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Almost Amazing Eyes!

Advantagesworks well with a smokey eye, relativley easy to blend, often on offer, intense colour

Disadvantagesdoesn't look as good when applied alone, a little overpriced

"...currently only being sold in Boots stores and at the Boots online store, despite saying this I have also seen them being sold on eBay, where they can be picked up for a pound or two cheaper. They are currently being sold at £7.75, although there are often offers on No 7 items at Boots, such as the £5 off voucher, where this eyeliner would therefore cost just £2.75. ==~~Variations~~== Although this particular review will be on the black eyeliner ..." Read review

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Eye think this looks Amazing!

AdvantagesLong-lasting pigment....

DisadvantagesNone for me....

"...of virtually anything No7 from Boots and with the regular vouchers the store gives out for £5 off the No7 range it makes a really good brand very affordable… Eyeliner is something I wear every day without fail. My eyes are quite small so I use it to make them look larger and emphasis their colour as well. I use two different eye pencils from this range – the brown and the black. Boots.com show only 3 different colours but I am sure there are a ..." Read review

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Panda Eyes may occur!

AdvantagesSponge applicator included for a smudge effect,easy and quick to apply

DisadvantagesCan smudge easily if not careful

"...£7.75 and is available from Boots in store as well as online. I used my £5 voucher against this though and so only paid £2.75 which is great value. I don't think I would buy another for the full price as there are other eye pencils I have used that are just as good, but a lot cheaper. If I used the sponge applicator that is included with this then I might consider this as not a lot of eye pencils include this, and often they won't be as easy to smudge ..." Read review

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An eye popping little beauty!



"...hypo allergenic and given the boots website address (www.boots.com). Now firstly before I forget to say the only colour available now is black according to the website. Now I have owned this colour a while so it may not be available but I'm pretty sure recently I have seen a brown and a grey colour available to purchase in my Boot's store. Using It... This is an exceptionally high quality item there is no other way of putting it. From the ..." Read review

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"No7 is a Boots own brand. They offer an extensive selection of makeup, skincare, bathcare, suncare and electrical products. The quality of their products is reflected in the price which is normally mid range. *Product* Here we have the No7 Amazing Eyes Pencil. This is basically an eyeliner designed to give your eyes a dramatic look and definition. It is hypo-allergenic like other No7 products so is therefore sensitive to the eye area. ..." Read review

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Community Level 8daisyleex


Boots No.7 Amazing Eye Pencil

AdvantagesSoft and glides onto lashline, looks good, well pigmented, easy to remove

DisadvantagesSmudges a little too easily and it is not waterproof

"...No7 range of cosmetics at Boots and one of the items that I regularly re-purchase is the 'amazing eyes' eyeliner. The branding has changed a little over the years and it is now known as 'stay perfect amazing eyes' but the quality hasn't changed and it is the same formula as far as I know. It's amazing quality and excellent value for money - especially if I have a £5.00 voucher! The eyeliner retails at £6.50 which in my opinion is a very reasonable ..." Read review

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Amazing Eyes?

AdvantagesSofter than some other eye pencils.

DisadvantagesDoesn't stay on the inner lower lid area.

"Having lost my previous eyeliner, I thought I'd try out another one in the No7 range from Boots. ~ Price and Packaging ~ This is currently priced at £7.75 but it's sometimes worth waiting for the quite regular 3 for 2 offer that No7 seem to have. This is a long eye pencil with a gold cover on one end covering the pencil section and a transparent cover on the other end which goes over a soft sponge tip. The eye pencil is available in 3 ..." Read review

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Indeed I Do Have Amazing Eyes, Pencil, Thank You for Noticing

AdvantagesExcellent pencil, easy to apply, looks good

DisadvantagesNone pour moi

"...£5 off No7 vouchers in Boots like it’s going out of fashion, several months ago I decided to use one and get this eye pencil – the discount meaning that it only cost £2.75. It was a fairly simple looking pencil with the pencil at one end and a smudger at the other but since I wasn’t looking for anything fancy, this was ideal. Since then I’ve bought the same pencil at least once more as I have found it to be one of the best eyeliners I’ve ever tried. ..." Read review

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Amazing Eye Pencil - In A Midnight Black!

AdvantagesSoft, Creamy, Smudging Tool...

DisadvantagesBit Expensive ??? And Bit Hard To Remove

"...pencils. After a purchase at Boots I was given a £5 off No.7 or Ruby & Millie product. I like the No.7 brand but as it is slightly more expensive than brands such as Rimmel and Maybelline I don't buy my make-up from there as much as I would like to. I had just finished with an eyeliner, so after much deliberating I decided to purchase the No.7 Amazing Eye Pencil in Black. It was meant to be £7, but with my voucher I got a right bargain - £2! == Controversy ..." Read review

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Good eye pencil

AdvantagesCreamy and easy to apply

DisadvantagesNot a lot

"Boots no 7 amazing eyes pencil I always like to have an eye pencil although I tend to use them only when i go out at night and not for day time use. I like the Boots No 7 products as I tend to find that they do “deliver” No7 Amazing Eyes Pencil promise to give a dramatic finish to eye make-up with the creamy formula allowing smooth application without dragging the delicate eye area. This promise I like because I have bought eye pencils before ..." Read review

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Boots No7 Amazing Eyes Pencil

AdvantagesThe Little Sponge, Great For Creating The Smokey Eyed Look, Very Long Lasting Etc

DisadvantagesNot So Great For Daytime Wear.

"...a quick peek on the Boots website for the price and other shades of this product but I couldnt find it anywhere. I dont think it has been discontinued but Id recommend looking arounf your local Boots store for this rather than their website. After asking my mom how muchs this costs (shes like a walking Boots catalogue) she said if she remembers rightly this is about £5 which is okay but the price seems a little excessive for me because it isnt that ..." Read review

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Community Level 6zombieflesh


Essential for my basic natural eye look

Advantagesvery easy to apply, nice smooth texture that applies easily, good colour

Disadvantagescan smudge through the day

"I've tried a few Boots No7 products before, and I think they're a good basic brand that provides nice neutral make-up for everyday wear. I got this eye liner pencil as part of a free gift when purchasing some No7 skin care for my mother. It's available to buy from Boot at the cost of £7.50, and comes in three shades: black, brown, and blue/grey. I have this is the brown shade. The eye liner is a standard pencil style, and comes with a lid to protect ..." Read review

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Defining !

Advantagessee review

Disadvantagessee review

"...am a huge fan of Boots No 7 range of make up as I think it is well priced and offers excellent value for money. I have been using the Boots no 7 amazing eye pencil for as long as I can remember . The eye pencil is quite long and has a small sponge for blending the colour on one end with the pencil on the other. The sponge end has a small plastic protective cover. This is a fairly long eye pencil although can still fit comfortably into my make up ..." Read review

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Not that 'Amazing'

AdvantagesBold colour, comfortable to wear

DisadvantagesNo more amazing or long lasting than cheaper versions

"I only use eye liner for special occasions so did not really know which brand to go for. As I find other No. 7 products to be good I decided to go for their 'Amazing Eye Pencil'. I bought the pencil in black but it is also available in other dark colours such as a dark purple, dark green, grey and blue. The pencil has two ends, one is the usual black pencil end which is covered by a gold lis, and the other end is a sponge end with a clear lid. I ..." Read review

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