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Community Level 7moose


SIZE MATTERS Diamond review

AdvantagesSize (if you are female!), good looking, good features, free on a contract

DisadvantagesSize (if you are male!), difficult to turn on and off, creaky!

"...me wrong, I have used Nokia phones in the past and have been reasonably happy with them, I just prefer the build quality and menu system that Ericsson use. But anyway, I am now the owner of an 8210 – not really by choice, but by deal (I was offered freebies!). What do I think of my phone? First and foremost, call me sexist if you like (and I will probably upset a few male owners) but I really think this is a phone for females. Why do I think ..." Read review

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Advantagessmall, lots of functions

Disadvantageskeys small

"The Nokia 8210 is currently one of the smallest Nokia handsets. Actually there are not many phones at all that are smaller than it.The phone is so compact that it fits in the palm of your hand and is incerdibly light.It is the type of phone you could have in your hand all day and not realise that it is there. The keys on the phone are compacted into a space that is about an inch high and about an inch and a half wide.So obviously the keys are small. ..." Read review

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Community Level 3thefrogpri...


This Phone Is The Bane Of My Life

AdvantagesIt's a phone.

DisadvantagesBreaks easily. Should be coated with an inch of rubber.

"...lot. The menu, as with all Nokia phones, is easy to use. The 8210 comes with Snake, Rotation, Logic and Memory. All fun for messing about with on the bus. You can also send picture messages, which are nice but a bit pointless, as the pitcures are pretty crap. Unfortunately, you can't compose or send ringtones, but you can recieve them. Currently I have the Legend of Zelda Theme, the intro to Voodoo Chile, the riff from I Love Lake Tahoe, the Windmill ..." Read review

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Community Level 6criple


Thank Crunchie It's Friday

AdvantagesSmall, Lightweight, Easy To Use And Customise

DisadvantagesKeypad May be Too Small For large Fingers

"Ive had my Nokia 8210 since early this year and as usual I never bothered to read the instructions. My efforts at mastering modern technology normally consist of asking the hubby how to do something (hes not any cleverer than me, its just that Im lazy!). I get him to read the instructions and then tell me, at least once. How do I write an op about my little phone without going through the boring task of fixing my eyes on the how to leaflet? ..." Read review

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Community Level 5whitewiner



AdvantagesCute, lightweight with excellent features.


"...to my now dated 5146 Nokia which was really bulky and heavy in comparison. This mobile like all the Nokias is built to last and looks cool but most importantly its features go on and on, I am very pleased with the many new and different features on it, for me the most appealing attributes are: Its weight & size: 79g & 101.5x44.5x17.4mm.Its compact size make it easy to carry (In bag, pocket, bra etc) and comfortable to hold, and being so lightweight ..." Read review

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Community Level 2tan55555


Small but perfectly formed Diamond review

AdvantagesVery small, easy to use, long lasting easy to fix

DisadvantagesScreen prone to problems

"...hundreds of reviews for the Nokia 8210, and most of them contain very similar information. I am not going to recite the information these contain about what button does what function etc, but instead will talk about my opinion on the phone after 3 years of ownership. My experience with the Nokia 8210 seems to be quite different from a lot of these reviews, and most of what I have found is not covered by the other reviews. Firstly I would like to ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Rotter


Small bundle of trouble.

AdvantagesSmall and simple to use.

Disadvantagesun-reliable and flimsy build quality.

"...had has put me of Nokia phones to be honest. Reliability is debateable, especially if the phone is used frequently. Try something else, something a bit newer, after all technology has changed a lot since this phone was introduced into the uk... Nokias competitors have turned up the heat, hopefully pushing nokia to improve reliability and build quality? There are newer more interesting phones with similar easy to use menu's and newer features which ..." Read review

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Community Level 5evansuk



AdvantagesSleek, stylish phone with many features

DisadvantagesSmall buttons, poor build quality

"Nokia 8210 Introduction One day whilst at my computer, I decided to click upon one of the many annoying mobile phone pop-ups. I was directed to the Orange website, where I was presented with a wide range of handsets and associated monthly tariffs. I browsed through the site and decided to apply for the Nokia 8210 which was offered for FREE. Realistically I was paying for the phone by paying the line rental each month - as we all know nothing ..." Read review

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Community Level 5atlantis140


Good for fashion,Not so good for faults.

AdvantagesBrilliant looking phone and light and small. Packed full of USEFUL features.

DisadvantagesPhones produced when first launched had faulty screens.

"...It had lots of typical Nokia features plus a few extra's. It comes with text messaging and the predictive text input feature which many people find irritating but i find a godsend as it sppeeds up text input considerably. It was also the first Nokia phone that incorporated Picture Messages. These are good for kids but i have never had the cause to use them. It comes with all the standard call register features with data of how long you have ..." Read review

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Community Level 3litebite


14 months later and I still love it

AdvantagesLovely size and shape. Easy to use menus. So many functions

DisadvantagesScreen sometimes goes a bit odd. Battery life could be better

"After a year abroad I came back to the UK and noticed a difference in people. Were they more relaxed or better looking? No they all had these things stuck to one side of their head. I'd had a phone before but now as they had become some kind of status symbol I felt I should splash out, so I invested in a top of the range 8210. And so after all this time (an eternity in phone terms) was it worth it? Yes, as someone who has been know to make a few shopping ..." Read review

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Advantagessee op

Disadvantagessee op

"The small, stylish and functional Nokia 8210 is extremely popular and for good reason. Nokia’s have a reliability and range of phones that no other brand can match. I myself have only had Nokia phones for the past two years. Once you get used to the Nokia phone you take for granted the little touches like Snake, text message delivery reports and changeable covers/logos/downloadable ringtones (basically the option to personalise your phone). ..." Read review

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Community Level 1ChuckyEgg


Anyone for infrared

AdvantagesSize, weight, infrared, modem, covers

Disadvantagespower button, small-ish buttons

"OK – you’re not quite sure that the 8210 is the one for you, right? This might just clinch it for you…if you’re a nerd like me. Three top reasons to get an 8210: (1) They give these things away with new connections now! (2) Free ringtones and logos using Infrared (3) With Infrared you can surf or email from anywhere I know it’s free, but I don’t want to change my number! ------------------------------------------------------- Common ..." Read review

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Community Level 4Dominic2001


Three Inches of JOY in my trousers

AdvantagesIt Kicks ass

DisadvantagesIt isn't cheap

"Introduction ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ NOT THE 8210 BUT THE NOKIA MUSIC PLAYER! Added to the review of the Nokia 8210 as an accessory! (until we get a category) It doesn’t seem so long a go I was sat in a cafe waiting for a train (may1999, I was going to Edinburgh for my brothers wedding) and listening to the radio. Some half baked breakfast DJ ranting on about an article he’d read in his newspaper (I’m betting it wasn’t the ..." Read review

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Community Level 9LostWitness


Con Te Partiro Diamond review

AdvantagesSmall, cute, light and trendy

DisadvantagesImpractical, unreliable, poor value for money

"When the Nokia 8210 was first advertised, I have to confess I was completely drawn to it. The handset looked sleek, small and stylish, and quite far removed from anything else that was available on the market. You can tell how much I liked this handset when I tell you that I actually paid 250 for it (it had only been out for about two weeks) and certainly to start with I was well pleased with it. Unfortunately, as time wore on, I gradually decided ..." Read review

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Community Level 6emu128


NoKiA 8210

Advantagesappealing looks, lightweight and sexy

DisadvantagesHow it works!

"...and attractive. It's made by Nokia and the screen takes up most of the phone, the numbers take up less room then the screen which I like, I think it looks cute! But this can be rather annoying when your fingers miss buttons! (Hence this is more a feminine phone, suitable for long nails or thin fingers, not for men with fat chunky fingers!) The person I was buying the phone off warned me that sometimes the phone flicked on and off, I didn't think ..." Read review

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