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Community Level 2xxfxx


Not-so-extravagant lashes

AdvantagesNice packaging

DisadvantagesThe brush

"...to make my way to Boots and purchase this mascara. Without the offers, this mascara would have cost £11.50 in most Boots (though some of the bigger inner London branches seem to charge more though the product is the same, with the price being £12, something I'm not very pleased about) which I think is quite a lot for a mascara and way too much for this one. Let me explain why... The packaging: Despite the negative tone with which I am writing ..." Read review

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An Extravagant Waste Of Money!


Disadvantagesclumpy, colour choice, price, tube, wand, doesn't deliver what it promises

"No7 is a Boots own range of skin, make up and other beauty products. ===Mascara=== No7 offer quite a number of mascaras promising to do different things to your peepers. Extravagant Lashes mascara was released a few years ago and there was a lot of hype around it. Unfortuantely, many users haven't been happy judging by the negative reviews of this mascara! No7 claim this mascara will have a "curling effect" on your lashes for 8hours and 7 ..." Read review

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Do not blink or sneeze for a while after applying this!

AdvantagesCan't think of one!

DisadvantagesMessy, brush too thick, leaves lashes looking wet and clumpy.

"...mascara. I went on the Boots website to find this mascara and to see if anyone had wrote anything about it and if they were having the same problems as me. There was no reviews on it yet as it was new, but there was a few tips on how to apply this particular mascara. Firstly, it said to use the corner of the brush to get right to the base of your lashes and sweep the brush upwards turning it slightly as you go for beautifully separated lifted and ..." Read review

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Extravagant lashes? more like square eyes!

AdvantagesDoes make the lashes curl

DisadvantagesWand is useless.

"I have used Boots No7 cosmetics for many years. I find the products reliable and not too expensive, if perhaps a bit boring. So when my current mascara started to show signs of needing replacing I headed to my local Boots to buy a replacement. There was a big display featuring the Extravagant Lashes mascara with a free set of eyeshadows. The purple eyeshadows appealed to my daughter so I thought I would try the new mascara and she could have the free ..." Read review

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This caught my eyes!

AdvantagesNot too thick, thickened my lashes, nice effect

DisadvantagesBrush is way too large, pricey

"...I've started to wear. Recently, Boots had an employee event and this meant I'd be able to get products at a very discounted price. This was one of the things I wanted, mainly because I wanted the free eyeshadow palette that came with it, but it looked like a great product so it seemed worth a go. No. 7 is a make-up range exclusive to Boots and can only be found in their stores or on their website www.boots.com. This mascara is the newest in the ..." Read review

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Just change That Magic Wand.

AdvantagesThe mascara itself is good the fault lays with the chunky brush.

DisadvantagesThe chunky brush.

"It seems that all of the cosmetic companies are waging a war at the moment, no sooner do we see one company introduce a new and `different` mascara then others follow suit and jump on the bandwagon. I am like most females I love to try as many of the new offerings as I can possibly afford. One of the latest that I have added to my collection is the new mascara from No 7, and it comes with a grand name too – No 7 Extravagant lashes. The 12 ml tube ..." Read review

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Extravagant? Tight on giving eyelashes more like!

AdvantagesThe black is a dark black and slightly glossy

DisadvantagesEverything else....it's nasty

"...tried out a lot of Boots No7 mascaras over the years, the last time I bought one I had wasted alot of money on it and it went in the bin after just a couple of uses and I vowed I wouldn't ever buy one from the range again. However I was at the counter in the store the other day making a few purchases when the assistant serving me pointed out I had spent almost £50.00 and if I made it to that amount I'd get £10.00s worth of free advantage store ..." Read review

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Community Level 1vickyb83


An average Mascara that requires a lot of effort to apply it!

AdvantagesA very striking mascara

Disadvantagesthe mascara wand!

"...new mascara and went into Boots to pick up the same old mascara I had used for years. As I was wandering around I got distracted by the woman working on the number 7 counter who asked me exactly what I was looking for. I explained that I wanted quite a dramatic mascara that I could wear for a night out. She suggested that rather than my normal mscara I should try the extravagant lashes, which because of its unique brush woul go right to the base of ..." Read review

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Nice mascara but tricky to use

AdvantagesProduces a nice curl effect

DisadvantagesDifficult to use

"I was looking around in Boots for a new mascara, and this Extravagant Lashes mascara caught my eye. No. 7 is a respected brand, and last time I bought a product from the range (last year's autumn eyeshadow palette) I was very impressed. But having said that, I was more attracted by the chance to use my £5 off voucher, reducing the price from £11.50 to £6.50, and the chance to get a free Sultry Eyes eyeshadow palette with four pretty colours! Extravagant ..." Read review

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Not the best

AdvantagesNice and black

DisadvantagesShort brush

"Boots no 7 Extravagant mascara I like to try out new mascaras and am often tempted by the Boots no 7 products especially when I get one of the frequently given out £5 vouchers to spend on the products. THE PROMISES… This promises that lashes don’t get any more luscious since it apparently creates a false lash effect leaving them looking thicker . It also apparently has a lightweight formula which builds up lashes without leaving them clumpy. PRODUCT ..." Read review

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Community Level 2fishdishy


no7 extravagant lashes- extravagantly long-an eye opener

Advantagesvolumises and curls, stay on power

Disadvantagesa lil pricey, not suitable for short lashed ladies

"I bought this new mascara recently because i had a no7 voucher. extravagant lashes comes in 3 shades: black, brown/black and blue.it has a very posh looking casing to it, its pearlised black with gold writing and the brush is a chunky pink coloured wand which has square discs.there is 12ml and its hypo allergenic and retails at £11.50. it's suppose to give thicker lashes and the memory polymer is suppose to activate the curl. i have used this for ..." Read review

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Community Level 1josie_poke7


Pretty good! Boots No7 Extravagant Lashes Mascara

AdvantagesThickens, lengthens, stays put.

DisadvantagesDoes not define or separate, clumps slightly, horrible wand.

"Buying this masacra wasn't my choice, my friend had recently brought it and hated it so i asked her if i could try it just to see how horendous it actually was! However...i dont think its as bad as everyone makes out? I have naturally long light brown lashes anyway, but i like them to look dark and defined and more volumous. The wand is the biggest and chunkiest wand on a mascara i've ever seen! So when applying, it was not good at all for getting ..." Read review

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Community Level 1DLawal


Extremely good quality No. 7 Mascara

AdvantagesVery easy to use

DisadvantagesA bit of the dear side

"In my opinion this is one of the best mascara I have bought in a very long time. There are at least 3 main colours which are blue, black, brown and I think another colour. Having a solid sturdy handle for the brush makes it easier to apply, especially for someone like me who suffers with poor dexterity. I found that the secret to applying it property without it smudging ones eyelid is to apply the mascara on fresh eyes first ie no eyeliner or eyeshadow ..." Read review

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Community Level 1KateBerksM...


Extravagant Lashes-not quite

AdvantagesGives great volume, long lasting

DisadvantagesDoesn't really lengthen lashes, difficult to apply to lower and smaller lashes

"I bought this mascara after watching the advert with Keeley Hawes (what can I say I'm a marketers dream!) I love the packaging think it looks classy and quite expensive looking. I have always preferred normal bristle brushes (not the combs or whatever other brushes they have designed now) however I don't actually mind this brush too much. It is a square design with small bristles on each side this design I believe stops any clumps appearing and this ..." Read review

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Community Level 1hannahjl


Boots No7 Extravagent Lashes Mascara - it's awful!

AdvantagesNo7 often has great special offers.

DisadvantagesBrush is almost unusable, clumpy formula, does not add length.

"...market and also stocked in Boots stores nationwide (in the UK) would be L'Oreal Telescopic, which utilises a plastic rather than bristle wand but is a far better design. ..." Read review

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