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A smart choice for a touchscreen!

AdvantagesEasy to use, great battery life, great introduction to smartphones!

DisadvantagesVery rare occasions of battery charge failure.

"...eBay (I got a genuine Nokia cable for £1.50 post-free). There is also a vastly expanded version of the instruction manual available online, I've looked once so far and it was mind-boggling! === Touchscreen === It measures 4cm x 7cm. It has great responsiveness, which was a great relief as I had all sorts of worries about over- or under-sensitivity. It is adjustable but I've found that the factory setting so far is perfect for me. The only downside ..." Read review

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Community Level 7KathEv


It's been practically Drop Kicked and still looks new! Review with images

AdvantagesDurable, good battery, easy to use


"...relented when I say this Nokia 5230. I have always liked Nokia as they are pretty simple and easy to use. I figured that I could upgrade with no cost to me (always a bonus) and that I would manage to get some nifty little features in addition to this. ==The Basics == The Nokia 5230 is a reasonable size at 111 x 51 x 15 mm and weighs in at only 115 grams. This for me is the perfect size, not too light and little that I lose it, and nowhere near brick ..." Read review

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A 'Phone' Phone Review with images

AdvantagesSound Quality, Ease of Use, Bright, Loud, Good Substitute MP3 Player

DisadvantagesBad Internet Capabilities, Rubbish Apps, Slowly deteriorating battery

"...fairly fast reaction wise. The nokia 5230 still has all the other things that past phones had like calendars, calculators, rubbish games and what not. A downside to this is if you're going to use this phone to its full potential, you'll need to purchase an official Nokia usb cable (sold separately) to upload your music or photos etc onto it. The software included is best not bothering with once you have the cable as it just takes up valuable time, ..." Read review

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Nokia 5230 - Plentiful in features as well as good basic functionality

AdvantagesRange of features, internet connection

DisadvantagesBattery Life, accuracy of the touch screen

"...many phones now, however the Nokia 5230 is generally good in this area. The only issue I have had with regards to signal is when inside large buildings a data signal is hard to receive making connecting to the internet difficult.Navigation - The phone has a well laid out menu where different applications and functions of the phone are stored. You can also download apps from the internet, they are stored under the 'Installed ..." Read review

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A good mobile to use

Advantagesscreen, the keyboard when turnt to the side, ease of use, the number of alarms you can set

DisadvantagesAll i would say is the 2 megapixel camera and no flash

"...a number of the usual Nokia features but I think the most helpful feature is the sat nav it’s amazing as I travel around a can get lost easy, it also has a weather feature which helps as well. The buttons are easy to use there’s three on the actual phone which is answer for calls (but you can also slide a part of the phone when it rings on the screen I love that) the middle direct you to all the feature like message music contact, and the last is ..." Read review

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Community Level 1eevilweevil


Cheap phone - You get what you pay for Review with images


DisadvantagesA bad, cheap phone. Avoid like the plague.

"...consider the bizzare menu system Nokia seem to persist with. Want to change your ringtone? Go to settings, personal, profile, normal, customisation, ring tone. Why Nokia? A normal phone requires only settings, ringtone. Simple. This theme continues with all settings, requiring you to resort to randomly guessing which menus you need to enter to change any given setting. The internet is poor on this phone. The touch screen doesn't help, nor does it ..." Read review

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Very good value all rounder

AdvantagesGPS, Apps, MUsic

DisadvantagesSmall screen

"This is a very good phone that offers everything you'd want from a smartphone. GPS; Camera, music, and much more. For the price it is an excellent phone. The only thing that might let you down is the size of the screen in comparison to the other smartphones out there. It's quite small. But the good things outweigh the disadvantages and the price is a definete plus especially when other smartphones cost £150 plus. I have had this phone for over ..." Read review

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Community Level 1jodie92


Its not top of the range, but it tells you were to go! for free.

Advantageslooks good, includes OVI map's for free

Disadvantagesbattery life can be poor if using the map's often.

"I recently purchased a nokia 5230, in white. The only reason i had to buy a new phone was because my old one had water damage. When looking around in the phone shops i was told this phone is good for touch screen, and even has a built in sat nav. so ofcourse i purchased it. Once i had purchased it and brought it home i set it up on the computer and downloaded the software so i could see if the sat nav actualy works. And to my amazment it does. ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Shantari


Nokia 5230 Review

AdvantagesCheap alternative to a smart phone.

DisadvantagesNo wifi support, no hardware keyboard and a little slow.

"The Nokia 5230 is a nice alternative to a flash, expensive smartphone with an almost halved price tag of £118. It has extendable memory, touchscreen and 3G support, but sadly lacks WiFi. It also lacks a hardware keyboard which can be annoying, but the screen is large enough to make the keyboard bearable. The interface is mostly intuitive and the buttons are fairly large. Used with a stylus and some dexterity most of the buttons are just fine, although ..." Read review

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Community Level 1kriistopher2


Pretty Decent Mobile

AdvantagesBattery Life - Built In GPS - 3G

DisadvantagesCould Be Slimmer - Web Browser Issues

"...to your pc from the nokia website and pre-load the maps then simply when it asks for network connection press no and then the sat-nav software from nokia should go-onto offline mode still connects to gps don't worry) then your built-in sat nav is free for life.. Also offers built in facebook app and great for music lovers. personally could have been improved with a slimmer build and a higher camera possible 5mp as it only has a 2mp camera built with ..." Read review

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Community Level 1trustus1


Nokia 5230 is great to use! Review with images

AdvantagesWery good for talking wireless, good sound system, easy to use internet, fast, good touch screen.

DisadvantagesBattery doesn't work for long, when it's cold weather touch ecran doesn't work that well, slow SMS

"First of all, I want to start with that I have this phone of my own, I've been usin it for over than year now and I'm completely statisfied! Why? Let me tell you. In my opinion, this mobile phone is not that different from other touch phones, although touch system and sensor is sensitive enough so you don't have to press using lots of strength. But there is a problem with this.. Now, I noticed that when from cold winter day I come in into a hotter ..." Read review

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Community Level 1lauraxxoxx


A nice budget smart phone.

AdvantagesClear screen, cool apps

Disadvantagesthe camera

"I have this phone on contract and in my opinion it is a good phone if you are on a budget, got a good clear screen and quite responsive touch screen. But the down side is the camera, as it is 2 mega pixels it don't take amazingly good pictures, Great thing about it is that you can download loads of free apps from the ovi store and has the ovi maps. Sometimes the phone will slow down quite a bit especially when having alot of apps running, so I just ..." Read review

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Community Level 1eyeswideop...


A neat light-weight phone the Nokia 5230 is a joy to own...

AdvantagesBuilt in GPS.

Disadvantagespoor quality camera,

"...a phone of this calibre. The Nokia 5320 has a range of features built in and which you can download, and has a built in GPS. The map or should I say my Sat Nav is now my phone and I love this as there is no more of me printing from on-line road maps, wasting paper! So this phone is good for the environment. The battery is good and I have managed to not charge it on average for 2-3 days. ..." Read review

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Amazing Value

Advantagesvery good value, 3G, smartphone, ovi apps, SatNav,

Disadvantagesnot very responsive touch screen, medium-slow operating system

"...now bought 2 of these Nokia 5320, one in England for 79 pounds with 3 and one in Italy for 59 euros with Vodafone. amazing value for a 3G touchscreen smartphone. I am on a pay as you go contract which is very good and much more convenient than a monthly contract. It has 3G so you can go on the internet or use the built in GPS SatNav anytime you want. Ovi (the nokia app store) has tons of apps to use (i recommend using skype to make incredibly cheap ..." Read review

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Community Level 1spalesion


Good but needs improving

AdvantagesInternet speed, Ovi store

DisadvantagesPhone speed, Camera quality

"...Another good thing was the nokia ovi store. The ovi store is basically the same as the iphone app store (but some of the apps are a bit poorer quality). I thought this was great becuase i could have all my favourate apps without having to buy an iphone! Now the bad things... Firstly, the speed of the actual phone. This is very slow and i found myself waiting a very long time when loading things up. Next, the camera quality. Although the camera ..." Read review

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