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A Wipe Away ,A Wipe Away

AdvantagesStrong, work well

DisadvantagesPrice when not on offer

"== Nivea Daily Essentials Gentle Facial Cleansing Wipes For Dry & Sensitive Skin == I purchased these from Superdrug last month while on offer for £1.59 , reduced from the full price of £3.05. I always use wipes for removing make up and usually just pick up what is on offer or the shops own brand. These caught my eye as not only were they on offer, but they are from Nivea which is a brand i'm familiar with and have used before , and also the claim ..." Read review

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Nivea Visage Gentle Cleansing Wipes.

AdvantagesProvide gentle cleansing and do not leave skin dry.

DisadvantagesCan't tackle really stubborn waterproof mascara.

"...up choosing a packet of Nivea Visage Gentle Facial Cleansing Wipes priced at £2. ===The Pack=== The packaging is standard for this type of product – a soft plastic packet sealed to retain moisture but with a pull-up tab to open (and then close and re-open) an aperture from which you can take one wipe without disturbing the remaining cloths. The pack is a shade of soft pink and bears the dark blue and silver _“Nivea Visage”_ logo so it is quite ..." Read review

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Some good cleansing wipes Review with images

AdvantagesGentle and reasonably effective

DisadvantagesA little pricey

"I picked up a Nivea Visage discounted travel set from Superdrug after Christmas and ended up saving the included facial wipes until August, when I decided to take them on holiday with me to the Isle of Wight. I don’t like using cleansing wipes every day – I’m not convinced they clean well enough, and I prefer a proper cleansing and toning routine – but I was happy enough to use them for a week to save space and time. My pack, which was a soothing ..." Read review

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Wet cleansing wipes

AdvantagesRemove makeup, cleans face, leaves skin soft

DisadvantagesToo wet

"...now and then including these Nivea wipes. The Nivea Visage gentle facial wipes are widely available to purchase from supermarkets and places such as Boots and Superdrug. The going price for a packet for these wipes is around £2. The packaging is quite typical of the Nivea range being mainly neutral in colour with the normal product information found on the front and back of the packet. On top of the packet there is a pull back seal which, when pulled ..." Read review

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Fantastic wipes

AdvantagesLovely soft skin, soft wipes, just the right moisture level


"...packet has the usual blue Nivea logo on it and has a little bit of pink on it too which is the only difference from the packet of their normal wipes. It states that there are 25 wipes in the packet and that the wipes are alcohol free. These wipes are for dry and sensitive skin, it states that they cleanse, tone and hydrate, remove make up and are suitable for sensitive eyes. The wipes contain natural almond oil and Hydra IQ, the wipes have been dermatologically ..." Read review

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Community Level 2steve4oo


Essential or not essential?

AdvantagesRemoves make up effectively

DisadvantagesGive me more in each packet please!

"...face wipes similar to the Nivea Visage Daily Essentials although I have found that I am not loyal to a specific brand and I wander from product to product depending on things such as offers and new products on the market for example. These largely stood out to me due to the offer they were on at Boots at the time I purchased them which was 2 for £4, making them £2 per packet which is a fair price to say the least. They also claim to be fragrance free ..." Read review

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Soft, fresh, but not so clean

AdvantagesIncredibly soft and smell lovely

DisadvantagesNot the best at removing makeup

"...new. === Classic fragrance === These Nivea wipes cost £2.90 at full price for a pack of 25 wipes, but I picked them up for half price in my local supermarket. The packaging of these wipes is pretty generic – a strong plastic wrapping with a resealable plastic seal that can be pulled back. The scent of these wipes is definitely the lovely, familiar Nivea fragrance – fresh and clean and classic! It is a smell I love and find quite nostalgic. Also the ..." Read review

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Quick and convenient

Advantagesnice price

Disadvantagesnone so far

"...work and just grab these Nivea Gentle Facial Cleansing Wipes instead of going through the cleansing routine and i find them handy and that they work really well. You can buy a pack of Nivea Gentle Facial Cleansing Wipes at Boots chemist for £2. 99 and this is for a twin pack of 40 wipes in total 20 in each pack. The packs are pink and can easily be spotted on the cosmetic department shelves in the chemists. The pack is a stay fresh pack much ..." Read review

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A little bit too wet!

AdvantagesVery gentle, soft.

Disadvantagesvery wet!

"I love taking care of myself but I have such little time to do so. Anything that can help reduce my time spent taking off make up is a definite thumbs up from me! These wipes probably are not the best for your skin, I've heard horror stories about blocked pores and such but when you have little time they are good for removing make up and freshening you up. I think they are very gentle like they are supposed to be and good at removing make up. You ..." Read review

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Community Level 1xxxjanjnaxxx


very cleanishing

Advantagesvalue for money, soft

Disadvantagesbit flimsy to get out of packet more than one often comes out

"in my personal opinion these wipes are a great value for money they are not overly priced and are of a price you would expect for this kind of product. The wipes are very soft on your face and also very cleansing. After use I found my face to be much more soft to touch and it also looked more shiny. The packaging is very plain with clearly written and easy to read writting, which made it very easy to read if the wipes are suitible for your skin etc. ..." Read review

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Nivea Visage Gentle Facial Cleansing Wipes 25pcs

Nivea Visage Gentle Facial Cleansing Wipes 25pcs

Nivea visage Cleansing soft facial cleansing wipes

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Nivea Visage Gentle Facial Cleansing Wipes Dry Skin 40

Nivea Visage Gentle Facial Cleansing Wipes Dry Skin 40

igger pack Alcohol free Gently cleanses and moisturises Removes make up and waterproof ... more

mascara Suitable for sensitive eyes With Natural
Almond Oil & Hydra IQ Skin compatibility
dermatologically and ophthalmologically approved
The skin is mildly cleanse...

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