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Hot pink banter!

Advantagessee review

Disadvantagessee review

"...one of which was the Nokia C3. I knew I wanted a QWERTY keyboard as I had found using a friends Blackberry keyboard much easier for texting than my phone. A bit of quick research soon helped me decide to go for the Nokia C3, as it had lots of good features, looked good and had positive reviews. It was also available in hot pink! I have now owned my new phone for a few months so feel able to review it! I placed the order for my new phone and received ..." Read review

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Right For Me

Advantageseasy to use, good battery life

Disadvantageskeys small

"...often). I purchased the Nokia C3-00 in navy blue – it is also available in slate grey and hot pink – and it currently prices at around £70. THE LOOK The phone is slimline (13.6mm) and rectangular in shape, just larger than the palm of my hand in size (length = 115.5mm and width =58.1mm). The predominant features when you look at the front of the phone are the screen and the full QWERTY keyboard underneath ..." Read review

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A great little option if you need to update but are on a budget

AdvantagesVersatile, modern but modest in price, difficult to break it

DisadvantagesThere are definitely more cutting edge models out there

"The Nokia C3 is your basic issue smartphone. For those of you that like your phone to be compatible with all of today’s technology without mortgaging your kids to buy an iphone then this might be an option worth looking at. I spent years with a brick in my pocket since all a phone is really meant to do is make calls and send text messages. I did not feel that splashing out was worth the money for what a smartphone offers. As such, I am aiming this ..." Read review

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Community Level 1SuperGadge...


Nokia C3: Same Nokia, done better.

AdvantagesVery good build quality, most issues addressed in a software update, excellent battery life, tough

DisadvantagesNo USB cable included, no 3G, buggy and limited software/app store

"...spare cable around from a Nokia 6303 which updated the phone just fine so no complaints there. It's a Nokia, what more can I say?!? ..." Read review

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Its a blackberry! oh wait no its not.

AdvantagesLooks like the blackberry

DisadvantagesWould have been great on the android system.

"...the same as all previous Nokia models. The phone uses the standard Nokia operating system which is the same as a lot of the other Nokia phones which are not smartphones. there are some slight differences such as the Ovi store, and the community applications. The basic Nokia web browser is usable however if you want to use this phone for frequent web browsing i would suggest downloading an external application such as skyfire ..." Read review

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Community Level 3pinkprince...


Nokia C3 - A great little smartphone!

AdvantagesCheap, apps, pink

Disadvantagesonly has gprs

"...my Samsung! I came across the Nokia C3 on eBay, averaging around £60 used. However I ended up buying online fromm Phones 4 U, priced at £74.99 but this included a £10 airtime voucher as I bought it on pay as you go. When it arrived, my biggest gripe was that there was no airtime voucher - instead I got a sim card preloaded with the £10 credit. I asked Virgin if they could transfer it to my existing sim (as I did not want to change my number) but ..." Read review

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Nokia C3: Handy for texting

AdvantagesQWERTY Keyboard

DisadvantagesSmall Buttons

"-When I bought this phone and what made me decide to buy it- I first read about this phone online shortly before Christmas 2010 as I owned a touch screen phone at the time that I was dissatisfied with so I decided that I wanted a phone with standard buttons. Once I decided that this would be my next phone I added it to my Christmas list and received it Christmas Day, I used it for just under two years until I replaced it with an Android phone. -Features- This ..." Read review

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Community Level 1AAM123


Nokia C3

AdvantagesAmazing battery life, looks like a Blackberry

DisadvantagesNeeds more features

"I have had my Nokia C3 for around 6 months. People always mistake it for a blackberry so if you're someone who wants a cheap looking version of the Blackberry I would definitely recommend this. The keypad is in the same format as a blackberry and the talk time is amazing! Like all Nokia's the battery lasts for a long time and takes only 2hrs to charge fully! Being the clumsy person I am, I have dropped this phone more times than I remember and it ..." Read review

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Nokia C3 00 mobile phone

AdvantagesQWERTY keyboard , Price, Quality of finish. WiFi + Bluetooth 2.1

DisadvantagesNo 3G. Can't see screen very good in sun light, very small buttons

"...of real web pages through Nokia OSS web browser JavaScript version 1.3 and 1.5 ECMAScript support CSS support OMA DRM version 2.0 Supported mark-up languages: HTML, XHTML, WML Supported protocols: HTTP, WAP TCP/IP support Included Opera Mini browser optimises web page rending for mobile devices Web Search Communities widget on home screen shows live feeds from Facebook and Twitter EMAIL FEATURES : Easy access to your email accounts, ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Realist19


Nokia C3-00 4 Star Buy

AdvantagesSimple, Easy to Use, Sylish & Cheap

DisadvantagesBattery Life, Internet Connection

"...I am reviewing is the Nokia Black C3300 I've had the product for 2 Months now I bought it for £89.99 (not including the £10.00 Top up you have to pay) from Argos in store. Price Currently for Christmas it is actually on sale in store and online for a fantastic deal of £59.99 you're saving yourself 1/3. I felt as though for £89.99 I was getting I a good deal so for £59.99 I think would be well spent for a Christmas present. You also get a free £5.00 ..." Read review

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This is a Phone that is Smart! Nokia C3-00. I love you!

Advantagessize, screen size, keyboard, ease of use, price

Disadvantagesapps,email notifications, wifi connects auto although you don't wnat it to.

"I have always wanted a smart phone. Never had the courage to spend money and buy one. Received this as a gift and I started to cry! It was beautiful to look at. It was not touch screen. It had a nice good sized qwerty keyboard. Wtih Email, GPRS, WiFi. All that I need in a smart phone was here now in my hands! I have had it for over a year now. I still love it although a Galaxy Note would be a nice step up. However can you carry your ipad in your ..." Read review

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Community Level 2gecko24


I think I'm in love with a phone (if that's possible)

Advantagesso intuitive to use, great battery life, excellent value for money, BIG on features

DisadvantagesA more comprehensive handbook would be useful. Only available on Vodaphone at the mement.

"...the ease of use that Nokia continues to deliver. A full qwerty keypad and large screen make this phone so enjoyable to use. It has a great range of features including, E mail, social networking, internet browser and WLAN WiFi which is brilliant and easy to use. Radio, music player, bluetooth, 2mp camera, calendar, games, e mail, handsfree, instant messenger. It also has a regular 3.5mm headphone jack so that you can use your own headphones if you ..." Read review

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Nokia at its best!

AdvantagesEasy to use, reliable, many features.

DisadvantagesOvi Services can be difficult to use, 2 megapixel camera is pretty much useless.

"...the age of 9. A Nokia 3310. The main things I remember about that phone is it's blocky, brick design, green screen and the ability to play 'Snake'. This Nokia shows us that their designs for phones have improved over the last 10 years. The technology we now have helps us to communicate with people in many different ways, but the mobile phone will always be the most important, in my eyes at least. The design seems somewhat similar ..." Read review

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Community Level 1nicsdc


who needs a blackberry? Review with images

Advantagesgreat keyboard, cheap, easy to use

Disadvantagesaverage camera

"...losing a £140 touch screen Nokia phone whilst at university i started looking online for a reasonably priced phone that wouldn't be as painful to replace if I lost it! I bought the C3-00 for roughly £50 at a phones4u store, it was on O2 and the transfer of my old number wasn't an issue. The main reason for my love of this phone is the qwerty keyboard, the buttons are a decent size compared to a blackberry and make texting extremely easy. One downside ..." Read review

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Community Level 1daveciren


Nokia C3 Qwerty Keyboard

AdvantagesFull of features

Disadvantagesangles on screen

"...the qwerty key pad the Nokia C3 is a perfect hand set, it is inexpensive and packed full of features. it has a 2mp carmera, a web browser, access to apps such as ebay, facebook, nokia ovi store, msn messenger, email and games. You can also connect the phone to a wifi network to reduce the cost of downloads and web browsing. Phone also features bluetooth, MP3 player, Nokia Navigation and the memory is expandable via Micro SD card. Altogether a great ..." Read review

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