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Community Level 7Elffriend


Why be white when you can be golden? Review with images

Advantagessprays a fine mist all over the body with the added advantage of spraying every part of the body.

DisadvantagesI've never found any.

"...go back to my favourite Nivea products. I started off five years ago with a new addition to the NIVEA range, the NIVEA Sun "Sun touch" all over spray. This is a light spray that absorbs quickly and with a little care can be used on the face as well as long as you don't spray it directly onto your face. It gave good coverage and didn't streak provided you were very careful how you followed the instructions. I still have some of the original spray left ..." Read review

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Community Level 4MissSpaceG...


Practice makes perfect !!

AdvantagesSpray bottle, Tan not too dark

DisadvantagesQuite tricky to apply a streak free finish

"Nivea Sun, Sun Touch, Caring Self Tan Spray 150ml for £5.99 from Semi Chem (However Superdrug sells at £8.99 and Boots at £6.99 -£7.50, depending on location) Every summer I apply fake tan whether or not I am going abroad. I find it gives a great base for a natural tan and hides your paler skin until it does tan for itself. I have always used a spray as I find these very easy to apply and have had disastourous results with creams in the past, ..." Read review

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Community Level 1NowWeAreHere


I like drinking tango not looking like it !!!

AdvantagesEasy application

Disadvantagesturns you Orange and really doesnt work in general

"...so i went on the nivea website which was even less useful as it was 100% martketing bumf so i took the plunge and did what i thought was rite step one showered and exfoliated step two made sure that i was fully dryed off step three applied the product which was very easy to do as it came out as a fine mist so it was looking promising that my tan was going to be a good quality but no .... sadly not ! step 4 waited ages.... and ..." Read review

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Community Level 1underwater...


Calypso vs Nivea self tanning spray

Advantagesboth cheap and easy to apply

DisadvantagesCalypso stinks, Nivea provides very weak tan

"...decide to get this one, Nivea self tan spray. It says it is moisturizer so I do not apply moisturizing cream on elbows knees ankles and feet. It is also easy to apply and First, good! it smells really nice when you apply it. Second, ouch: you do not smell like apricot forever. As soon as the product starts working a chemical smell shows up. Third, bad: I find patches on my ankles, knees and elbows. It's a good idea to always moisturize these areas ..." Read review

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Community Level 1moofie31

Quick review of Nivea Sun Self Tan Spray

"nice smell when sprayed on. the only self tan ive ever used that does not smell bad as the tan develops. very moisturising so feels great on skin, but also if not rubbed in can take a while to dry. my friends asked if i had been under a sunbed, the colour was a really natural tan colour, i was very pleased. the only criticisms i have is that its difficult to press the nozzle when it gets wet with the tan as it it oily and your finger slips. also the tan comes off pretty easily if ur skin rubs against anything.

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