and I are keen photographers and whilst I would never consider ..." Read review

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Community Level 5jeaniecz


Nikon D80 DSLR + 18-135mm Nikkor lens Review with images

Advantagesperfect grip, large prismatic viewfinder

Disadvantagesdoesn't have internal memory

"== Nikon D80 == My first real DSLR camera, which I have become addict to even if it requires me to learn a lot and keep challenging myself into operating it better and better ammoed with knowledge. It had been my dream to own a SLR camera, I've always had a passion for the big cameras and I was jealous of the pro photographers and the pictures they got. When I was little, my parents had an old Czech-made camera including all the stuff you need ..." Read review

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Developing With Nikon

Advantagesgood quality photos, nice design


"...Nikon. I mainly use my Nikon D80 camera at work as we use the photos for our design work but I am still developing my photography knowledge every day with using this camera but have to say it has been great for me so far to use and I will share my thoughts with you all. ===APPEARANCE=== All Nikon Digital SLR cameras have a really sleek look to them I feel. I always carry mine round in its padded protective strap case but when taken out it is your ..." Read review

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Community Level 1daveeee


A D200 squeezed into a D70 body

Advantagesviewfinder, resolution, lcd, menu system, build, professional, responsive, metering, battery, d-lighting, AF, ergonomics

Disadvantagesdslr dust(?), kit lens CA, incandescent white bal, price, expensive RAW software extra.

"...producing sharp, detailed images. Responsiveness As usual, Nikon have excelled at this too. Start-up to first capture is sub-second, meaning you never miss a moment. It's ready to shoot faster than you can move you hand & fingers, and shutter lag is virtually excluded. Focussing has been improved, providing ultra-fast auto-focussing with all lenses supported; the menu system is responsive, allowing you to fly through the menus without having ..." Read review

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Community Level 2MacUK


Nikon D80 - Digital SLR

AdvantagesQuality Lenses, High level imaging, good all rounder as an SLR

DisadvantagesHeavy and large to handle.

"== Nikon D80 Digital SLR == As with my reviews, I will assume you will go to find the detailed technical specifications of the camera from a dedicated site, and are relying on a 'real life' and 'lived with it' opinion. Please refer to Nikon.com for detailed specs. The D80 is somewhere between a consumer and professional range of camera. Typically you are getting the technology that was utilised on the professional D200 camera on a mid-range camera ..." Read review

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Community Level 2apestyler


Nikon D80 - Superb Prosumer DSLR

AdvantagesImage quality and build quality

DisadvantagesLots of noise at high ISO

"Background The Nikon D80 is Nikon's attempt to get back into the Prosumer market after the D70 & D70s were getting a bit long in the tooth. What they have cleverly done is take all the decent features from their D200 (which has recently been replaced by the D300) and mix it together with elements of the D50 to create an affordable camera for hobbyists who wish to take photography to the next level. What's in the box The list below is from ..." Read review

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Community Level 3Huomenna


The d80 - getting old but a good camera for competitive price

Advantageslow price, uses SD cards, not as heavy as the higher end dslrs, shoots RAW, inbuilt flash

Disadvantagesnoisy at high ISO's/low light conditions

"The nikon d80 is a few years old now and has been replaced by a newer model (the d90). As such it is possible to get a d80 for a very competitive price whilst still maintaining the image quality you desire and expect from a dslr. While the d80 is not a 'top of the range' dslr, and was never designed to be, it is none the less excellent at what it does - the image quality is, generally speaking, very good although in low light conditions images are ..." Read review

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Community Level 1heypaizon


Big beast in little package

Advantagesgreat producing photographs/easy to use


"A wonderful camera for the price. You can spend thousands of dollars for camera with all of the bells and whistles that you will no nothing about though out your ownership of the camera. This is a great camera for all levels of experience, but mainly for the weekend photographer. It's light weight and has everything you need to produce a magnificant peice of art. Of course you get what you pay for. The D80 can only shoot about 3 frames per second. ..." Read review

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Community Level 2mriches-de...


Nikon D80 - Digital SLR Camera - Money well spent.

Advantages Range of Nikon "F" lenses, Great picture quality, Endless amount of features!!!

Disadvantages Price!

"2 1/2 years ago Nikon announced the six megapixel D70, their first affordable enthusiasts digital SLR, it proved to be a very popular camera and strong competitor to the Canon EOS 300D. Just a year and 1/2 later Nikon revealed the D70s which was essentially the same camera with a some subtle tweaks (improved AF, wider flash coverage, higher capacity battery, larger LCD monitor). And so just over 1 year on from the D70s Nikon present the latest ..." Read review

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Community Level 2macmonkey


Nikon D80

AdvantagesEasy to use.

DisadvantagesHaving to use a viewfinder to take a shot.

"Advantages: Easy to use. Disadvantages: Having to use a viewfinder to take a shot. I brought this camera body as a second camera when starting up a wedding photography business ( since closed ). Much like Nikon's other camera bodies, this one is easy to use but unlike the very latest Nikon's it won't allow you to use the screen on the back to take the photograph. In a rather archaic way you need to look through the viewfinder to line up your shot ..." Read review

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Nikon D80

AdvantagesMany settings are adjustable by easy to reach dials and buttons

DisadvantagesIt is necessary to purchase a memory card seperately

"I purchased this camera in April, 2008, and I am glad I did ! I purchased a 'kit' package which included the D80 body and a 18 - 135 mm AL lense. The kit does not come with a memory card which has to be purchased seperately. After charging the battery I had the camera functioning in a matter of seconds. It is almost instantaneously ready for use when you switch it on which is excellent. With it switched to auto mode it functions just like a ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Nicm22


Nikon D80 review

AdvantagesHigh quality sensor, fast, responsive, it's a Nikon!

DisadvantagesErratic light meter

"This is my first Digital SLR camera and have found it to be very good overall. The 10.2 megapixel sensor records very fine pictures especially when set to 100 ISO. Noise or grain gets quite noticeable when set to 800 ISO and above but still usable up to 1600. The D80 is fast and responsive and has Shutter priority, Aperture priority, Manual and loads of Program modes which I never use. The viewfinder is bright and clear and the playback screen is ..." Read review

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Community Level 2cornzee


Professional camera for unprofessionals...

Advantagesbuild quality, picture quality, ease of use

Disadvantagesvery occasional difficulties with auto focus, no anti-dust protection for the sensor

"...canon eos 400d or the nikon d40x but this is camera well worth forking out just that little bit more for. Don't expect miracles and for your photographs to suddenly become better if you purchase this camera, they might even look worse! But that's only because this camera produces such sharp and accurate results you might not like what your other cameras never showed you before. An absolute joy to use, worth the money if you have it. ..." Read review

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Community Level 1RomaniRose

Quick review of Nikon D80

"This is a very good camera for professionals and also just for those wanting great pictures without having to be an experienced photographer. I use this camera for daily shots as well as for photographing weddings professionally. The camera produces lovely colours even when set on Auto. Also, if you use Nikon's Picture Project software with it then you can easily adjust your photographs so that they look the best. I would reccomend purchasing a good lens with this camera though.

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Community Level 2HuwBach


D80 - fantastic!

AdvantagesBuild quality, excellent pictures, 3 frames per second shooting

DisadvantagesCan be heavy if you're not used to SLRs

"...a Sony. I chose the Nikon because, although it's heavier, it is a better build quality [unless you move up to the EOS 30D, which is much pricier]. Realistically, they will all give very good results, and unless you're a serious pro, you might not see the difference (I'm sure I wouldn't!)]. At the end of the day, you need to pick them up and see how they feel for you. Battery life is excellent, will easily shoot 500 shots outside [I don't use the ..." Read review

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