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Cheapness at it's best!

AdvantagesBluetooth, Camera, Radio, Very userfriendly.

DisadvantagesI haven't experienced any.

"I bought the Nokia 2760 to replace my previous Sagem phone, as it kept locking up on me. The reason i went for the Nokia brand is because they are well known, and i would percieve them to make great quality products, which will have a good life-span. The phone is a small flip phone - i specifically wanted a flip phone to stop the main screen getting damaged. The main body of the phone i got is silver. On the front, it has black rectangular shape ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Georgelc


Nokia 2760 - a nice pocket phone.

AdvantagesSmall, light, nice looking and easy to use for calls and messages.

DisadvantagesThe menu and labels could allow for more intuitive access to functions.

"...lot shorter. Battery life on the Nokia 2760 is good if you only use it for calls and occasional MMS sending. The phone has features to maximize battery life per charge. But why don't they just up the battery to 1000mah instead of 700mah? Here's what it has for low battery consumption: The backlight ON time is fixed at 15sec - can't change it. (They say that 1 min of backlight is equal = to 1 hour of standby) It goes black during a call or in a menu. Then ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Aidannnn


Nokia 2760 Review

AdvantagesRing Volume Capabilities Are Good

DisadvantagesReception is bad, hard to hear what people are saying on a call.

"the Nokia 2760. I was sceptical at first when i bought it, & I should have trusted my instincts. Like many newer phones, this one can't hold charge for very long (about 3 to 4 hours of solid talk time). There is a rubber flap on the top of the phone which covers the phone's various input holes, & it is very difficult to move out of its place. I almost cut it off, but didn't for aesthetic purposes. This phone is really terrible when it comes to actually ..." Read review

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Community Level 1AmenTeen


Decent Nokia 2760

Advantagesexcellent battery, simple for dialy tasks, value for money.

DisadvantagesInternal memory only, camera limitation, classic design, fragile.

"Alright, Nokia is among the leader of the GSM terminals manufacturers. A giant of innovations and considerably, the best-selling. In the description below, I will try to be fair but I won't spare to mess laying off facts about Nokia 2760. (I had this mobile for a time). Starting from the design, very modern but not innovating. the revolving Mobile's door (clamshell form) is a 2000 innovation, it's not good nor for the display screen neither for ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Samsung_93


The Nokia 2760... It'll do...

AdvantagesGood standby battery life, and i like the Nokia interface system

Disadvantagescheaply made, frustrating layout, bit average really

"Well i got one of these at Christmas 8 months ago, and well, it's what you pay for really. It feels pretty nasty and cheap - bits of the plastic paint come off and i hear it creaking in my pocket from cheapy plastic. Not a quality product, but then it's hardly a quality price comsidering what you get with it. Although reading reviews about poor battery life i found the standby time and for my general use of the odd text keeps it going for 2 weeks, ..." Read review

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Community Level 1redvan66


Nokia 2760, not bad but could be better..................

AdvantagesCompact, light and easy to use.

DisadvantagesBattery life a bit short, Exterior finish not durable

"...camera, more of that later..... The Nokia 2760 looks the part. It is a compact little thing, fitting easily into the hand. It slips into a pocket nicely and is weighty enough to stay there! I am on Vodafone and have experienced no problems at all except when I'm at work, where we have a notoriously poor signal on any network! I have had no problems at all from the little rubber cover over the lead sockets, this has been mentioned as a problem ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Wyldchyld


Nokia 2760 review.

AdvantagesDesign, tones and grapics, overall a good phone.

Disadvantages1 or 2 second delay when opening menu items.

"The Nokia 2760 is a very neat and small clamshell design. It's the perfect size and weight for putting in your pocket. It's easy to navigate through the menu and the charger input is well protected by an easily removable rubber flap. The tones are good and there are many of them to choose from. The battery life is good also, provided you charge it up to full before you use it the first time. The screens are good, the sound quality is good. All round ..." Read review

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Community Level 1outofmybox


Budget Nokia 2760 - you cant Knock a Nokia

AdvantagesLow cost, lightweight, ease of use.

DisadvantagesNot impressive enough to show off, no exterior buttons.

"...cheap to buy, (my old Nokia flip phone was like a stone in my pocket but cost 4 times as much), I would have liked this phone more if Nokia had left out the camera, radio and headset and concentrated more on build quality and included a button on the outside as the only way to check the time is to open it, another button to mute the ringer would also be welcome. I have not commented on the camera or radio as I don't use these features, but I would ..." Read review

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Community Level 1emi_red


basic plus mobile phone

AdvantagesSmall, lightweight

DisadvantagesNo memory card, limited memory

"Bought this product on February 15, 2008. I bought this phone because of its clamshell feature and its size(small). Also, because of its price. Small enough to put in your pocket or bring it anywhere. Kind of a basic phone plus camera and radio. Though, I find it hard to tune in to the radio. It doesn't have a memory card so if you like to download music, games or videos the space is limited. It has only 10MB user memory. Camera quality is OK for ..." Read review

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Community Level 1kixsh101

Quick review of Nokia 2760

"Nokia 2760 is stylish and handy, it could be used by either men or women. Simple yet elegant. I can have various options that make my phone more fashionable. I was able to download themes and share other stuffs like photos and ring tones via blue tooth. Listening to FM radio with the help of the headsets gives me a chance to relax. The applications stored are also versatile. Like any other phone I was able to choose what are the applications I would like to retain and be replaced with a new one.

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Community Level 1GiggilyGrim


Affordable Phone without compromising features

AdvantagesLight weight, Bluetooth, Camera/Video function

DisadvantagesLow storage space for high media usage

"...features. The menu like any nokia model is easy to navigate through and would make a nice change for a regular mobile user or even those new to nokia. The keypad is very comfortable to text with. The camera is great and provides quite a clear high image and offers a night mode function as well as video recording. There is a memory storage of around 10MB which may be insufficient for those wishing to make/store alot of media items (photos, videos, ..." Read review

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Community Level 1mikec30

Quick review of Nokia 2760

"i think this phone is a good phone either for a first phone or for soemone who wants a easy to use mdoern phone. the phone comes with a camera which is an added bonus,

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