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Community Level 5MilkyMalky


So wait, I hold this in my left hand???

AdvantagesYou get one with the console, very light, durable and responsive

DisadvantagesFor 4 players in a Nunchuk-required game, you need 4 of these bad boys.

"...product in particular is the Nintendo Wii, which despite having launched over a year ago, is still difficult to come by and very much in demand with nationwide shortages reported over the festive period. For those of you lucky enough to get your hands on a Wii, the first thing that will have struck you is that very peculiar shaped controller that looks like a TV Remote. And what's this other thing with an analogue stick on the top. That my friend ..." Read review

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Better than throwing a stick

Advantagesimproves certain games

Disadvantagesreduces battery life in the Wii remote

"The Nintendo Wii has really taken the world of computer gaming by storm. In my opinion this is mainly the result of Nintendo looking at all aspects of gaming as we know it, and putting a completely different angle on it. The Nintendo Wii is not the first console to offer wireless controllers. However the way the user uses the controller and interacts with the games has pushed gaming in a new (albeit more physical) direction. What is the Wii remote? Briefly ..." Read review

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Community Level 6nathaninnit



Advantages'Two handed' controller has never been so literal

DisadvantagesDrains battery if you haven't invested in rechargable

"Nintendo are already popping the corks of their champagne in celebration of a victory in what is known as a 'generation' of console wars against Sony and Microsoft, meaning they are beginning to return to a place in the market that they have not been in since the days of the one system handheld console race or the SNES. The vision that accomplished a victory for Nintendo entirely comes down to the idea of motion sensing and the one of its kind branding ..." Read review

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Plug It In To Your Wiimote

AdvantagesAnother decent controller from Nintendo

DisadvantagesThe cable, the Price

"The Nintendo Wii hasn't just led the way with their innovative main controller but with the second controller, the Nunchuck, they have gone one step beyond Xbox and Sony. For the majority of the Wii's games they make use of both controllers to ensure that you use both hands to control the games. While the Wiimote seems to hold all the wireless and movement technology, the Nunchuck is equally as advanced. With the Wii mote in your right hand the ..." Read review

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Wii need a second nunchuck

AdvantagesAdds a new dimension to multiplayer games, motion sensitive

DisadvantagesFlimsy data cable

"...games. In my opinion, Nintendo have made a strange (or clever depending on your angle) decision to sell the nunchuck seperately to the Wii remote meaning an outlay of around £50 if you want to buy them both. --What is a nunchuck-- The nunchuck serves a multitude of purposes depending on which game you play. Some games even rely soley on the Wii remote but using the nunchuck enhances the gaming experience greatly. The nunchuck is connected to ..." Read review

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Nintendo Wii Nunchuk Controller Review with images

AdvantagesWell made/designed, affordable, adds an extra dimension to gameplay.


" The Nintendo Wii Nunchuk is an accessory designed for use with the Nintendo Wii. The Nunchuk can be used with a Nintendo Wii Remote for use on certain games, providing an added level of interaction for the user. The short cable running from the Nunchuk allows you to connect the two devices, and you are left with a dual handed control for use with the Nintendo Wii. The Nintendo Wii Nunchuk is an accessory that is now included with the Nintendo Wii ..." Read review

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Be A Nintendo Ninja

AdvantagesMakes some games more enjoyable, fits neatly in your hand

DisadvantagesNot necessary to buy an extra one, as one comes included with the console

"...are several reasons why the Nintendo Wii has been one of the most successful video gaming consoles of all time. The most important of these are arguably: a) The games available for this console are aimed at a wide range of audiences - from children to grandparents, from boys to girls, and from casual gamers to die hard fans; and b) the revolutionary motion sensor controllers, which have made video games more than just sitting and pushing buttons. ..." Read review

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Get your nunchuk out!

AdvantagesGreat add on to expand gameplay.

DisadvantagesNo option to extend the connecting lead.

"...controls games played on the Nintendo Wii console. It is used actually plugged into the end of the Wii remote. I like this because there is no need to worry about batteries. The cord is long enough for comfortable gaming too. When I bought my Wii console the Wii sports game was included in the bundle, so to be able to play this game I had to invest in two nunchuks! Quite a few games now need the nunchuk in order to play, for example the Wii fit ..." Read review

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Wii Nunchuck's

AdvantagesA useful attachment for the Wii


"As with all the Wii consoles mine came with the Wii Sports game and a few months later we bought the Wii Sports Resort game both of which are fun games to play as a group. However inorder to play both of these games you require a Nunchuck, you find that this attachment is needed for a lot of the sports games. Appearance & Ease of Use The Nunchuck is a small attachment for the Wii remote. It is made of sturdy white plastic to match the Wii, it ..." Read review

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Wiially overpriced, but Wiially adds to the experience

AdvantagesWell designed, top quality

DisadvantagesOverpriced, minimal variety of controls

"The advent of the Nintendo Wii brought with it many new ways to enjoy console games. One such strange method was the concept of having two separate controllers for certain games, using the Wiimote (the main controller) in your dominant hand, and then connecting it to this device, called the Nunchuk, giving you extra options and further controls with your other hand. While it is compulsory to be able to play quite a few games, the Nunchuk is not essential ..." Read review

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Community Level 3edinburgher


How many nuns would a nunchuck chuck? Probably none...

AdvantagesEasy to install, the analogue stick can be useful

DisadvantagesNot very sensitive, lacks additional controls, costly

"*Are we talking about the same thing?* Reading the other reviews of the Wii Nunchuck Controller, I'm starting to wonder whether I'm living in a parallel universe! The bulk of reviews to date appear to be glowing and the experience of other users doesn't seem to compare to mine and so I thought I'd add my tuppence worth for the sake of conversation. *Availability and pricing* Although prices vary for the Nunchuck, it's typical to pay £11-15 ..." Read review

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A cool little controller

AdvantagesLightweight and simple to use


"The Nintendo Wii nunchuk controller is an extra controller which you use along with the regular Nintendo Wii controller to allow you to use both hands to control games. Although there are many games which you are able to play without the nunchuk controller, there are also many which you will not be able to play without it so it is definitely worth getting as they can be picked up for only a couple of pounds. My controller is made from white plastic ..." Read review

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Nunchuk... What a Name! Review with images

AdvantagesGreat for use with the Wii Remote

DisadvantagesNot in as many games as I would like to see

"Official Nintendo Wii Nunchuk ** What is a Nunchuk? ** The Nintendo Wii Nunchuk is an accessory to the wii remote for use in selected games. The Nunchuk plugs into the bottom of the wii remote and is held in the opposite hand to the wii remote. When you purchase a Nintendo Wii you will need a Nunchuk to be able to play some but not all games on the Wii. Most Wii bundles come with a Nunchuk included. If you require extra Nunchuk's they can be purchased ..." Read review

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Don`t chuck it!

AdvantagesSee review

DisadvantagesSee review

"== Nintendo Wii Nunchuck Controller Review == === What is a Nunchuck? === The Nintendo Wii Nunchuck is a white plastic controller which is meant to be held in your left hand (if you are right handed) like a secondary controller. The Nunchuck has white rubber stick to control movements and two buttons "c" and "z" which are normally used as action buttons. The Nunchuck costs about £15 in most shops and is needed for quite a large number of games. ..." Read review

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Community Level 3Sbriers1


Nintendo Wii Nunchuck - the perfect accessory.

AdvantagesAllows exceptional gameplay. Easy to use and highly accurate and durable.

DisadvantagesNone so far.

"When I purchased my Nintendo Wii it came with a number of accessories, and I have to admit, I didn't quite know what to do with a particular one that came with it. Along with the Wii Wheel, I received one of these rather crudely designed accessories. The Nintendo Wii Nunchuck comes as a separate accessory to the main Wii console, and is used in fighting games and many sports games. I myself have only used it with my Wii Sports Resort game, but from ..." Read review

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AMO White Nunchuck Controller For Nintendo WII - Video Game

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