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Community Level 5stevielad123


Beware!!! Pink Face!!!!!

AdvantagesMy face felt smoother

DisadvantagesGranules too coarse. Residual greasiness.

"...on the Big Day, the Nivea for Men Face Scrub being the final product to be used from one of my gift sets. I would love to be able to sign the festive season off in a blaze of glory, praising my final product to the heavens, but unfortunately, I cannot!! The Product ************** Firstly, for clarification, I have done some background research, on www.nivea.co.uk, following a little confusion over the name of this product. The name "Exfoliating ..." Read review

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Sandblasting for sensitive faces

AdvantagesFeels nice


"Exfoliate! Exfoliate! This is not a new kind of horrible cry from a deranged Dalek but a way of keeping your skin in good order. Something my family suggested I do. On the last father's day I was lucky to receive a small present from my sometimes adorable children (since they are all under 9 years old I expect my often adorable wife had also something to do with it). After eagerly opening the package, as well as the obligatory sensitive skin after-shave ..." Read review

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Community Level 5Luigi


Sandpaper Your Skin

AdvantagesGentle, effective with noticeable results

DisadvantagesA bit pricey

"...and contains 2.6 oz (75g). NIVEA for MEN is prominent at the top (base) of the tube with FACE CLEANSING just underneath, immediately drawing oneís eye to the fact that this product is aimed specifically at the male population. It also claims that it is VITAMIN ENRICHED, which is a big plus, I have read that vitamins and especially Vitamin E are good for the skin. The tube has a nice, sturdy, flat flip-top cap allowing it to be placed pointing ..." Read review

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I am a right scrubber

AdvantagesFresh, smells nice, great feeling and it doesn't affect my skin

DisadvantagesCheck the contents first! It is a little pricey

"...but this is about a Nivea product that I rather like! I do get dry skin and I use a special face cream to help keep it more normal and less irritating. However, my partner treated me to some Exfoliating Face Scrub from the Nivea for Men range and I have to say I rather enjoy using this product! It says on the container (75ml) that it "cleanses, smothes & invigorates". Oh boy does it do just that! I don't use it all the time as it is a little ..." Read review

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Community Level 6danradders


Scrub Your Face and Palms

Advantagescleans very well

DisadvantagesGuess. Yes, the price

"...really catch the attention, maybe Nivea should work on the marketing of this product then…(slipped again) and when I say little, I mean 75ml. Not very big really. My normal facial wash/scrub comes in at least a 125ml tube. The product is ‘moisturiser and vitamin enriched’ and is ‘dermatologically approved’ and so this is where the price comes in, as the company had to develop the product so much, the profit margin ..." Read review

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Feel the grease scrubbed away.....honestly!

AdvantagesIt Really works, hence the price

Disadvantages...the price

"...used). The fact that it's Nivea for MEN ensures I bought something precisely for my kind of skin. The face scrub itself can be described as pleasantly moist gel full of little solid blue bits (the ones that do the scrubbing, or exfoliating) and to me is pleasant when in contact with my face and palms. The container I buy is 100ml, this seems to last for months as I use a small amount daily. The description informs me that the scrub also contains ..." Read review

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Community Level 1mlawson


Pricey But Good

AdvantagesClear Skin, Softens

DisadvantagesFeels Horrible

"I decided to try Nivea Exfoliating Face Scrub after hearing good reviews about it, therefore I went and bought some, it wasnít a large bottle, but still a little pricey. The first thing I noticed once I had bought Nivea Exfoliating Face Scrub, I read the back of the packet and felt slightly better that only a little amount was needed. When I decided to use the Scrub I must admit it didnít feel nice on my hands or even my face, but nevertheless ..." Read review

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Community Level 1mf2spurs




Disadvantages Tight

"I have been using this product for a year. I have not found a product that is better but I still think there is room for improvement. I used about twice a week when I first got it as it was directed to do so. I used it as I have sensitive dry skin and it was good to get rid of the dead skin. It does leave you smooth but found twice a week is a bit harsh on the skin. I use it once a week now which I feel beefits me more, plus it saves on usage. ..." Read review

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